Paige Joanna


2020 Goals & Resolutions

  • Paige
  • January 1, 2020

Happy new year & a big farewell to 2019. It was a year full of amazing things for me with our wedding day, honeymoon, passing my driving test and more. 2019 will be hard to top but I have planned out my 2020 Goals in order to make it another fabulous year. Keep reading to find out more.

2020 Goals for Paige Joanna Content, Crafts & Brand

  1. The first one is to start the year fresh on my blog. I want to change the theme to a more simplistic layout so that my content can do the talking. It’s a part of my bigger plan to grow my brand.
  2. I’d love to sell more on my Etsy shop. I already sell painted jackets but I’d like to sell more upcycled one-offs, handmade accessories, and prints. This will involve refining my craft but I can’t wait to have fun and get better making things.
  3. Continuing on the making theme, I have set myself the goal to sew and make 1 new clothing item each month. This is so I can get better at sewing again and add to my skills. It’s also to be more mindful of how I show and what I wear to make more use of better quality items and me-made items.
  4. I’d love to grow my crafting community more by creating a Facebook page for supporting and sharing makes, tips and more. I want it to be a really fun and positive place for makers and those keen on hobbies.
  5. I would love to work with more brands in crafting workshops and events. Teaching others a fun skill or making something for the joy of upcycling and renewing is what I love.
  6. Work towards a book deal, my 5-year plan and dream are to have a craft book or the start of a book series. I’d honestly love that so much. This year is about networking again and building my community as well as refining my crafts.

2020 Goals for a great year & life!

  1. I’d love to travel to a few new places this year. I already have Budapest booked but I would love to goto Disneyland Paris and a sunny beach holiday to Santorini or Ibiza.
  2. Every summer I goto a festival and this year I would love to go to at least 1 and maybe a couple of day festivals.
  3. I want to see more of my family, especially when I get a car. This would be a great excuse to also book a UK camping holiday or something outdoors altogether.
  4. I want to save money towards buying a house in the next year or 2.
  5. I’d like to focus on mindfulness, self-love and having better nutrition in my diet. As well as this I want to go on long walks and find ways to enjoy being active.
  6. The last one is a bit personal but I hope to try for a baby this year, not sure when or even how this will go but it would be amazing. Having Crohns Disease, Arthritis and Endometiros have meant I always felt too poorly to be a mum. Back in November 2019 I was put in remission so this would be a great window for us to try. Who knows what the year will bring but I’d be extremely blessed if we could get pregnant.