Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Crafting Wish List

 photo theworks_zpscc628e16.jpg

I have wanted to put together a little wish list post like this for ages now! The opportunity arose when shopping on 'The Works' as they have huge discounted items and Free Delivery at the moment. As you all know I have been trying to post more of a variety here, including DIY's and tutorials. So I decided to put together a few items I am lusting after on their Arts and Crafts section
For example, they have loads of items to help with scrap booking, which is something I want to start in the summer. I have a vast amount of pPolaroidsand family photos etc I want to make into beautiful albums. So from now on I want to start collection pretty papers, ribbons and practice some Calligraphy. 
Other items include home crafting, like the letters you can paint or cover, jewellery box to paint and knitting packs. Basically I love a lot on the site and intend on collecting a few bits from the above wish list. Any of you have some projects you are working on? If so i'd love to know in the comments below. 

 photo 9ea2d9338dbe07245ada6dc66d610d29_zps7062098b.jpg
 photo 64fde13187739529ee90584c04292f82_zps6cf88864.jpg
Images from my 'Craft the time away' Pinterest board. A bit of scrap book inspiration to get you started. 

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Marshmallow goodness.

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 photo IMG_8325_zps1d1be57c.jpg
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Hey all, sorry it's been a while since my last post, last week was crazy busy! It has also been freezing cold so most of the time I have been dressing in about 100 layers and trekking to London every day for work. Because I leave at half 7 in the morning and don't get home until 8pm I don't have much of a life apart from at the weekends. So this post is featuring a pretty outfit I wore last weekend, when I get a chance to dress nicely and take photos to show you. 

The floral shirt dress is from Missguided, it's perfect for weekends because it can be worn with a cosy cardie in the day or a blazer and heels at night. Obviously I prefer the warm and cosy option, and a big snuggly coat to go with it. For ages I wanted to get a fluffy bear coat and this pastel pink one also from Missguided won me over. I can't wait to style it in more ways and show you how else to wear it. 

 photo IMG_8337_zps156fbfd5.jpg
 photo IMG_8338_zps2cf0186b.jpg
 photo IMG_8345_zps2192f5d5.jpg
 photo IMG_8346_zpsb2b33de9.jpg
 photo IMG_8344_zpsed62f983.jpg
 photo IMG_8343_zpsa0876904.jpg
 photo IMG_8342_zpsd23fd6ff.jpg
 photo IMG_8340_zps6861f6ea.jpg
Floral Shirt Dress - Missguided
Pink Fluffy Coat - Missguided
Flats - Missguided
Tights - Primark
Cardie - Primark
Bag - Vintage

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Moving forward on the blog.

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Hey all, I wanted to write a small post today on a few things I've been mulling over. You may have seen me mention on Twitter about my blog htmls and the way it looks lately! I've never been fully confident updating the layout and look of my blog and it's always something I have taught myself. Recently I have been thinking of freshening it up a bit but struggling to know where to start! I really love the look of Liv Purvis' blog 'What Olivia Did' and how she has kept it true to herself yet it's clean and nicely laid out. So I thought i'd write a few things I have done so far and my future plans to see what you think.

Firstly, I found it crucial when stepping up a gear with my blog to take it from a blogspot to my own little Domain. You can use *this website* to help you with that set up! Making myself feel like this is my own corner of the web and a place to call my own! I never had a quirky name for my blog, but I quite like having my name in a!!

Secondly, I illustrated my own banner and social buttons. Obviously I did illustration at university so am lucky enough to be able to do all the creative side of things myself. Albeit I feel it needs a re-vamp and fresh face! Was thinking of a plainer background, tidying up my sidebar and text! 

Lastly, this is the tricky stuff I don't quite grasp. Html and coding my website to make it all add up and look pretty is the hardest thing! I feel like I need a blogger fairy god mother to come and help me with it all. I have taught myself the basics but I think in order to get my blog looking how I want I need to call in some favors, any volunteers (don't worry this isn't the hunger games). 

 photo 494d66f85a3e9e0ba5393292b2bf8cf9_zpsa862b0d2.jpg
Image from my 'Home Sweet Home' Board on Pinterest, if only to have a study this nice to work in! If any of you have suggestions as to what you like about my current design and what you would love to see, let me know in the comments! I'll be planning away over the next few months and will hopefully have some changes around her for the better.

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