Friday, 19 September 2014

London Fashion Week Sunday 14th.

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I spent a couple of days at London fashion week this season and it was a great experience. I had never been before, only to the fashion weekend so I was excited to see what it was like! Below I have included my vlog video from the day so you can see parts of what i got up too. 
What I loved most was seeing everyones efforts and styling for the day and how people represent themselves. I love that everyones personal style really flourishes and it was great to capture some great outfits! 

 photo d3be8bea-c633-4826-ab2d-6fba5b706274_zpsed3c77d9.jpg
 photo 3521f486-cde7-4264-a1aa-1e609c204c38_zps44d895a4.jpg
Adora Mehitabel 
 photo 9053a66b-bf04-405a-82ff-8481b2ed20d6_zps9546c209.jpg
Leigh Travers from Fox & Feather
 photo db641778-1043-4736-8d05-f3c10b6edbc0_zps21eef2d5.jpg
 photo fda03998-bab5-4b73-afd0-5ef5909bf021_zps8b9532eb.jpg
Girls from Anna Seven.
 photo IMG_4180_zpsc8757678.jpg
 photo IMG_4186_zps60aadfb3.jpg
The lovely Joe Kent, Unlimited by JK
 photo IMG_4190_zps4cae3c41.jpg
 photo IMG_4197_zpsf1c8b4ac.jpg
 photo IMG_4204_zpsce6a80bb.jpg

My outfit took a bit of planning as I was being so hard on myself for about a week before! I actually prefer outfits when they are a bit more thrown together. I liked how it looked in the end though as I treated myself to some new shoes and a new top, both from Topshop. What made the outfit for me though was my new woolen 60's style skirt in pale blue, from Missguided. I'm really love this retro trend that seems to be making an appearance all over the high street this season! And if you know me and my blog, you will know I don't mind wearing pastels all year round! 

 photo 2fb9fcc5-0550-457b-bdb6-aecc81a2136e_zpsc013822b.jpg
 photo b679f8d6-7c4f-4486-beb2-2dd98ac26958_zpsc618dfcf.jpg
 photo 3cdf916d-202b-4745-8004-e8abd4af1222_zpse72b6baa.jpg
Top - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Skirt - Missguided
Necklace - Miss Selfridge 
Lace Cardie - Chicwish
Bag - vintage
 photo IMG_4231_zps2d171065.jpg
 photo IMG_4232_zpsb8deee46.jpg
I think London is such a beautiful city, and hanging around with Joe (Jk Unlimited) is great because he knows his way around! It's nice to actually walk to destinations rather than always getting the tube! We went to St Pancras hotel to see the Toga SS15 collection which was a great venue and preview. photographed below are my favourite parts to the collection! 

 photo IMG_4237_zps35cc9b50.jpg
 photo 9c21f636-c060-4d7c-bf56-c3e211c843b1_zps9fadc16e.jpg
 photo b92db69e-87a0-4ec3-ac2a-cd7c8497f7b1_zpse356605b.jpg
 photo 3a207c6c-830e-4ac1-b349-eee0109d09a1_zps89a1b703.jpg
 photo ed985437-4a28-4c74-935c-ccdeeefa7c7f_zps7beeeec8.jpg
 photo 1f3247ee-c152-41a7-a9fb-3fe28483a338_zps1b95b8c2.jpg
So lastly, I bumped into so many lovely people during the day and got to spend some time with my favourites! Below pictured with Arabella, who I have known since my early blogging and lookbook days, it was so nice to see her again! And also Leanne who is one of my favourite youtubers!! The girls are so open and kind and we always have a good giggle. 

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 photo IMG_4292_zpsf6934748.jpg
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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Dreams don't happen on their own.

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Early this week feels like so long ago already. As I already mentioned I had my brothers wedding last weekend and a few days off work, which I really made the most of! On Monday I spent the afternoon with Chris and most of the day getting organized and planning some personal things. I have been feeling a bit more motivated after seeing my Grandad from New Zealand after about 10 years! He really believes in me and my blog and it's made me think of everything I can do if I only put my mind to it. Saying that and acting on it as well has already been making me happier and at this stage of the week I have some potentially very exciting things to come! 

 photo IMG_4075_zps46415be2.jpg
 photo IMG_4055_zpsfb503cfb.jpg
 photo IMG_4058_zps7657fc00.jpg
 photo IMG_4071_zps523ad1e8.jpg
 photo IMG_4074_zps5c1ae173.jpg
 photo cbd43ac2-b0e2-4dd4-b69f-140ed1763501_zps922abbc1.jpg

This post shows my lunch out with Chris, in one of our favourite places near where we live! It has loads of character and as it was a sunny day we sat outside with a bite to eat to relax. With a lovely cup of coffee by my side and my note book I got jotting down some ideas! It was nice to share ideas with Chris and gt his input as well, after all he is 'behind the lens' pretty much for most of my photos! 

 photo 42358e86-f6d5-45d5-b2dc-f075d613bd01_zps48e8ca1f.jpg
 photo ba7548c4-cdcf-46bc-985e-6a61c74a67ff_zps250e14fb.jpg
 photo d71dd9ab-fe89-46ee-813a-c63281f5a396_zps55e51800.jpg
 photo IMG_4104_zps373f6256.jpg
 photo IMG_4096_zps1b2873d3.jpg
 photo IMG_4098_zpsf803d793.jpg

My outfit is my usual personal style, girly, casual and perfect for a day of relaxing and sunshine. I am wearing a gorgeous midi skirt from She Inside, which is a really nice length for late summer days. The stripes worn with a bright colour is really fresh and pretty. 

Skirt - She Inside
Top - Miss selfridge 
Tan Sandals - Topshop
Denim Jacket - Primark

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

A dress for princesses.

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As you may have seen on my Instgram I spent the weekend just gone at my brothers wedding. The day was so much fun and there was even a photobooth to capture lots of fun photos! I have yet to upload any of my photos from the day but this post features a beautiful dress from Chicwish I changed into for the evening. It was perfect for the occasion as it matched the colour scheme and also felt very wedding like and girly! One thing I fell in love with is the embroidery detail, it makes the dress look so expensive and unique. The intricate detail means any other styling can be kept to bare minimum, with nude court heels and a blazer (not photographed but worn on the evening). I want more places I can wear it too as I feel like such a princess when wearing it!

 photo d54df9c0-e257-4fca-9d55-d28515f2c70a_zpsc1390378.jpg
 photo IMG_4132_zpsaa59bce2.jpg
 photo IMG_4130_zps3c00df15.jpg
 photo c896bbe3-a39e-475e-9110-0c0a12f1fc0e_zps1aa6e432.jpg
 photo 79329187-26cd-480d-b544-edeec4583e95_zpsde4afe3b.jpg
 photo IMG_4131_zpse6f42ae1.jpg
 photo IMG_4126_zps044502cb.jpg
Dress - Chicwish
Heels - Newlook
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