Monday, 22 December 2014

DIY // How to make a last minute skirt for Christmas.

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Above is a diagram of a rectangle of fabric that is extremely simple to measure out and is the basic block to your skirt. 
If you have up to a 28 inch waist then all you will need is a meter of fabric, whether you go buy some tartan like this one or have some scraps left. The average width to a roll of fabric is about 1.2 meters/1.5 meters which is enough to make one skirt. If your waist is slightly larger comment below and I can explain another method.
For example, my waist measures 27 inches so to make my skirt, I double that making 54 inches. The length really depends on your height and preference, I like mine above the knee so went for a 19 inch length from the waist. Add on 1 inch for a waist band and half an inch for the hem, simple!

1. As explained above measure your rectangle and cut out making sure to add on those seam and waist band allowances. (If the measuring part sounds confusing feel free to comment below and I can explain further).

2. If you have an overlocker then go ahead and overlock the edges, you can keep them raw but they may fray depending on the fabric. Alternatively you can use the zigzag stitch right on the edge to keep the fabric strong. 

3. Firstly, fold the rectangle in half good sides of the fabric facing together and sew together. 
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4. Once sides are sewn together you will have a 'loop' of fabric. Iron seam open to keep neat. Inside out fold in an inch for the waist and sew as shown in the diagram, leaving a gap to thread through the elastic. (see photo below, found on google)
 photo 8628644545_4fa909ff14_o_zps13280303.jpg

5. Cut your elastic to the size of your waist measurement plus 1 inch for seam. Safety pin one side of the elastic and start threading through the gap in the waist band, keeping it as flat as possible. Little tip, pin the other end near the gap also so it doesn't come shooting through the waist band as you pull it through. 

6. Once threaded completely through sew the elastic ends together flat, and then seal up the gap in the waist band.

7. Roll up the hem by doubling it over to hide the raw edge and sew, this seam should add up to the half inch you allowed for.

8. Pockets (optional), Cut X2 square pieces 4 inches by 4 inches, with a half inch seam allowance on the sides and bottom and a 1 inch at the top. Fold over 1 inch on the top of the pocket and sew across, then iron the sides half and inch inwards and the bottom to pre prepare it.
Pin the pockets in place to where you want them and sew as close to the edge of them as possible for neatness. 

9. Once complete, iron the skirt so all the stitching is neat and tidy.

And there you have it! A very easy, rectangular skirt, perfect for last minute making. If you make one please add a photo in the comments below I would love to see. 
Hopefully next time i'll have some better step by step photos for you!
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If all else fails, you can purchase a similar skirt from Mod Dolly, luckily I had tartan left over from last year so decided to whip this up. However if you aren't confident at sewing or don't have a machine etc, then shop this skirt here
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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Blogger Appreciation, Rose and vintage.

Hey all, following my week confined in a hospital bed, I have come back with a fresh set of eyes on the blogging side of things. I am so bored of the same old crap online and this perfect image everyone wants to portray, including myself. I am who I am and the amount of followers wont change that.

After blogging on my Mod Dolly account today, check out the post here. The lovely resident blogger Ellie from Rose and Vintage has really inspired me. Her looks are all so genuine, innocent and unique that it brings back my initial love for fashion and style. Her effortless vintage styling is one to be admired and at such a young age she really has the world at the feet. I just wanted to put a little post up about her blog simply to say she's brilliant and makes me realize to be myself and to embrace my own uniqueness. 

I have neglected my blog for a while now and seem to update quite stale posts but hoping to change that. Please come along for the journey and all comments are read and appreciated! 

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

My love for cats & coats are the same.

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Last week was a total mixture of emotions so I kind of haven't even realized it's been over a week since I posted on here, oops! This weekend has flown by but I have made the most of every minute, from relaxing, seeing family and spending time with Chris. On Saturday Chris helped me out with blog photos and we went to Chichester for a Christmas afternoon and meal out. It was great to spend some time planning my outfit for the day and pamper myself a bit. 
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As you can see by the photos, I see lovely cats in the street and can't help myself. As Chris is allergic I can't get my own kitty, so I tend to swarm towards any I see! This little cutie was so loving and came to me meowing as if it knew I wanted to love it haha. The walk to the train station was lovely, sunny and overall a beautiful wintery day. I wanted to dress snuggly but also girly, so layering a pinafore dress over a jumper seemed a good idea. I love the scoop neck style currently, this grey one is from Missguided and will be my most versatile item this winter. It can be bulky worn tucked in but I loved the slouchy look of the dress over the top! Of course, when it's cold no look is complete without a statement coat, and as you all know I have quite a 'few'. This gorgeous oversized pink one is also from Missguided and I felt it really suited the cute snugly look of the outfit! Most of my coats have fur detail so the trim on the collar won me over, and the extra length is perfect for keeping warm. Lastly, the tights are from M&S and are part of the 'Best of British' collection. The print clashes with the grey dress but I loved the mix and just wanted to have fun with styling! They are super comfy and perfect for jazzing up any outfit. 

Scoop Neck Jumper - Missguided
Pinafore Dress - Yumi
Pink Coat - Missguided
Black Boots - Missguided
Tights - M&S
Hat - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Accessorize

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 photo IMG_7516_zpsdbbad4b3.jpg
 photo IMG_7517_zps56652860.jpg
 photo IMG_7511_zps5bcd6ca7.jpg
 photo IMG_7526_zps228e2839.jpg
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