This Girl Can with Boohoo

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Last week I went up to Manchester to be a part of the This Girl Can campaign courtesy of Boohoo! They held a day for bloggers to attend where we got dressed up in the 'Fit' range, spoke to a nutritionist and took part in a Ravefit class! 
It was so great to be a part of This Girl Can in someway and share the day with other lovely bloggers and the team at Boohoo. 
This Girl Can is a campaign aimed at liberating women from the fears that hold them back from sport and exercise. The campaign’s key message is: Women come in all shapes and sizes and all levels of ability. It doesn’t matter if you’re rubbish or an expert. What matters is you’re a woman and you’re doing something. So Boohoo have got on board making us normal girls feel fabulous when we are being active! With the new Boohoo Fit range it's easy to dress for exercise and feel good about yourself no matter what size you are. 
There is soon to be a video launched on the Boohoo Youtube page so I will share it when it's up! But until then just remember we are all capable of making ourselves healthy and happy in whatever way you feel comfortable doing so! 

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 photo boohoo16_zpsxytmuagy.jpg
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I got to spend the day with the lovely Ella Masters, it was so lovely hanging out and acting like silly bums all day! 
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June Pinterest Favourites

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

As June has come to an end it's the perfect time to recap my favourites in the form of a Pinterest post. Above is a collection of my favourite pins from the past few weeks that I wanted to bring together to recap.
This month my most active boards have been 'SundayCrafting, 'My Sisters Big Day' and 'Food for thought'. 

This board is one of my newest and most active! I share it with my friend Adora, posting things on there that we would like to make. As you may have seen in my previous blog post, it is a new monthly feature to post a crafting tutorial. 

My sister got engaged last year, and after having a baby and life has settled down she's decided to start her wedding planning. Of course, I love being involved and means I was straight on Pinterest thinking of ideas. We share the board and so far have a lovely mix of outdoor wedding decor, pretty tea length dresses and bridesmaid colours and themes. 

This is my quotes board, that is pretty self explanatory. However the past few weeks I have found myself drawn to more motivational and uplifting quotes to get me through the day. I think when time is going roughly, they definitely help me stay focused on being happy.

Making Dream Catchers // Sunday Crafting

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Paige Joanna dream catcher DIY

This is a new feature for my blog and Youtube channel! My chum Adora (from Adora Mehitabel) and I have been talking so much over recent months about making things and getting our crafting mojo back. We decided to help each other out and dedicate a Sunday each month (or as often as we can) to making things just for the fun of it! We want to rekindle our love for being creative so here is the first post in doing so. Admittedly I wanted it to be more of a tutorial for you to create your own, however due to last minute planning it didn't go 100% to plan (trial and error).
So I put together a small video and took some progress photos and will explain what he did and how. It was a really fun day and we can't wait to do more and share our crafting Sundays more often. 

You will need:
Dream catcher hoop OR embroidery ring center.
Doily's (vintage ones are the best)!
Thread & needle
Beads (optional)
Feathers (optional)
Glue gun
Double Sided tape

Paige Joanna Dream Cathcers, what you will need
1. Making these are so easy it's unreal and fun for you all to get involved in. they make great gifts as well. This most rewarding part is the start; wrapping ribbon around the hoop to completely cover the wood. You can do this with ribbon (preferably), wool or even cut fabrics. As you wrap around the ribbon, use double sided tape cut into thin strips on the hoop to hold it in place to make sure it doesn't slip. Once you get to the end, glue and attach a loop for hanging that also works to hide the gluing. 
Paige Joanna DIY Dream Catchers
 photo dream catchers close up_zpslilieche.jpg

2. The most fiddly part of the process is sewing on the doily and keep the thread even. If you lay it flat on the floor/desk and you work it will keep it really in proportion but may not be perfect. I's always good to remember that the first time you make something or even the last, you can't be good at it straight away. Sew it on in some parts so it doesn't move around too much. 

Paige Joanna DIY Dream Catchers
Paige Joanna DIY Dream Catchers

3. So lastly, making the ribbons and pretty things to hang down. Sew flowers on to the tips of ribbon and tie on. You can attach beads, pom poms, trims and make it look really funky. I love adding plaits and boho beads on mine for extra detail. 
The finished result:
It can take practice to get these looking immaculate but we were so happy with how they turned out! Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this one and hopefully a bit more tutorial like! 

Paige Joanna DIY Dream Catchers Sunday Crafting
 photo dream catchers sunday crafting paige joanna_zpssvye5tzd.jpg

Watch the video!