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I have been sharing my craft skills, personal style, lifestyle experiences & positivity on my blog and social channels for over eight years, which have now become an online store and creative hub. It is a space for free-spirited people wanting to live their best colourful life.

I work as a professional Freelance Social Media Consultant, Creative Designer & Social Media Influencer. Having studied Fashion & Textiles, Photography, and a Degree in Illustration, my background is very creative. Sharing my work online has become my life’s passion, being able to inspire others with things I love is why I do it.

If you love to make things, support independent designers and like to express yourself through colour, then the Paige Joanna platform is for you. This is a creative hub online that aims to make creativity accessible for anyone and inspire you on your way to making life more colourful and positive.  Life is too short to be ordinary.

My main themes are Fashion, Lifestyle, Crafts & Travel. You can also join me on my YouTube channel for video content.
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