Life Update // September 2015

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hello again! I thought I would do a little life update post to start the month of September. The past few weeks have been ridiculously busy and have flown by. I started a new job for a fashion app called Vernez, which has been amazing! I love working for them and already feel like part of a small family and we have been working our butts off, planning events and getting Vernez out there for everyone. So I have started at such at crucial time and it's been all go.
As well as work I went back to Portsmouth over bank holiday weekend to see my family. We had some sad news on my Step Dads side of the family and it was good to get back and spend some needed time with everyone. Now back in London I have a really busy few weeks ahead and it isn't going to slow down.
I am so glad to be painting and drawing again and finding it so therapeutic amongst the craziness. I have missed picking up my pencil and just enjoying it again, painting for my family and friends. The past few days I have enjoyed painting the families pets, as I usually stick to fashion and sketches of women so it's a nice change to focus on something else.
As for my blog the next month may be a tad quieter as Chris and I are decorating and planning to buy things for our flat. I can't wait to get into grips with my Autumn and Winter wardrobe but the transition is going to be strange as summer has been rubbish!
I hope you are all well and have a fab September!

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My favourite things about Autumn.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Tonight I put together this little illutsration for Autumn, and I know we aren't even out of August yet but I can't help but feel excited. It is my favourite time of year for fashion and high street stores have started to stock for the new season. I wanted to write a little post on my favourite things about Autumn and i'd love you to share yours in the comments.

1. The smell in the air. A weird one I know, but I LOVE the freshness Autumn seems to have, the slight chill in the mornings and evenings and the smell of nature. People having bonfires and fireworks, brings me back to my childhood and happy times. 

2. Fashion and layering. My favourite season is Autumn because I feel most comfortable when layering clothing and wearing tights! I become a lot more creative with colours and styles during these months.

3. Cosyness. I love being slightly chilly and wrapping up in a soft blanket or jumper, with some slipper socks and a cup of tea. I feel my most at home and comforted with these things and a feeling of content being at home. In comparison in the summer I always want to be out doing things but in Autumn is when I really appreciate my home.

4. The lead up to Christmas...yes i'm sorry I said it (and SO early)!! But lets just admit it, I am a child still and I can't help but look forward to it. The pretty lights, the music, shopping in London, time off work, seeing my family and presents!! 

5. Crunchy leaves. OH YES, not only are the leaves beautiful colours but the crunch under your feet is so satisfying. Autumn is a season for the senses and I enjoy all of them, especially the food and drinks - i.e PUMPKIN LATTES AT STARBUCKS. 

6. Halloween. I love dressing up and planning my costume ages in advance so I always end up going a bit ott, but for me its a chance to be creative and make things. Did you see my DIY last year?

What are your favourite things? Let me know in the comments!

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This Girl Can with Boohoo

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

I am so happy to finally announce that I took part in the This Girl Can campaign in collaboration with Boohoo! Their new This Girl Can landing page has now gone live ,where you can see my fitness story as well as other lovely bloggers I got to spend the day with. One of them being, Ella, who I have got really close with since hanging out on this day! 
I hope you feel inspired after reading our stories and watching the videos as it means a lot to me. I may not be known for fitness and am not exactly a 'beach body' babe with an ideal body but I hope you can see that it doesn't matter! The point is to feel good about yourself and to get involved in fitness for your own reasons. For me it has been to make my over all well being and health better. I still have days where I sit and scoff a whole packet of cookies and don't go to the gym in a week, BUT I am better than I ever was. I actually go running now and feel a lot stronger then I used to be. It's not always about having a toned and perfect physique but also it's great for mental well being. Get involved and post your fitness journey with the hashtag #thisgirlcan
We can all do it if we just believe in ourselves and support each other for all being different!

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Did you ever worry about whether you were good enough to go to the gym? How did you get over that?

I used to worry all the time that it would make me hurt and that I'd look silly. I never had expensive trainers and good sportswear, so I thought people that went would all think I looked stupid. Sometimes there are girls there in tight tops that look great, but that's okay becase they've worked hard to look like that. I realised I needed to do it for my health and my body, and in turn it made me feel better mentally about it because I was doing it for me.

What would you say to other girls/women who might want to get involved in exersize but don’t because they’re worried about being judged for how they look or not being good or fit enough?

I'd say that first of all you have to WANT to do it for yourself, and not because your friend or someone else is doing it. It isn't a competition and everyone has to start somewhere. So always remember, even if you start really small, you are still on your way to getting where you want to be.

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I know you’re active now, but was there a time when you weren’t or when you stopped for any reason. Did you ever feel worried about that? Did you ever feel these worries held you back from starting up again?

I recently got active in March, due to months of being ill due to my condition of Crohns. I have had it for 10 years but never took pride in exercise, as I always felt like it would make me worse. I started off doing light work outs at the gym and yoga classes. After a few weeks I could feel an improvement in myself and my energy! Now I love to exercise and when I am having a bad day, that's okay also! It's about feeling happy, and not forcing yourself into something you wont enjoy.

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