Sunday, 17 August 2014

Circle of joy, Emozioni unboxing.

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Hello all, I have something a little bit different for you all today! If you didn't already know I have a Youtube channel (Paige Joanna) which I love to post on at least once a week. So please go and subscribe if you haven't already. Today I really wanted to share some detail shots of the gorgeous necklace and coin pendants from Hot Diamonds. It is a fairly new design called Emozioni where you have coin shape pendants, a coin casing and then the chain. what is great is that its extremely adaptable and personal to your taste. You can choose the chain style and colour, choose from a huge variety of coins and of course the matching coin casings! It's such a fun idea and I really loved all the beautiful packaging as well as the necklace itself. It was all so intricate I decided to show you in a video, as shown below. I hope you enjoy watching, unboxing it ll felt like Christmas!

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 photo IMG_2930_zps35c90600.jpg
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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Lemon curd.

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Hello lovelies. Today's post is short but sweet, with a very fresh look of yellow. I do from time to time wear it but I find more muted shades suit me best. This top was in the Miss Selfridge sale for £5 so I snapped it up for the last of the summer weeks. It's a sweet colour with a lacey effect to it, very pretty yet perfect for casual wear. Worn here with my favourite shorts from Sugarhill Boutique, which just seem to go with everything!! The rest of the look includes my white platform sandals from Chicwish and my hair up in milk braids. It makes for the perfect sunny Sunday outfit! 

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 photo 1c9ef73f-7290-4e47-adcd-24b04753b63e_zps399d04a2.jpg
 photo bbb970fe-6efd-48bb-97ab-003381478628_zps5b720907.jpg
 photo e7cf7655-491b-42c0-baf2-ec75770bf713_zps017bd7ea.jpg
Top - Miss Selfridge
Shorts - Sugarhill Boutique
Sandals - Chicwish
Bag - Accessorize 
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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Oh I do like to be beside the sea.

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Hip hip horray, here is a uplifting and happy seaside blog post, full of smiles and good weather - which can sometimes be rather short lived! I love my home town by the beach, and days like this one shows exactly why I love it so. The photos were taken by Adora on our day together frolicking around in the sunshine. Since this day my weeks have been a bit stressful to be quite honest, I wish I could just live like this most days! I don't want to focus on the negatives in my life but for some reason that's all I can do right right now. I sometimes need to look back on photos like these and remember to just smile, breath and just feel free, I am what I make myself and my mood is what I make it. So from now on this week I am going to try be joyful and dance around whenever the mood takes me. So, little chums, if you are reading this and also feel a bit deflated with certain aspects of life then lets together try be upbeat and see the positives! Lets take jumping photos and smile whenever we can! 

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 photo 8768a770-90d7-4742-9e7a-3d75cbe3781f_zps1d8d9570.jpg
 photo a1f1e05e-4d54-4cca-88f1-72616ab3da03_zps1ad25540.jpg
 photo IMG_2687_zps14859225.jpg
 photo 25ccec78-ce18-4481-9cb5-c2f3c3dd7bd6_zps7aaf6571.jpg
 photo 2e191277-7794-40b6-8a74-eaa891a204a4_zpsf4f53e43.jpg
 photo IMG_2739_zps818e3d63.jpg
 photo bb1ab65a-35dd-4764-ad2c-1d3a522d50d9_zps88f81d1c.jpg
 photo 61ef0cf0-4fc9-45a5-aa4b-ab5d2918f70f_zps937895fa.jpg
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Stripe Dress - (I actually can't remember) EEEK!
Pastel pink jacket - Matalan
White sandals - Chicwish
Hat - Gift from Adora
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