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HOW TO WEAR: Old Items In New Ways

  • Paige
  • January 19, 2017

This is the start of a new blog series called How To Wear. A lot of bloggers show case their personal style and new trends, but may not give the options on how to actually wear something. I like to think my style is quite relate-able and therefore easy to replicate. Each season I try out new trends but also mix things with clothing I already own. It’s more achievable to actually keep on trend by doing this when you can’t afford to shop every week (like some people do). The luxury of blogging for 5 years now means I luckily do get free clothing to review and can therefore be on trend most of the time. This isn’t the majority though and that’s where I feel¬†passionate about showing other ways. Personal style can be a combination of old and new, vintage, designer and high-street!

How To Wear old items as new - Paige Joanna

What will the ‘How To Wear’ series be about:

With this series I want to focus on How To Wear, to show you guys different options of a look or style. This might be a new trend, season or something of my personal liking. My hope is that you can also mix it up and add your personal style to my ideas. We can’t always afford everything in our ASOS Saved List, but that doesn’t matter!¬†Learning to shop versatile items with a mix of new trend or statement pieces is key.

My Shopping Tips:

To get yourself started you may need to alter your shopping habits. We all know that feeling of throwing everything on the floor in a panic of ‘I have nothing to wear’. Well you can stop feeling that way by being more open minded about fashion. You don’t have to wear every new thing that comes on the market (or in season) to feel good or even look up to date. Here are a few of my shopping tips on how I choose when buying.

    • Can I wear this with 3 items I already own? Ask yourself this question when lusting over something. Chances are you may find yourself saying no, or you will need to buy other items for it match. STOP! This is what I used to do and that’s why we end up having ‘nothing to wear’ because the items we do own don’t go together.
    • Buy versatile basics: This is a simple method that most people already know but easy to forget. We all get sucked in to spending the cash on statement talked about must haves, but will they have longevity? Ask yourself if that statement pom-pom jumper really is the answer to your wardrobe crisis… probably not!
    • Limit yourself: Each season try just owning a few statement or key pieces. A great way to choose what you want is to look on Pinterest catwalk trends for that season (for example search ‘ss17 trends’). Pick the kinds of things you like and stick to a handful of them. Not only can you portray more of a personal style/niche but it’s easier to then shop for basics to go with this selection from there on-wards. As well as mixing them with basics and things you already own! For example my current favourite trend is frills and pink shades.
    • Charity Shops!! You may have seen my video below on Charity Shopping Tips for beginners, if not watch it! It’s such a great place to shop if on a budget, looking for something unique and good quality. I explain this all in more detail so check it out.

HOW TO WEAR: Old Items In New Ways:

Get Organised:

The question for this post is How To Wear old items in new ways. At the start of the year I went through my wardrobe and re-organised my items into colour and category. I now have it organised from dresses, shirts, blouses, light jackets and coats, then have all my jeans and bottom options in a draw. Being able to look through and remind myself of what I own, have a clear out and start fresh was great for my mind. It now means I have an idea of things I need next season when spring starts, as well as items I can wear again.


How To Wear old items as new - Paige Joanna adidas trainers How To Wear old items as new - Paige Joanna How To Wear old items as new - Paige Joanna embroidered jeans How To Wear old items as new - Paige Joanna How To Wear old items as new - Paige Joanna pink asos jacket and trainers How To Wear old items as new - Paige Joanna

If you aren’t feeling motivated after organising yourself, pop over to Pinterest again, my favourite place online in case you hadn’t noticed! Search a few key words like spring 2017 styles, monochrome fashion, pastel trends etc, whatever you like! You can even search for things based on items you own. For example I am wearing a pink long line jacket in this post so I searched pink jacket street style for inspiration. Such a great place to start if you are feeling stuck for options.

Once inspired you will find yourself picking out items you either haven’t worn in ages, or things you never thought you’d put together. I teamed my favourite pair of embroidered Dorothy Perkins Jeans with a roll neck jumper, pink jacket and trainers. I’ve never worn this combination of items together before but I love it. The trainers made it more casual and fun with the pink tones in them and the jumper added to the relaxed look. The pink coat added a smartness to the overall outfit that I love which pulled it all together and matches the floral embroidery on the jeans.

The Answer:

My answer to wearing old items in new ways is to just have fun with it! Stop overthinking your style, it doesn’t have to be like everyone else. Sometimes it may just take trying on 10 combinations until you get something you’re happy with. WhatsApp a friend, send each other pictures and have a giggle at the combo’s that perhaps didn’t work out. It’s what myself and a few of my friends do and it helps so much. If you still haven’t worn something old for a few months after doing this, it’s time to get rid!

Paige Joanna and Copper Garden

Me and Jess from Copper Garden WattApp planning our outfits!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you re-think your wardrobe habits. This How To Wear series is going to be so much fun to put together. If there is a trend or item you would like to see featured, let me know in the comments.