Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How to wear: Bubblegum pink!

Today I have a slightly different post for you all, but I am really loving putting it together! I was set the challenge by Voucher Codes to put together a 'How to wear' post by choosing a current trend and purchasing items around that trend.
I went for 'Bubblegum Pink' purely because I love the colour AND it can be a very difficult colour to style during autumn winter, when so many items are dark and dreary. So I decided to make it my mission to show you how to wear this summer associated colour, in ways perfect for the new cold season!

My budget was £80 and I knew I had to put 3 looks together. I have done a mixture of buying a few things as well as mixing with my own things. Rest assured the things I have teamed them with are fairly basic and easy to recreate yourselves! Of course, using voucher codes means you save a shed load of money in the long run. 

Outfit 1 // Casual Daytime.

 photo 5418a2d1-fd17-457c-8a29-2d517f9d65cc_zpsb30c491a.jpg
Dress - Ark Clothing, £10 (£15 including next day postage)
Chunky shoes - River Island - £20
My items already owned
Cardie - Chicwish
Tights - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Newlook (more images to come soon)

The first outfit is put together deliberately for a daytime and casual look. This is probably my favourite out of the three, purely because I love the dress! It was a sale item on Ark Clothing for 10 pounds, but came to 15 after I paid for delivery. The pink check detailing makes it easily wearable in the winter! The grey tones in the dress means you can wear with grey tights and therefore get away with wearing brown; who would have thought it! I love the combination though, I feel like it gives a great retro vibe as well as a something a bit more unique. The pink furry bag is from Newlook (I didn't buy it for the bubblegum pink looks, but i'll show it again on another blog post at a later date). 

Outfit 2 // Day to Night.

 photo 52001a93-86e7-4f62-87a1-34deeeeb0e4e_zps5efc9a00.jpg
Shorts - Primark, £5
Bag - Primark, £8
My own items already owned
Jumper - Tammy Girl
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Hat - Urban Outfitters 

Outfit 2 is the essential day to night look we could all put together so so easily! The pop of bubblegum pink shorts with the cute scalloped hem is the statement in this look meaning the rest of it can be kept basic. You can wear any grey or black jumper with tights for a wintery theme. I thought metallic shoes would compliment the grey tones of the jumper and add a smarter vibe to the look meaning you can wear shopping and then straight to dinner or bars! Lastly, the bag; how adorable is it!! Primark really have done themselves proud with this one, and for only £8, I need not say more. 

Outfit 3 // Evening.

 photo 9c48aafe-6da3-4848-9c56-c07b72dd4523_zps9c1152f1.jpg
Sequin Embellished skirt - River Island, £10 (plus a few pounds for postage)
Pink socks - Primark, £1.50
Chunky shoes (as before) - River Island, £20
My own items:
White shirt - Vintage

Outfit 3 is a bit like marmite, you will probably hate it or love it!! The skirt is on the River Island sale and when I was shopping for ideas I saw it and instantly knew I had to give it a go! So glad I took the plunge, it may be more than just a statement but it's probably the most unique skirt I own now.  It was so easy to style as everything else has to be plain, or lets face it I would end up looking like pink vomit. I went with a cute night time look; a crisp white shirt, baby pink ankle socks and the chunky brown heels again, for a fun preppy vibe. 

Total spend - 62.50
I didn't even reach my max budget! ( I did buy a pink bowler hat but had to return it as it looks awful)! I hope this 'How to wear' gave you a bit of inspiration on how you can dress summery colours into autumn winter and also how to create new looks on a budget! 

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


 photo IMG_4681_zps41cd9cef.jpg
Hey all, sorry it's been over a week since my last post, I moved home yesterday!! So all my energy has been going towards the move with packing and so on. So finally I am sitting here in my 'old' flat (where there is still internet usage) to post this outfit for you all. I am loving the more autumnal weather as you sawe in my last post but you will be seeing a lot more looks like that here from now on! I love styling clothes and putting things together when the weather is cooler and it's easier and more fun to layer items. 

This look is perfect for the changing season, with thin tights and a long sleeved shirt. Garish prints on shirts and skirts are my favourite thing right now, with cute styling and preppy details. The heeled mary jane shoes are from River Island for only £20 which I think is a total bargain! 
One trend I think will really catch on during autumn winter is the garish almost 70's look shirt, this one is from Missguided! I love snazzy prints so can't wait to get stuck in with more funky items like that one. 

 photo IMG_4678_zpse67da9a7.jpg
 photo IMG_4679_zps95aa4b71.jpg
 photo IMG_4675_zps4b113b68.jpg
 photo IMG_4672_zps8fef3565.jpg
 photo IMG_4694_zps7c33a74b.jpg
 photo 73d0f88d-8ea8-4427-92b9-3e978bc3f0ad_zpsc744098e.jpg
 photo 79b1b7d1-42ba-4d30-af20-ad08443d23ac_zpsb6556ead.jpg
 photo 88f0c57a-bcf5-4f1d-a878-49c09c1bdaac_zps536ecbd2.jpg
 photo d77a72d9-20b1-465c-bdae-3f2c25ef6423_zpsda944e45.jpg
 photo IMG_4692_zpsc314abe1.jpg
 photo 15a34b7b-9d55-4b5a-b20a-1de720910d14_zps3aea02d8.jpg
 photo 4f815ee7-8b89-48bd-99eb-e0101ca47964_zps3a9c1667.jpg
Shirt - Missguided
Skirt - Vintage
Tights - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Vintage
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Monday, 22 September 2014


 photo IMG_4479_zpsedb9ed0f.jpg
It has definitely started to get a bit chilly now, especially in the mornings and evenings! This in between summer and Autumn period though is my favourite! I love the fresh breeze and warm sunshine together, perfect for outfit wearing as well! I find clothes become so versatile and wearable this time of year. My goto outfit during this time is a statement skirt or top, tights, ankle boots and a cardie in case it gets cold. This chunky loop knot cardie is from Missguided and they have it in so many different colours, I really love the baby pink one they have also but thought this muted tan colour would go with a lot more! 
The rest of the outfit is very comfortable yet still has stand out elements. the skirt is new in in Miss Selfridge, teamed with a few year old tshirt from Topshop (one of my favourites). I went for my signature grey tights and black slip ons combo with rose gold accessories for a lovely retro feel. 
Cardie - Missguided
Skirt - Miss Selfridge 
Top - Topshop (old)
Tights - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Lola & Grace
Earrings - Diva at Miss Selfridge 

 photo IMG_4472_zpsbe9ff8e7.jpg
 photo e3dc00dc-0033-4df0-ae65-e31cf845c0e4_zpscf89ee81.jpg
 photo f3f9e5ec-d780-4a9b-8850-5d543b7ed1d6_zps3e6104ac.jpg
 photo 262bc7cc-fb7b-4c46-a351-e1d9f17acda8_zps4ba56028.jpg
 photo 8cc631aa-83b4-46ec-a7ab-ef61e5529639_zps380fd0b6.jpg
 photo cf325563-6234-4939-bd6c-c4580db2fac8_zps8a54bea7.jpg
 photo IMG_4494_zpsf983a954.jpg
 photo IMG_4489_zps557cfc92.jpg
 photo IMG_4490_zpsc4be3e58.jpg
 photo IMG_4491_zpseec0f089.jpg
It was such a lovely warm autumn day, which I spent with family. My grandparents from New Zealand (below) have come to visit, they went to my brothers wedding as well. It's really nice to spend time with them after only meeting him once in my life! I always believe life is so short it's about making the most of every day you have with your loved ones. Especially my other nan and grandad who are always there for me, family are so important! I really try hard to make the most of my days off and see everyone, as I love my family members a lot!
 photo IMG_4506_zpsaed3871c.jpg
 photo IMG_4503_zps074d935f.jpg
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