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Organise your sewing patterns with the Sewing Pattern Envelope Storage Organisers

  • Paige
  • July 30, 2023

Hey friends, I have exciting news! I have just launched a selection of digital products in my shop, including the new Sewing Pattern Envelope Storage Organisers. I’ve had this idea now for a couple of years and it’s exciting to finally launch them. They’re a great way to organise your sewing patterns whilst also looking cute and fun. Continue reading to find out more about them and to see how to use them.

PDF Sewing Patterns:

Sewing patterns tend to come in a few different formats; ready-made printed patterns come in branded envelopes and are usually printed on tracing paper. as a PDF download, with files such as AO copy shop files, print-at-home format, and projector files. I have always favored PDF sewing patterns because keeping the digital version is great if you tend to make a varied amount of sizes, use your sewing patterns a lot (and therefore will need to replace them), and save time tracing them which often people who buy ready-printed copies do.

One of the main compromises with getting a PDF sewing pattern is that it doesn’t come with any form of envelope to store it away in and this is then left in the hands of the sewist to decide how to store them. Personally, I tend to use A4 large envelopes that I buy on Amazon in bulk. I will then fold them away and store them in those envelopes. I’ve experimented with different ways to organise them so I know what pattern is in each envelope and often they can become messy and confusing. Leading me to launch the Sewing Pattern Envelope Storage Organisers!

Sewing Pattern Envelope Storage Organiser – Digital Download

This is a product I have wanted to make for a long time now so I’m really excited to finally have them ready to share with you. When I was experimenting with how to organise my sewing patterns, I’d often just write the name of the pattern and size on the envelope but found it harder to find them and they became messy and unorganized. The Sewing Pattern Envelope Storage Organisers can be printed off, filled in, and stuck to the front of an envelope to not only organise your patterns better but also to look super cute. Who says PDF pattern envelopes need to be boring? If you would like to try them out for yourself, you can order and download them here.

Ways to Organise Your Sewing Patterns using the Sewing Pattern Envelope Storage Organisers:

PDF Sewing Pattern Organiser

Print off the Sewing Pattern Envelope Storage Organisers and once you have a selection of them, you can begin organising! I like to also print out the sewing pattern technical drawing, and I do this by saving the image from the designers website, and collecting them all onto a word document.

You will also need:

  • Envelopes
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Tecnical Drawings printed out or you can draw them on yourself
  • The printed organisers

Fill in the information with the pattern name, brand, size, modifications you have made if you have made it before, any notes, and then the pattern image. Once finished you will feel much more organised, and all your patterns will be much easier to find, use and store! It’s a great way to keep everything filed, and I hope it fills you with joy to see your sewing patterns looking their best!

Shop the organisers here.