Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sunflowers, seaside and evening walks.

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This week has been so hot that most of the time I come home from work, have a cold shower and i'm in my pants and little else until bed time! It's just TOO HOT for clothes, but saying that, there have been evenings where I have tried a bit harder to change into something nice and enjoy the heat. This outfit post was me taking full advantage of the fact I like 2 minuets from the seafront, it's practically on my door step! It is really nice to just go out on my own, walk around people watching and soaking up the evening warmth. So with a pretty summer dress on and hair up and messy after work, I did just that and made the most of it for once. 

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This outfit is from my retro styling dreams, I always have and always will love this style of dress. I can go a while without wearing a pretty retro style like this and then miss it and always end up crawling back and enjoying it all the same. This beautiful printed dress is a Hell Bunny one from Tiger Milly and is just that right mix of rockabilly and wearbility!! For me, being wearable is really important because I feel like where I live it's quite easy to stand out because so many girls dress the same! I didn't feel silly in this though, if anything I felt good in it because everyone else is wearing ridiculously shorts up the bottom shorts and crop tops and I had this girly floaty dress on. So I was pretty boiling hot, BUT I think a bit of modesty is a great thing.  

Sunflower dress - Hell Bunny at Tiger Milly
Bag - Vintage
Sunglasses - chicwish
Shoes - topshop

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Golden city nights.

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One thing I love about living in Portsmouth, is the summer evenings. After work when  go meet Chris in Gunwharf, or simply go on evening walks on the seafront or by the Spinnaker tower (one of our only interesting monuments)! Gunwharf is one of my favourite parts of the city, and as Chris works in the area I love hanging out drinking elder-flower lemonade and catching the last of the sunshine. The past week I have been making the most of my surroundings and time off with nights like this one, where the sun is pretty and I feel chilled and happy. 

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 photo 5c9c71ad-f614-4714-a4b9-1285ce019d6b_zps86285ecb.jpg
 photo 902cbec6-1956-4902-aca1-40f5e94b37f0_zps864fd0b5.jpg
 photo 67c24164-ee51-46b3-a996-6bea97015c3b_zps749ba3f4.jpg
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Floral Joggers - AXParis
Cami Top - Miss Selfridge
Sandals - Primark
Lace Cardie - Chicwish
Anklet - Miss Selfridge
Handbag - Accessorize 

My outfit is one which really does represent the perfect summer night staples. Everyone needs a pair (or a few pairs) of printed jogger trousers! They are unbelievably comfortable AND stylish, complete win win in my book. This beautiful floral navy pair are from AXParis, which as you know is one of my favourite brands for on trend items. A simple and easy look with these joggers is a pretty coloured cami top, sandals a lace cardie or denim jacket and all the right jewellery which in my case is an anklet and pretty necklace. 

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

They call me mellow yellow.

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Well, I wouldn't exactly say this outfit had 'mellow' yellow in it but hey, it sounded good! Nothing beats a splash of colour and then a lovely print as well, Warehouse really do have a great selection of textiles among their items and this top really stood out to me. I work in a joint store with Warehouse below us (Miss Selfridge) and I walk through every day spotting really lovely things. I saw this a while ago and fell in love with the print but wasn't sure on the neckline on me, but I gave it a go and really love it. The hem scoops at the back making it a perfect top for wearing over leggings, for those lazy days I seem to have quite often on days off now. The perfect casual additions to the outfit is a staple denim jacket and my favourite pair of sandals, can't go wrong! ...Well maybe a bit of sunshine wouldn't go a miss as well (I don't ask for much)!

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 photo 544b0fae-8741-43fc-9671-80256b319999_zpsf0b568bc.jpg
 photo eced1122-a4f5-436f-a44a-7149e34d75be_zps296dc39e.jpg
 photo IMG_2009_zpsf3e1114d.jpg
 photo ac803317-2b75-42f9-9ebf-05db4ac0994f_zpsdacccb50.jpg
Top - Warehouse
Leggings - Primark
Denim Jacket - Primark
Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Lola & Grace
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