Vintage denim dress

Monday, 20 April 2015

denim dress vintage

Recently, I have started going to car boot sales again and picking up some amazing bargains. I tried out the Wimbledon one which was fairly small but full of good bargains. I found a few things including this denim dress i'm wearing in the photos. It's great when on a budget to buy fashion at such a low price and to possibly be the only one wearing one like it.

 photo paige close up plaits
 photo paige and chris
 photo paige joanna shirt denim dress
 photo paige joanna denim vintage dress
 photo paige plait pigtails denim dress
 photo paige denim close up

Denim is everywhere at the moment on the high street, and a lot of bloggers have featured denim items recently. This dress cost me £1 and I was worried it wouldn't fit, but too my surprise the stretchy fabric fit like a dream. I love the longer length skirt and collar as think it makes it that little bit different to the high street ones, showing that its vintage. I wore a black belt around my waist to hold it in slightly and to go with my black tights and shoes. Such an easy ensemble but one i'm sure to be seen more in during Spring.

Dress - Vintage (car boot sale)
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Missguided
Bag - Pauls Boutique - Asos

Clashing prints for Spring!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Floral botanical shirt walk trendy

Spring is here, Spring is here!! At last the sun is shining, and London looks even prettier when it does. As you all know I am trying to re style old items I own to create new looks. Over the weekend I got rid of about a quater of my wardrobe due to it not fitting and just needing a fresh start. I may not be able to re purchase new things straight away but I want to post on here how I am mixing up things I already own with new, well priced items. 

This outfit was something I threw together and just improvised with what I had. The floral shirt is new from Walktrendy and on such a lovely Spring day it suited my mood quite well! I paired it with my new sock shop tights in a bright berry colour, skirt that i've had for many years now and a vintage jacket. As the skirt and shoes are both black is keeps the look from looking too garish and means the clashing of prints isn't offensive to the eye. And lastly, yes I do have pigtails but it's because they are cute and keeps me cool on warmer days. 

Floral shirt - Walk Trendy
Berry coloured tights - Sock Shop
Jacket - Vintage
Skirt - Topshop (old)
Shoes - Missguided

vintage plaid jacket red hair
vintage plaid jacket
vintage jacket floral shirt and colourful tights
walk trendy floral shirt
floral shirt
sock shop

Wish list for a happy home

Saturday, 11 April 2015

urban outfitters home, bhs, sass and belle
1, Rug - Urban Outfitters. 2, Shelving Unit - Urban Outfitters. 3. Large frame - Sass and Belle. 4, Pineapple frame - Urban Outfitters. 5, Stand up lamp - BHS.

I know I have only recently done a wish list but as I am lacking money right now it helps me to focus on the things I like and want to save up for. This is probably something I'll be posting more of in the next few months while i'm saving lots. There is one benefit to online shopping however, and browsing is keeping up to date with recent discounts (I do love a bargain). I usually search for good discounts on as you search using categories, so when i'm looking at home furnishings and decor it helps narrow them down. The lamp (number 5) is from BHS and they currently have a lighting discount code to use, so thought i'd add to my wish list as we need a new one for the flat. It's exciting to put together decor ideas on my Pinterest as well for Chris and I to use as inspiration. Now all I need is the bank balance to buy it all.