Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Seaside sugary treats.

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The sun is shining so much right now, it makes me incredibly uplifted. Living around the corner from the seaside is simply one of the best things ever. Now the sun is out and spring is in full swing I am fully making the most of it. I love going on walks on my own to have a think or taking my bike out along the coast. I also love strolls with my boyfriend, eating ice cream and chips and generally just enjoying the lovely breeze. 

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 photo 9f704af8-93e3-44c9-b6f5-46020fa71391_zps20b6b443.jpg
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 photo 8e88b34a-138b-4005-a6d0-45cf89331888_zps2e91a20c.jpg
 photo c9425ac9-4f17-4e5f-a94a-8818490114fd_zps72f76f67.jpg
 photo 5a538685-21da-4dfb-9800-97fa8736c468_zpsc340fa36.jpg
 photo IMG_9663_zps2afd58bf.jpg
Denim Jacket - Primark (old)
Sequin Top - She Inside
Gingham Skirt - Handmade 
Sunglasses - Primark
Ice cream necklace - Cat a Cake
Lace slip ons - Flossy 
Silver Bag - Ebay

When it comes to dressing for this time of year I either wear layers and regret it or I don't wear enough! The perfect solution is definitely a denim jacket, I have had this one about 4 years now which is crazy! Once you have one, I think light denim is best, you can just wear it every year. This look screams seaside fun, the top is perhaps a little too dressy for daytime wear but it's just so pretty I decided to give it a shot in a more casual style. The blue gingham skirt is one I made myself and considering selling on Cameo Girl (my etsy store) so please comment and let me know if you would like that. It's going to be one of my spring/summer staples, I love how nostalgic it makes me feel from cute little school dresses! Lastly, the ice cream necklace is from Cat a Cake, seriously go check out the store, full of AMAZING jewellery that's perfect for summer and absolutely fun-tastic! (my new word)! haha. Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Pompoms and watering cans.

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It's so refreshing and nice to finally be able to share some simple outfit posts with you all. It's been ages actually since I just uploaded an outfit without any lifestyle stuff involved! Today's look is from my Spring Lookbook which I have just uploaded onto Youtube, if you haven't already I would love it if you could subscribe to my channel! Simply just click on the Youtube tab above. 
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 photo IMG_9262_zps485d27a1.jpg
 photo 94ac1eb7-6748-46f9-a5ce-e04433cfdf98_zps29317ac2.jpg
 photo 0592badf-1893-4f2c-ac8f-853a92d7e27b_zps4326b8a8.jpg
 photo a84d7cbe-88bc-4b93-9616-a0be819bd3cf_zpsd15bd6c3.jpg
Black cardie - Primark
Yellow top - Topshop
Dogtooth skirt - Handmade 
Black watering can bag - Ebay
Black jelly shoes - Primark
Pompom headband - Asos

The lookbook consists of 5 looks and this is one of them. I wanted to go for a fun, summery day time style with a few quirks. One thing I think when it comes to spring styling is colour and life. Outfits need that new pizazz they lack during the grey horrid cold months of the winter. When layering is no longer essential I find it important to rely on a print or colourful items to do the talking and make an outfit stand out. For me this look is all about the brights, with the yellow top and pompom head band making it very cheery and bright. The watering can bag I got on Ebay is a bit of fun but overall this is one outfit not taking itself seriously as I don't like to in my personal style! I hope you like the look any questions or anything leave a comment below, I love to hear what you think!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Day filming with Asos.

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Today I traveled into London, my absolute favorite place! The day was especially to goto Asos HQ to film a review on some co-ords (matching sets) you may have seen on my instagram. I decided to vlog the day and you can watch that here.

 photo IMG_9740_zps97ad31c6.jpg
Travelling is always so long winded, I can't wait to live in the city! I got a bit lost on the way but when I arrived I couldn't have asked for a nicer place and people to share it with. They were all so welcoming and made me instantly relaxed! I got to meet the lovely Megan from Wonderful You, Ellie from Ellies Ramblings and Dunya from Dearest Deer! The girls were all so sweet and I can't wait to see them again. 
The finally footage of my review should be up within the next few months and I will update you guys when it is ready! 
As you will see in my vlog I walked the wrong way and ended up getting lost. I didn't mind though because the walk was gorgeous and the buildings were beautiful. you can see just how stunning they are below! Hope you enjoy the post and my video!

 photo IMG_9733_zps75afe588.jpg
 photo IMG_9731_zpsef750af3.jpg
 photo 32f725a9-a75d-414b-87a2-2f16dd20cc39_zps9fc8a248.jpg
 photo IMG_9729_zps10f4cf1a.jpg
 photo IMG_9728_zpsc55e650e.jpg
 photo IMG_9727_zps07dbf8a1.jpg
 photo cea09af5-7775-44c3-bb5c-2c1aca511b38_zps357c6d3b.jpg
 photo IMG_9770_zpsd750548f.jpg
 photo a7934779-43ee-4a83-986e-58fbda5047e9_zps9656579a.jpg
 photo IMG_9773_zpsbcb2bd86.jpg
 photo 3ca6ba42-8ac3-4512-96d4-52725fc16c98_zpsa3d05e78.jpg
 photo 74ce3655-2e44-49a5-80ac-385bb8bc7512_zpsa52d8aaf.jpg
Pale blue jumper - Primark
Daisy shorts - Sugarhill Boutique 
Jelly shoes - Primark
Necklace - Topshop
Bracelets - Lola and Grace
My outfit is very spring like, pale blue and daisy combo is my all time favourite. The pale blue jumper and jelly shoes are both from Primark and the daisy shorts are from sugarhill Boutique. I love the print of them and already worn them a few times. I can't wait for it to just get warmer and warmer to see how else I can wear them. I love the delicate jewellery and I feel like accessories play such an important role in a look. I got the necklace for my birthday last year from Topshop and the bracelets are from the stunning Lola and Grace. There will be more of their items on my blog soon. I hope you enjoyed today's post!