Little cottage bag

Thursday, 21 May 2015

paige joanna red head

Hello lovelies, I'm blogging again, yay! The sun has been shining again which I am still getting used to. Even wearing nothing on my legs is still a bit of a shock and we are nearly in June, bloomin' British weather is so unpredictable. My goto outfit currently for this up and down weather is denim styling with pretty accessories. I attended the Beyond Retro garage sale last week (i'll feature this on my blog soon) and I got this amazing denim dress for only £4!! Of course I adore a bargain so I was completely in my element, more on that soon.
The dress fits like a dream and I love the longer length as I feel a bit more grown up in it. I wore it with a lace biker style jacket from She inside and my new bag from Vendula London - which couldn't be any more perfect.
The cottage hand bag from Vendula London is a total dream. When I came across the brand at PURE London in Feb I put their unique and quirky style bags straight on my wish list and was so happy to finally nab one! It is lined in the most adorable London print fabric as well, with extra handle and pockets inside and I can't recommend them enough. 

Denim Dress - Beyond Retro
Lace Biker Jacket - SheInside
Cottage bag - Vendula London
Socks - Primark
Shoes - Primark

 photo paige joanna denim dress 14_zps7qm8hj6u.jpg
 photo paige joanna denim dress 15_zpsm58ue1yl.jpg
 photo paige joanna denim dress_zpsbbpegbui.jpg
 photo paige joanna denim dress 2_zpsw76dqz9t.jpg
 photo paige joanna denim dress 6_zps3ughbmbx.jpg
 photo paige joanna denim dress 10_zpshz8mj1m3.jpg
 photo paige joanan denim dress vendula bag_zpsk1dvqi09.jpg
 photo paige joanna denim dress 9_zpsur3fuxrm.jpg
 photo paige joanna denim dress 12_zpslaxr5kxx.jpg
 photo paige joanna denim dress 11_zpsryglivvo.jpg
 photo paige joanna denim dress vendula bag 3_zpssxqjplsx.jpg

Missguided Joggers

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

paige joanna red head missguided joggers

Sorry for my absence this week, it was my birthday yesterday (19th May) and i've had a little time off with family and spending a few days back in Portsmouth. I got home to London today though and wanted to share this outfit. This ensemble is my Spring look at work as of late. Comfy printed jogger trousers, a casual or pretty top depending on my mood and slouchy cardie. A rather easy look with no frills but definitely something i'll wear on repeat over the next month or so! 
The joggers are from Missguided and they really do some great styles and the fit are always really nice. This season I must admit that Missguided are really doing it for me, I have over ten things on my wish list right now and lots of birthday money to spend. So watch this space! 

Joggers - Missguided
Top - Awwdore (old)
Bag - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Primark
Cardie - She Inside

 photo missguided trousers 9_zpsnffeenlb.jpg
 photo missguided trousers 7_zpsozgjww55.jpg
 photo missguided trousers 8_zps0wp4kxj0.jpg
 photo missguided trousers 4_zps1miyt2nv.jpg
 photo missguided trousers 3_zpsfw2gaizb.jpg
 photo missguided trousers 6_zpscuycjpob.jpg
 photo missguided trousers 10_zpstfbw3efn.jpg
 photo missguided trousers_zpsspwfbeo9.jpg

White dungaree dress

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

paige joanna red head stripes and white dungaree dress

The sun is starting to show it's self at long last, and it doesn't feel as strange to not wear a jacket or tights! I am slowly getting to grips with Spring fashion which will soon become Summer but I think a long winter of being poorly and putting on weight certainly doesn't help the transition!
This outfit post is one I thought i'd never share as I have a awkward relationship with wearing white AND something so short in length. I am naturally quite pale skinned and even with my best tan I rarely wear all white items but after seeing Alexa Chung and others wearing similar ensembles, I thought why the hell not. I can't say I am overly confident in this dungaree dress but maybe when it's warmer our and I can wear it with sandals and a tan/glow i'll be happier. What I did love however was teaming it with nautical stripes, cute and casual trainers and accessories to match. What do you think of wearing white, and like me do you have a love hate relationship with it? If so i's love to know how you style it.

White Dungaree Dress - Boohoo
Stripe Top - She Inside
White trainers - Primark
Tan bag - Dorothy Perkins
Glasses - Chicwish

Paige Joanna white boohoo dungaree dress
Paige Joanna nautical red head
 photo paige joanna white 8_zps1p2z1q8s.jpg
paige joanna white boohoo denim dungaree dress
boohoo dungaree dress
 photo paige joanna white 3_zps85ysby7e.jpg
white navy and tan summer outfit
paige joanna red head
 photo paige joanna white 1_zpslb2seki2.jpg