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How To Plan A Hen Party Event

  • Paige
  • April 9, 2017

Planning a Hen Party can be a stressful thing for anyone, on top of planning your wedding. If like me you are planning a Hen for a friend or loved one then the pressure can be on to achieve something the bride will love. With my experience in event planning I wanted to write a post with lots of hints and tips. Being really organised always helps me when organising anything, so thats pretty important when getting your head around the process. Hopefully you find these tips helpful in creating a really successful Hen Party Event!

I filmed a YouTube video with the following steps, talking about each thing in more detail. Watching it might help you to know in more depth what each thing means. Copy and paste this list into your own notes and use it to help you plan.


Steps to planning a Hen Party:

– Choose your guests, write a guest list

– Make a private Facebook Group

– Choose a theme

– Settle on a location

– Asses the budget

– Collect deposits

– Book somewhere to stay


I love a Pinterest board for most things but when planning an event it can really help. Get all your ideas together and join friends to the board.

– Assign yourself an assistant

– Buy Hen Party merchandise

As you can see in the wonderful photos, I have some lovely personalised merchandise from Oh Squirrel. See more styles in the video, but she does the most amazing items for parties and especially Hen Parties. Everything can be personalised and they make amazing gifts you can cherish forever.

– Wedding Hen Stationery

Hen stationery is just as lovely as wedding stationery. The shop Rooi have some beautiful correspondence cards, decor and books perfect for guests and hens. I love the idea of having tips for the bride in a little book, with fun written things from all the guests inside.

– Make a check list

– Plan fun games with the Groom

– Have a great time!

I hope this helped with you planning and please write any more tips you think of in the comments!