Wedding Planning

First Steps to Getting Organised For Wedding Planning

It's in my nature to plan and organise everything. I jump to things straight away because I get excited and inspired by new challenges. My engagement is no exception, much to Chris' annoyance at my hasty research into venues, that's just who I am. Being organised can be a blessing and a curse, because it does come across slightly desperate. In my mind it's all because I love to plan and I also love keeping busy, so being engaged is…

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Paige Joanna How To Wear a Beret

HOW TO WEAR: a Beret

As promised in my 'How to wear old items in new ways' post, I am continuing with the How to series. This post is all about wearing a…

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Winter at Home

Ways to Enjoy Winter at Home

The cold winter months can seem like they are going to last forever. The days get dark far sooner than you’d like and the nights are much chillier,…

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