Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Minty Fresh

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It's no secret, I love tea and I love pastel colours, so it goes without saying really, it's kind of my niche. One thing I love about living right by the seafront is all the amazing cafes and bars on my door step. One of my favorites is a place called Pie & Vinyl, it's part record shop, part amazing cafe! They do the most amazing pies, hence the name, and not forgetting tea. The character of the place is really homely yet quirky and fun! It really is a great place to treat yourself, Chris and I love it there. 

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For normal, spring days strolling to the local cafes and shops I like nothing more than comfortable clothing that still has a spring like charm to it. These shorts from Sugarhill Boutique are perfect for such occasions, and as you may have noticed I have already worn them quite a few times already. Teaming them with a cropped pastel jumper (my favorite spring essential) and some cute accessories is all you need! I am loving my new necklace from Rachel Loves Bob, they have an Etsy store and also sell this necklace on Mod Dolly!

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Mint Jumper - She Inside
Daisy Shorts - Sugarhill Boutique
Tights & Jelly Shoes - Both Primark
Scalloped edge collared blouse - Republic
Mint triangle Necklace - Rachel Love Bob

Monday, 21 April 2014

Ditsy little monochrome florals.

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I hope you have had a lovely Easter weekend, I spent mine with my family eating lots of yummy food and laughing loads. Today being bank holiday Monday I sadly had to work this morning but now I am home with a nice cuppa tea. It's funny really how today is lovely sunshine and yesterday was raining, it's like it knew everyone had the day off! 

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Kimono & Shorts both - Asos
Tights - chictopia
Black & White boots - Fashion Union
White lacey shirt (tied up) - Vintage
Daisy necklace - Topshop

So anyway, this outfit post today it something a little different for me, however I feel like I am currently going through a bit of a style change. Not my whole style but I just feel I want to be a bit more grown up and then I still get urges to dress like a 6 year old! haha. I love colour and nostalgic dresses and florals but it's been really nice trying new things. I have really been loving matching sets (co-ords if you like) I feel like they are sophisticated, fun and the perfect mix of class and fashion. This one I am wearing here is from Asos, it a Kimono and short set and perfect for every day casual wear. I can't wait to also mix n match the items as well! 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Seaside sugary treats.

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The sun is shining so much right now, it makes me incredibly uplifted. Living around the corner from the seaside is simply one of the best things ever. Now the sun is out and spring is in full swing I am fully making the most of it. I love going on walks on my own to have a think or taking my bike out along the coast. I also love strolls with my boyfriend, eating ice cream and chips and generally just enjoying the lovely breeze. 

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 photo 9f704af8-93e3-44c9-b6f5-46020fa71391_zps20b6b443.jpg
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 photo 8e88b34a-138b-4005-a6d0-45cf89331888_zps2e91a20c.jpg
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Denim Jacket - Primark (old)
Sequin Top - She Inside
Gingham Skirt - Handmade 
Sunglasses - Primark
Ice cream necklace - Cat a Cake
Lace slip ons - Flossy 
Silver Bag - Ebay

When it comes to dressing for this time of year I either wear layers and regret it or I don't wear enough! The perfect solution is definitely a denim jacket, I have had this one about 4 years now which is crazy! Once you have one, I think light denim is best, you can just wear it every year. This look screams seaside fun, the top is perhaps a little too dressy for daytime wear but it's just so pretty I decided to give it a shot in a more casual style. The blue gingham skirt is one I made myself and considering selling on Cameo Girl (my etsy store) so please comment and let me know if you would like that. It's going to be one of my spring/summer staples, I love how nostalgic it makes me feel from cute little school dresses! Lastly, the ice cream necklace is from Cat a Cake, seriously go check out the store, full of AMAZING jewellery that's perfect for summer and absolutely fun-tastic! (my new word)! haha. Thanks for reading.