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Cropped Patina Blouse & Large Collar Sewing Hack

  • Paige
  • December 19, 2023

Hey, welcome back to my blog, in this post, I am showing how I created a Cropped Patina Blouse with a large collar and embroidery sewing hack. It’s a lovely top sewing project that has a cottage core aesthetic to it. It’s made in light-medium weight cotton from Minerva. For more details and to find out how to make it, read more below.

Pattern Amends:

Creating this Patina Blouse hack is really easy, and only requires a few minor amends to the pattern. The full sew-along tutorial is on my YouTube channel if you prefer to see things in video format.

Crop the body: I referenced the waist notch and cropped the top in there, then added a slightly scooped edge at the center front from the sides.

Collar: The collar amendment is simple, I just added 1.5 inches to the outer edge of the collar.

There are no sleeves in this make so you don’t need to cut those, instead, you can create your own matching bias binding to finish the armhole or turn it under twice like a hem.

What you need:

Fabric: I used a lovely cotton poplin from Minerva in the shade Cornflower Blue, I’ll link it here.

Pattern drafting ruler 

Lace Trim: I used one that was in my stash but here is similar.

Embroidery Details:

I decided to try out some hand-stitching embroidery on the collar and pocket to create some special detailing on the top. I was inspired by a top I saw on Pinterest because the style is really cute and pretty. The embroidery was simple to add, using embroidery thread, a embroidery hoop, and hand stitching I slowly created pretty flowers using beginner stitching techniques I found on Pinterest.

Sewing the Cropped Patina Blouse:

The sewing steps are easy because they don’t differ from the pattern instructions much. As this project is omitting the sleeves the only difference is how to finish the arm hole.¬† I finished them off with bias binding in the same fabric by cutting strips 2 inches wide, and as long as I could make them. Press the strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, open it out, then press the 2 long sides in towards that center fold you created. Fold again and press to create the double-fold binding. Sew this around the arm hole, how you do any other binding (any concerns check out my YouTube video).

Cropped Patina Blouse

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed seeing more details of this cute Cropped Patina Blouse. If you want to sew the pattern, you can shop it here on the Friday Pattern Company website.