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Goodbye Summer | 10 Things I’ve Learned

  • Paige
  • September 8, 2019

It’s time to say Goodbye Summer and reflect on what I have learned. This year has flown by and a lot has changed. In May I had my wedding day and ever since I feel like I have been playing catch up. Now though, heading into Autumn I feel like this is the perfect transitional period to make positive changes. In this blog post, I go over 10 things I’ve learned and my plans and goals for the rest of the year.

Things I’ve Learned

  1. Resting is so important for physical and mental wellbeing. This sounds like a really basic thing to learn but I have always been bad at resting and listening to my body. I finally feel comfortable with a more relaxed and simple life where I don’t have to be busy all the time. In this society and as a ‘boss lady’ you’re expected to constantly be working. Social media can portray that image of busy means successful and I’ve learned to ignore that. As I live with health problems it’s so important I rest and get better.
  2. Things take time. When I am working on a project I am one of those people that already start to think of the next thing. Knowing that things take time has meant I am more comfortable in that mindset.
  3. To be mindful. After finishing my course in Mindfulness meditation and techniques this year, it’s been a life-changer. I’ll definitely be writing blog posts on this to explain things in more detail.

    “Change can actually be so powerful”

  4. that your hair isn’t your only identity. I went through a big hair transformation back in June. The bright red hair colour that I became ‘known’ for was changed to more of natural shade and I had Great Lengths extensions added. I can’t tell you how incredible it felt to have a big change. What it has done for my self-love and my mindset really did make me feel the most authentic version of myself for the first time in ages. Learning that your hair doesn’t define what makes you ‘you’ and that a change can actually be so powerful.
  5. Friends that care will wait for you. This year after the wedding I went into hibernation. I was struggling with depression and health issues which meant I wanted to stay home a lot. I haven’t made loads of plans this summer whilst transforming my life to more of a quiet one. This meant I also wasn’t seeing many friends. I’ve definitely realised who is truly there for me and who I can see myself with in the future. It is so important to only dedicate precious time to those who actually want it.
  6. To drive. It was in my year’s resolutions to learn to drive this year, so I am so proud of myself for overseeing my fears and getting behind the wheel. I’m currently about halfway through my lessons and hope to pass my test in November or December this year.

    “If something does upset me I am able to calmly approach it and not let it impact my feelings.”

  7. Everyone is fighting their own battles and going through life. Practicing mindfulness has also meant I am more aware of reacting to those around me. Everyone is going through their own heap of stuff so this means I don’t take as much personally. If something does upset me I am able to calmly approach it and not let it impact my feelings.
  8. To enjoy quality time with family. Having little nephews and a niece has meant I have gone home a lot this year. I love seeing them and spending time with family. Every time I travel back to London I feel sad because one of my biggest priorities is my family and not having them up the road can be really hard.
  9. To do my own gel nails! Bit of a silly one but light-hearted, I finally invested in my own gel nail kit. I was going bi-weekly to get them done in a salon and felt like the money could go into my own kit. I now do my own nails and it’s so exciting being able to do them myself.
  10. New clothes does not mean fashionable. I’ve really found my love of vintage and thrifting again this summer. Not that the love of shopping second hand ever went away but I always felt the need to also buy new and what’s ‘in fashion this season’. I’m so comfortable not being trendy and just wearing what I like now that I feel so at peace with it.

I hope you liked my little Goodbye Summer post and hearing about the things I have learned. It’s been a transformative year and in many ways, I am still on a journey through changes. Over the next few months, I will be focusing on my new job at Licensed To Charm, my driving lessons and my online content. Expect to see a lot more blog posts and videos coming, as well as exciting things on my email newsletter (make sure to join)! I’m excited to see what Autumn and Winter have to offer but for now though, Goodbye Summer, it’s been lovely.