Christmas Shopping with easyfundraising #MoreThanAGift

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

easyfundraising morethanagift Paige Joanna Asos Boots

With all the sad events going on in Paris and all over the world recently, it doesn't really feel right to be talking about Christmas. With that being said though, life does inevitably go on and we have to live it in the most positive and thoughtful way we can. So yes, this does entail Christmas shopping but when done in a certain way, you can also give money back to people and charities that need it. With the help of a website called easyfundraising enabling you to shop on huge favourite brands and retailers whilst donating a percentage of each sale to a charity of your choice. 

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It's extremely easy to set up, only taking a few minutes to choose your chosen charity and then you can shop straight away. I would recommend knowing what charity you want to donate to first, as you choose upon sign up and can only have one allocated charity at a time to donate to. I chose a charity close to mine and my families hearts and that is the Crohns and Colitis UK charity. As you all know I have had Crohns since I was 13, and my triplet sister since she was 18 and it's charities like this that fund research into life changing illnesses. Also a quick shout out to an AMAZING charity, Get Your Belly Out, that supports people living with Crohns and Colitis in every day life and I have your Facebook Forum to thank on so many occasions. You have to make sure to search for a retailer and shop through this link, in order for your donation to be deducted and issued. I have attached some screen shots below of the dashboard you see when you log in, with my charity and how much I have earned for them so far. This is literally the perfect time of year to be showing you this amazing platform, as we all burn holes in our purses and wallets buying gifts, why not do it and give to charity at the same time, it's SO simple!!

 photo easyfundraising paige joanna copy_zpserf8ijbo.png
 photo easyfundraising paige joanna2 copy_zpsc7tqotcq.png
Below is the selection of things I have brought so far using the website! As you can see I got a mixture of things for myself, Christmas presents and Christmas decorations, it really does show how versatile and open it is for shopping so many different things. With the huge amount of shops on board you can do all your Christmas shopping through it, see below what I went for.
 photo easyfundraising paige joanna purchases _zpskg4ulnqa.jpg
1, Paper Chase 2016 Organiser
2, Paper Chase photo frame for my friends birthday
3, Paper Chase Christmas Cards
4, Asos Boots
5, Topshop Green Dress (Perfect for Christmas parties)
6, Topshop glitter tights
7, Paper Chase Gingerbread garland decoration
8, Paper Chase Butterfly Stamp 2016 Diary fir my friends birthday
9, Missguided jumper dress
10, Paper Chase London Tube Mug for Chris (Christmas Present)
11, Paper Chase London Tube Map Case
12, Paper Chase Copper Bird Lights
13, Amazon Just Cause 3 Game for Chris (Christmas Present)

I hope this post shows you how amazing and how easy it is to give something back to people and charities that need it during this materialist time of year. It feels great buying myself, friends and family wonderful gifts but also it can become over indulgent, I really can't wait to use easyfundraising again all through the year, and I hope you do to. Share your purchases with the hashtag #MoreThanAGift

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Camp Mod Dolly Acorn Shirt & Pinafore Dress

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Paige Joanna Camp Mod Dolly Autumn 2015

Back again with another outfit post, this time with my new freshly cut hair, which i'm absolutely loving! In the past couple of weeks I have seen a few other bloggers go for the chop and it's a great seeing others embracing shorter hair and healthier locks. Of course you can see the wonderful hair stylist who did it and a before and after here
As for this outfit, I am finally wearing the print I illustrated, from Mod Dolly! Whilst I worked there I got to design some exclusive prints and you can see this acorn one and a mushroom print in the current Camp Mod Dolly collection. They are so adorable and i'm really pleased with how they turned out. The whole collection is super cute and perfect for me, with this dark green pinafore dress which is one of my favourites. Although i'm sad not to be with the company anymore it's great to see the collections each season and wear my favourites pieces! 
The day I wore this outfit, leaves were crunching on the ground, there was a mild but chilly breeze and I felt so happy and autumnal. I can imagine this dress would also look great over a sparkly or metallic roll neck at Christmas time. How would you wear it?

 photo paige joanna camp mod dolly 2_zpsazbw1hnl.jpg
 photo paige joanna camp mod dolly 11_zpshohtad7l.jpg
 photo paige joanna camp mod dolly 6_zpslqq1eure.jpg
 photo paige joanna camp mod dolly 10_zps6x8caecf.jpg
 photo paige joanna camp mod dolly 4_zps91mmqzyq.jpg
 photo paige joanna camp mod dolly 7_zpstydkizbt.jpg
 photo paige joanna camp mod dolly_zpsp0m0ir2a.jpg
 photo paige joanna camp mod dolly 3_zpsdgnzbdrm.jpg
Acorn Shirt & Pinafore Dress - Both Mod Dolly
Bag - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Missguided
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Perfect Primark picks for Autumn/Winter

Sunday, 15 November 2015

As you can see this post was pre-hair cut, so forgive the bad roots and past photos but I have been meaning to post this outfit. I posted a Primark Haul on my Youtube Channel a couple of weeks ago featuring these items and I literally can't stop wearing them. If you haven't been to Primark recently then definitely check it out, I love their winter clothing best as they always do amazing basics and great items that are good value for money. This outfit in particular is one I can wear so many times to work, at the weekends and pretty much anywhere. I have also dressed up these check trousers with a pretty blouse and heeled boots and it looked so lovely. Not much more to say on the items other than they are as comfy as they look and i'm definitely considering going and seeking more in different colours. 

 photo paige joanna primark outfit_zps4f5t6uhj.jpg
 photo paige joanna primark jumper 2_zpsus3hnpn5.jpg
 photo paige joanna primark outfit 4_zpstlvw2kwz.jpg
 photo paige joanna primark jumper_zps7sekgumz.jpg
 photo paige joanna primark jumper 5_zpspba7bnpr.jpg
 photo paige joanna primark jumper autumn berries_zpsa4wmeiqh.jpg
 photo paige joanna primark jumper and trousers_zpsruqj8nsv.jpg
 photo paige joanna primark outfit 2_zpszdkzehal.jpg
Jumper and Trousers - Both Primark
Boots - Missguided

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