Sunday, 14 December 2014

My love for cats & coats are the same.

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Last week was a total mixture of emotions so I kind of haven't even realized it's been over a week since I posted on here, oops! This weekend has flown by but I have made the most of every minute, from relaxing, seeing family and spending time with Chris. On Saturday Chris helped me out with blog photos and we went to Chichester for a Christmas afternoon and meal out. It was great to spend some time planning my outfit for the day and pamper myself a bit. 
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As you can see by the photos, I see lovely cats in the street and can't help myself. As Chris is allergic I can't get my own kitty, so I tend to swarm towards any I see! This little cutie was so loving and came to me meowing as if it knew I wanted to love it haha. The walk to the train station was lovely, sunny and overall a beautiful wintery day. I wanted to dress snuggly but also girly, so layering a pinafore dress over a jumper seemed a good idea. I love the scoop neck style currently, this grey one is from Missguided and will be my most versatile item this winter. It can be bulky worn tucked in but I loved the slouchy look of the dress over the top! Of course, when it's cold no look is complete without a statement coat, and as you all know I have quite a 'few'. This gorgeous oversized pink one is also from Missguided and I felt it really suited the cute snugly look of the outfit! Most of my coats have fur detail so the trim on the collar won me over, and the extra length is perfect for keeping warm. Lastly, the tights are from M&S and are part of the 'Best of British' collection. The print clashes with the grey dress but I loved the mix and just wanted to have fun with styling! They are super comfy and perfect for jazzing up any outfit. 

Scoop Neck Jumper - Missguided
Pinafore Dress - Yumi
Pink Coat - Missguided
Black Boots - Missguided
Tights - M&S
Hat - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Accessorize

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 photo IMG_7526_zps228e2839.jpg
 photo IMG_7521_zps3212078a.jpg
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Friday, 5 December 2014

Xmas Wrapped Up

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Hello all, Christmas is comingggg! I feel like it has come around so fast and i'm super excited. I haven't got a lot of money this year for lots of presents so I have had to be a little more creative. This year I have been making loads of my friends presents, making it a bit more personal and in my eyes more thoughtful. Some of the things I have been making take over 2 weeks to do, like knitting, pom pom making and paper crafts! It is not only good fun to get back into making again but unique and quirky. 

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One of my favourite brands is Cath Kidston, all my friends and family are taken by the constant fun nature of the brand. They are running a Christmas campaign called #XMASWRAPPEDUP which is all about their amazing collection of packaging and wrapping. Below is a video which explains all about it as well as being the cutest most festive thing i have seen for this time of year. I also put together a wish list of the things i'd love to make my Christmas complete. Shop all the items here.
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1. Large present house box £6, 2. Merry Christmas mug £5, 3. Medium present house box £5, 4. Merry Christmas apron £20, 5. Start ribbon £1.50, 6. Christmas Decorations book £11, 7. Christmas Organiser £13.50, 8. Christmas stocking £9, 9. Sheepskin slippers £36, 10. Small present house box £4, 11. Hot water bottle £28.

All can be shopped on the website,

Watch the video for a look at the XMASRAPPEDUP styles.

My plan is to buy a couple of the cardboard Cath Kidston houses to package my hand made presents, for the perfect finishing touch. Not only that but they would make great 'stockings' if you wanted to gift someone lots of little wrapped presents inside. I love how it makes me feel all cheery and excited to see my friends and families faces when they open up what I got them! It just makes it extra special when the details are as fun and festive as the Cath Kidston stuff. Below are some of the products I'll be giving as presents this year. Happy shopping guys, hope you liked this blog post! Let me know your favourite items in the comments.

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 photo IMG_6973_zpse156f360.jpg
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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Denim & lace

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Working in London on days where the sky is clear and the winter breeze is warmed up by the sun, it is so beautiful. I don't see a lot of London as i'd like due to commuting but it makes me all the more excited to more here. What I am interested in knowing is where that will be, I am hoping to move to Clapham, but my god is it expensive! If anyone has any blog posts on how to relocate and great places to live i'd love to see them.

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 photo IMG_6586_zpsf42d59b4.jpg
 photo IMG_6585_zps9adedc6e.jpg
 photo IMG_6579_zpsf7b89af2.jpg
 photo IMG_6582_zps0cf908fd.jpg
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Denim Dress - Chicwish
Tights - Dorothy Perkins 
Coat - Joules
Socks - Primark
Shoes - Missguided
Bag - Accessorize

Winter fashion for me at the moment is completely mixed, I don't have a real sense of personal style because I am recycling a lot of older styles I own. However, this denim dress is a new addition from Chicwish and it is so delicate and perfect for layering. The sleeves are long with lace details and the body is a box shape, which is nice for every day casual wear. In London I currently only dress for comfort but I am hoping when I move here and settle in i'll really be able to get back into being a bit more adventurous! 
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