Saturday, 18 October 2014

Beauxoxo Lookbook

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Hey all, I said i'd be back at some point with the amazing Lookbook photography from the Beaxoxo Autumn shoot. Here they are, I chose my favourites to show you but of course go see the set over on Beauxoxo directly. 
All I can say is that the photography work by Ailera Stone along with the beautiful hair accessories the photos came out amazingly. It was a much needed little confidence boost this week, as been having one of those 'everything look horrible about myself' periods at the moment. My skin has been suffering bad break outs and I miss my long hair a lot, it's a combination of things. What I love about this lookbook as not only is is perfect for Beauxoxo as a brand but also for me! It sums my style up perfectly and you will more than likely be seeing the images used around my social channels for the next few months.

 photo _MG_2281_zps23397c2a.jpg
 photo 7c5dbfe8-2237-47f6-8d45-4bf48d5209ca_zpsb752267d.jpg
 photo 1133e6bd-a74e-4cc7-9831-114e40a672f9_zps741c55aa.jpg
 photo 22a83001-f8eb-461b-a402-6a01d7babb0e_zpsc149cf58.jpg
 photo 7b822705-8ecc-4781-a7a5-edc18c8e232d_zpsc6df5623.jpg
 photo c33c3976-475d-4b91-ba50-81b96c26c908_zps5c34970f.jpg
 photo _MG_2327_zps5d968c62.jpg
 photo IMG_4925_zps423b61aa.jpg
 photo _MG_2431_zps2b75de57.jpg
 photo 39f09927-9b6a-49d4-aa4e-9d76d3256945_zps4f24c72f.jpg
 photo fc587381-f428-46df-b0d1-3171ee62b1a1_zps63b742fc.jpg
 photo 7cc1f3b9-d32e-4e9a-ab0c-f69322509747_zps2014c2a5.jpg
 photo 160db4ff-caac-46a1-93d5-e3dfed9fe878_zpsd25b3b53.jpg

I hope you love them as much as we do, was the perfect little photo team and I hope I can work them both together again one day. Such beautiful and talented ladies! 
Don't forget to check out all the new items in for Autumn winter. 
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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Puppy love.

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My two weeks off work are nearly coming to an end, which makes me sad! I only have 5 shifts left before I start my venture at Mod dolly in London, I can't wait. The last few days I intend on enjoying the sleep, good food and relaxing, I think I even enjoy the boredom that comes with lazy days just to appreciate it. Soon i'll be up at the crack of dawn to travel daily to London, a 4 hour round trip there and back every day is going to be tiring. When fashion and style is concerned mixed with the new colder weather coming in, comfort is definitely the most important thing.

 photo 9b8f9df7-c6b8-4d0c-a233-0112ecc07238_zpse7f381c1.jpg
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 photo c7e1bc01-d52d-478c-ad7e-97c9f253935e_zps756d6431.jpg
 photo eb0b0947-4f06-4926-bd4c-b20d2e1c63ae_zps180e7813.jpg
 photo IMG_5372_zpsef46fc44.jpg
 photo IMG_5381_zps31f56151.jpg
 photo IMG_5392_zpscd75dd02.jpg

This outfit is one perfect for Autumn and one I have made the most of a couple of times while I have been off work. On the days with a bit of blue sky and fresh sunshine a furry gillet is perfect! It will also be good on train days, as walking about and travelling can get quite warm in a heavy coat, so a jumper and gillet may be the answer! The trousers accompany it very well, and both items are from Missguided making it so easy to create a lovely autumnal outfit.

Fur Gillet - Missguided
Trousers - Missguided
Top - (unknown) sorry! Got it a couple of years ago.
Burgundy shoes - Missguided  

 photo IMG_5370_zps80f6270e.jpg
When taking photos the cutest and calmest dog strolled by and couldn't help but get involved in the photos, what a poser! 

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Every cloud has a silver lining.

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Well, the cold days are creeping in and I take it back slightly what I said, as much as I love winter clothing I can't stand cold hands and feet! It's blog posts like this one today that make it all worth while, with pastel pretties to brighten the day. Even though it is getting colder and the days shorter, I wont wear dreary, boring clothes for anyone! I was so happy last year when it was made acceptable to wear pastel in winter for the first time, with the famous 'pink boyfriend coat' seen everywhere. This year the trend is back in full force which makes me very pleased indeed. 

 photo IMG_4881_zps68a2cede.jpg
 photo b6f6f7ac-304f-4fa5-9db1-5137e82aa36d_zps325366af.jpg
 photo 15edcce9-da5b-4777-b79f-334e680d2bee_zpsade90d36.jpg
 photo IMG_4869_zps9aeee097.jpg
If there is one thing every girl should have, it is a good quality coat. In the UK it is vital that it gets you through all weathers including wind, rain and cold! This pale blue polka dot beauty from today's outfit is an all rounder and just about ticks all the boxes. It's from Joules, one of my families favourite brands and they are good old reliable with all the athletically pleasing elements that you would want also. This particular style is Wind proof, shower proof and breathable which as sad as this sounds made me very excited. And although these photos were taken on a sunny autumn day, I got to test it out yesterday just when the showers came over the UK. Even though the weather was dark and depressing, all I could look forward to is testing out the coat when going to the local shop! It lived up to it's expectations and did exactly what it said, keeping me dry. As it is also in my favourite colour with the added cutness of polka dots i'd say this is a complete treat and one I intend on cherishing this winter. 
When worn over a pretty dress you get this dreamy retro feel. Grey tights and boots are all that is needed to complete the look and of course a pastel bag to go with it's sweetness. I can't wait to team it over a vintage jumper and black jeans for a more preppy style. 

 photo 7c258ecf-94d9-4e3c-8b82-2791a9030e4e_zps13a1642a.jpg
 photo 9630ea88-56bb-4f1d-ae14-fe4926c9dd5a_zpsb3419690.jpg
 photo ea5e747f-059a-42d9-8768-1b7e56eae27e_zps23354dfa.jpg

Coat - Joules
Dress - Mod Dolly
Tights - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Topshop
Pink Satchel - Primark

A special thanks to Ailera Stone and Beaxoxo for a wonderful day photoshooting! We went to this adorable cupcake shop in Chelsea called Peggy Porschen for photos and chit chat. The day was for shooting a lookbook for Beauxoxo winter styles that will be released soon. The cupcake shop matched it perfectly as well as my outfit so all in all a top day! 

 photo IMG_4925_zps423b61aa.jpg
 photo IMG_4913_zps9ab2d828.jpg
 photo IMG_4909_zpse44cc544.jpg
 photo IMG_4907_zps4648284b.jpg

P.S I just checked the website and the coat has now been reduced! Totally worth the price. 
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