Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Love hearts and fur.

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This time of year is my favourite for many reasons. One of which is being able to wear my many coats and a lot of them include fur collars or are fur! I just love the added texture to a look and this outfit post today resembles this. The weekend just gone I spent most of it with my family and my dad's puppy who is a little menace but utterly adorable!

 photo IMG_5893_zps675d9fb9.jpg
 photo IMG_5849_zps15cd8c03.jpg
 photo b8ef7f99-dfae-4794-a23f-5bfda43a30d3_zps4c370f4c.jpg
 photo 0755d8a7-566b-44d0-8ce2-f288e0b0a4c4_zps15e08682.jpg
 photo 9d49e1a2-6df6-445e-997e-5eb8450521de_zpscf24f652.jpg
 photo IMG_5847_zpsc376dace.jpg
 photo IMG_5818_zpsf8043de2.jpg

My outfit is a collection of older items in my wardrobe I just fancied wearing because they went with my fur coat, from Blue Vanilla! I love the style of this coat as it's different to others I have had. It actually has a shape and a lovely 60's style with cute large buttons, which is adorable. 

Coat - Blue Vanilla
Skirt - Hand made
Tshirt - (can't remember as 2 years old) Sorry!
Cardie - Primark
Shoes - Missguided
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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Florals & Fur

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On the rare occasion that I get a free day with my boyfriend, Chris, I love to get a bit dressed up and spend the time together going for a nice lunch or wondering the local shops. Of course most of the time we have lazy days but I really appreciate any time together.
As a lot of you may already know I started working in London last week and fair to say the next 5 months are going to be very tiring. Keep up to date with my day to day life on instagram, paigecalvert1! :)

 photo IMG_5605_zpsf13c2661.jpg
 photo c0df699e-3fa3-4c0e-ac26-63320842aa7f_zpsf4b39515.jpg
 photo 9621bee1-00ab-46e0-b5fe-1c5a6debfc95_zps873969d7.jpg
 photo IMG_5600_zpsff2b7a68.jpg
 photo 37dd21bf-82f8-4f9f-a826-fc7070456b83_zps2e19ba83.jpg
 photo 570853fe-b189-461d-b6df-baeccfd2f117_zpsf81d63e5.jpg
 photo 74c39ae4-02be-4808-be09-a3634ab1ba7b_zps1bf2ff7b.jpg
 photo IMG_5622_zpsa23ad9a3.jpg
My go to outfit is always a floral tea style dress, cardie, cute tights and boots and this is exactly what I went for in this look. The dress is a beautiful style from Sugarhill Boutique that is perfect for autumn, with warmer coloured florals. To make a look more quirky I always go for a slightly different tights style and these polka dot ones are my favourite! Lastly, some pretty pearls and a bowler hat makes it more dressy and pretty for a lunch date and you are good to go. 

Floral Dress - Sugarhill Boutique (Poppy Lux)
Coat - Oh My Love
Bag - Accessorize
Pearl Necklace - Present from my mum
Tights - Chicnova
Boots - Red or Dead
Hat - Urban Outfitters
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Comfy days in the colder season.

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Hey all, sorry it's been a while since I last posted! I started at my new job in Mod Dolly this week and staying here with my friend and now boss Amy. Not going to lie it is very tiring to travel every day and that is only a half hour bus journey within London. I start commuting from Portsmouth as of next week and it is a 2 hour trip morning and night, don't know how I will cope but will just have to! 

 photo IMG_5476_zpsb1e32379.jpg
 photo IMG_5477_zpsfbd3536e.jpg
I am really enjoying myself here and it makes me even more excited to move to London.
If there is one thing it makes me appreciate more though, it's spending days with family being comfy, warm and eating yummy roast dinners! I miss my family already and I haven't even moved to London yet, it does sometimes feel like you are a world away. I suppose it is what you make of it and I know with time I'll get used to the hectic lifestyle. 

 photo IMG_5506_zpsf46d0f81.jpg
 photo IMG_5504_zpsed1256f5.jpg
 photo IMG_5528_zps81304a71.jpg
 photo 3dec9c3d-5398-4ebd-84dc-4e2d495a03bb_zps8658e420.jpg
 photo a145823c-4346-4aeb-abb4-2edaaa05db52_zps05e14118.jpg
 photo IMG_5496_zps6f4a1b41.jpg
 photo IMG_5502_zps0556bfeb.jpg
 photo IMG_5531_zps13a1a115.jpg
Sunglasses - Sunglassesshop
Cat Dress - H&M (old)
Lilac Jumper - She Inside
Vintage Jacket - Thrifted 
Satchel Bag - Primark
Geek Shoes - Missguided
Plum tights - Primark
Necklace - Miss Selfridge 
My outfit on days like this tend to be a variety of things. This particular look was a kind of throw on outfit that ends up being a nice mixture of colours that looks like I have planned it! In fact, I didn't plan this to happen but I threw on this jacket and didn't realize just how much it suited my tights until I'd left home. I like the colour pallet for autumn with the freshness of the lilac. This time of year a vintage jacket and pair of sunglasses are my go to staples, especially my new Ray Ban retro specs from Sunglasses Shop. There is nothing better than making an autumn winter outfit feel colourful! 
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