Spring Outfit Wish List

Sunday, 26 April 2015

It's time for yet another wish list, I am simply loving putting them together at the moment. All the items in this one are from She Inside and I decided to create outfits from the items I am loving right now. A few of which are items I already own from She Inside and can't wait to style in the ways shown. Spring is my favourite time to try new styles and to have fun with layering. Most looks would look great with my signature grey or black tights as well as bare legs depending on the weather. A simple jacket, gilet or coat to brighten up a look or add texture is such a simple way to add personality to an outfit. 

Top, Trainers, Jeans, Sunglasses, Bag.

Resort & Swimwear

Friday, 24 April 2015

This post is a wish list with a rather different theme to what I usually put together. Recently I have been a lot more focused on healthy living including food and exercise. So when I was approached by Heidi Klein to take at look at their items it couldn't have been a more fitting time. A work colleague and I are starting swimming soon at a local pool to loose a bit of weight and to keep healthy. So with that being said I browsed Heidy Klein for some swimwear and resort clothing I could wear comfortably when out of my comfort zone!
It's fair to say I tend to stick to nautical styles as I think the stripes can actually be super flattering, especially when you are bottom heavy and need a boost on the bust! My favourite item in the stripe swimming costume as it covers the tummy. The light weight garments are perfect for Spring/Summer days to wear to work before swimming for ease and comfort in changing by the pool. I'm excited to start this next week and hopefully come back with some positive updates on here. Are you doing anything to help yourself feel more healthy? If so i'd love to know.

Sun, smiles and bright embroidery

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

asos bright embroidered kimono

My weekends are like one big blur!! I have been cramming lots in every week and living in London means there is always something I want to do or someone to see. This weekend gone I found myself free of plans, and after being poorly in the week I welcomed the lazy one ahead. My beautiful friend Adora came to visit my new home, for a lazy days or chatting and crafty magazine reading. It was great to see her and take photos for our blogs in the sunshine. 
 photo adora and paige
 photo paige joanna kimono and jeans outfit
 photo embroidered kimono
 photo paige joanna jeans and kimono asos outfit
 photo london houses
 photo outfit kimono paige joanna
 photo red head embroidered mexican kimono
 photo outfit detail jeans
 photo paige joanna red head
 photo embroidered close up
 photo asos kimono flared sleeve
 photo pretty garden flowers
 photo paige and adoraa
 photo paige embroidered sunny kimino asos
 photo pretty kimono and red hair
 photo black topshop leah jeans
Kimono - Asos sample sale
Jeans - Tophop Leah
Lace Top - Unknown
Boots - schuh
Necklace set - Miss Selfridge
Socks - Topshop (old)
Earrings - Tophop (old)

My outfit really makes me smile, whilst I was wearing it and now whilst editing this post. The kimono is one I brought from an Asos sample sale recently, it only cost me £10 and I couldn't be happier with it. All it needed was a neutral top and my trusty Tophop Leah jeans. Pretty embroidered items like this instantly add a statement of colour and texture to any look and for Summer this would look great over a classic white dress. Adora and I enjoyed wandering around in the sun, popping to the local shops and I got to show her around where I live. It was the perfect day that really cheered me up!