Christmas Confidence Body Positivity & Mental Health Campaign | #ChristmasConfidence

The festive season can always put an extra impact on our nerves and anxieties when it comes to the added pressure of everything. It’s a season of indulgences but often we forget to indulge in self-love and can often put ourselves as last priority. This time of year is just as important as any to keep up the conversation of mental health and body positivity. I wanted to create a concept that is inclusive to anyone to join in, called…

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William Morris H&M Collection

Last month the William Morris collection launched at H&M. William Morris was a British print designer in the Arts & Crafts movement during the late 1800s. His prints…

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Paige Joanna Living Room decor

Living Room Home Decor

Back again with another home decor blog post. You may have seen my bedroom decor post a few weeks ago, which talked about rental properties and making it…

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