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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Paige Joanna Life Update October 2015 Lion King

I thought it may be nice to do another life update, as at the moment every month seems to fly by and I need time to just go over things that have happened! You can read my September update here, where I mentioned my new job, visiting family and being ridiculously busy.  
This month hasn't been much different although certain elements have slowed down, like the blog meet ups and seeing friends hasn't been as frequent.

 photo Disneys The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre London. Credit Johan Persson 2_zpsxvlffe4h.jpg
Paige Joanna The Lion King Programme Book

At the beginning of the month I went to see Disney's The Lion King, live at the Lyceum Theatre in London. It is a show I have wanted to see for years and finally got tickets to go along, taking my bestie Adora! The show was as expected, magical, enchanting, funny and fantastic. My favourite elements to the show was the costume and puppeteering work, as being a creative person having studied art and illustration, it really allowed me to appreciate such beautiful works of art. My favourite character in the show had to be Rafiki, the Mandrill Monkey, who is based on a spiritual healer from Africa, who completely blew me away with her skin tingling voice and funny charm, whilst clicking away and engaging the audience. My only negative note was probably the theatre; The atmosphere was noisy and unsettling as we unfortunately had a row of really noisy guests behind us, which ruined the beauty of the show at times. But without taking that to account, I can see why this show has been in London now for over 10 years, to put it simply, it's a feast for the eyes and a true work of art. 

Adora Says: "The Lion King has been something I have wished to see in the West End for a very long time and it was lovely going along with my best friend. The show was full of heart warming songs, beautiful costumes and fabulous acting and dancing! It is definitely a must see for anyone and left me feeling really happy."

The Telegraph said: "Assisted at every point by the lithe, energetic contributions of 46 performers, The Lion King's broad brushstrokes deliver nothing less than a sweeping panorama of a continent in dignified motion and a deeply felt celebration of life."


See my other theatre review, of Matilda here.


Paige Joanna Family
Paige Joanna Brighton British Shorthair London Eye
Paige Joanna ootd

The rest of this month so far has been up and down really! Chris and I went to see Des O'Connor & Jimmy Tarbuck live at the London Palladium, due to Chris doing the design work for the show (all posters etc)! It was good fun and a joy to admire such legends in the comedic industry. Seeing shows is one of one true pleasures in living in London, especially getting the opportunity to go for free, it's amazing!

I spent last weekend with my sister, her Fiance Elliot and little baby Nephew Jenson, who I cannot cuddle enough! It was a lovely day seeing them but I always miss them so much when they go back to Portsmouth. Then yesterday (Saturday 10th) I travelling to Brighton to see my other sister Robynne and her Girlfriend who live in Brighton. After a nightmare with the trains we finally got there and had brunch at Bills, a wander around the lanes and then went back to hers to chill out and play with her gorgeous British Blue cat, Lundy (aka Mr. Plush)!
My Canon SLR Camera was having huge issues during the day, and although I had started vlogging my day in Brighton, sadly I couldn't finish it. So I may try and salvage what I did get.

Chris and I had planned to book a holiday but that has all fallen through now as well. You know sometimes when you feel like small annoyances just keep adding up, and although you try to stay on top of them and not feel under pressure and annoyed, you can't help it, well that's me right now! Life can't always be on tip top but I do hate it when things get the better of me.

For the rest of the month I am looking forward to seeing my friends more and just enjoying as much time off and weekends I can. Adora and I are always talking and planning exciting little days and I get to see my lovely friend Steph soon. So it will look up, and instead of a holiday I am now going to do up my study and visit family, as at least I can treasure those things more!

What are you all excited about, or is there anything been on your mind? Let me know in the comments, lets chat. 

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Exploring London | Drinks in Soho & Wearing shades of grey.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Well hasn't London been rather grey and dreary this week, but it means this outfit and post is rather appropriate. On Saturday Chris and I went to meet some friends for a drink, but to our horror the rugby was on (we aren't sports fans)! So we decided to find a quieter corner of London to continue our little get together. The nights are getting darker quicker and before we new it the grey skies were dark and all the lights in London gleamed.

 photo paige joanna exploring london southbank_zpsj7nvgv0c.jpg
 photo paige joanna exploring londond brigde _zpst9dg1fty.jpg
 photo paige joanna exploring london soho_zps3ziyruu6.jpg
 photo paige joanna exploring londond soho_zpsmmjpydva.jpg

We ducked into Damson & Co, a coffee shop by day and bar by night. I have often walked past it on Brewer street in the afternoons and seen people on their laptops working and never thought to go in! What got our attention was the quietness away from the rugby crowds, it was dim lit and with sparkly bottles of unique gins and drinks to try, so we found a great spot. They do some amazing light foods and snacks, so we ordered some flat breads and they were AMAZING, yum! We will definitely be going again.

As for my outfit, I wanted to wear something suitable for a relaxed evening out. I'm not really a heels wearer, so I opted for smart velvet Topshop flats and grey tones in the outfit to accompany them. I got this lovely new 'coatigan' from Blue Vanilla last week, which looks great worn dressed with the fur stole attached. The rest of the look is simple, with a printed top from Dorothy Perkins, skater skirt from Topshop and Necklace from Miss Selfridge.

Let me know what you think of my look in the comments, or if you have any tucked away places in London for me to try!

 photo paige joanna blue vanilla cardie details 2_zpstmiixfsx.jpg
 photo paige joanna blue vanilla cardie and autumn outfit_zpsea9zlzqv.jpg
 photo paige joanna blue vanilla outfit 2_zpsbeddtjnq.jpg
 photo paige joanna blue vanilla carigan_zps1p2fdut0.jpg
 photo paige joanna blue vanilla outfiit _zpscknlmtoq.jpg
 photo paige joanna blue vanilla cardie details_zps0n57kkwd.jpg

Coatigan - Blue Vanilla
Top & Bag - Both Dorothy Perkins
Skirt & Shoes - Both Topshop
Necklace - Miss Selfridge

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I'm still dreaming of a summer getaway!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Photos from Pinterest and ITC Luxury Travel

Well as we draw into the start of another cold and wet winter here in soggy Britain (London is looking rather miserable I must say) I find myself dreaming more and more of a holiday. I haven't been away for over 3 years now to a sunny relaxing destination, so as you can imagine I am really craving some much needed time away. This summer hasn’t been particularly overwhelming and I haven’t seen much of the sun, so I decided it was time I started planning a last minute trip.
During the planning process I came across InternationalTravel Connections where you can book the most incredible holidays in stunning destinations all around the world. Seeing the tranquillity in the images, on the sandy beaches and the pristine photos made me even more excited! I had to write a post to share my excitement, and we are hoping to go at the end of November but where is yet to be confirmed! ITC Luxury Travel is the perfect place to book if you are looking for luxury, take your breath away and picture perfect places!
There were a few destinations that caught my eye but my favourite has to be Mauritius, which looks incredibly striking. With white sandy beaches, luscious greenery and coral reefs surrounding the island, it is like paradise, which is what I really want in a holiday.

So listen out on my Twitter as i'll probably be sharing my excitement there, asking for tips on travelling and places to go etc. But until then I’ll be continuing to browse and plan my perfect vacation with ITC in mind.  Go take a look for yourself and join in my excitement. Would love to know where you have been this year, or where you are planning to go soon?

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