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DIY Tie Dye Pom Pom Cushions | #PaigeJoannaDIY

  • Paige
  • November 10, 2016

Get in the crafty mood and make these easy Tie Dye cushions with pompom trim. No sewing machine needed, just some good old fashion hand stitching and patience. With the help of Dylon dyes it’s so simple to update your home decor and make something unique. Total time to make is roughly 5 hours depending on your craft level.

What you need:

– Dylon Sunflower Yellow Dye
– Measuring Jug
– Large Bowl
– Measuring Tape
– Pompom trim
– rubber bands
– Needle
– Thread (cotton) to match the pom pom trim


1. Measure your pillow and then cut in half through the stuffing. This makes 2 separate smaller cushions.
2. Do the same again for the pillow case, I did this to both to create 4 separate pieces. This was so I could choose at the end what ones Tie dyed the best.
3. Mix your Dylon colour as stated on the back of the packet
4. I show 2 ways of tie dying:
– Method 1: pinch the fabric in the middle and twist in a circle. Hold together with 3 or 4 elastic bands.
– Method 2: Pinch in the centre and scrunch together, put on bands about an inch apart.

5. Once your dye mixture has dissolved, place your bundles in the water or use a bottle to place dye in the exact places you want.
6. Leave in the dye for 45 minutes at least, stirring them occasionally.
7. Rinse and leave to dry, then iron!
8. Sew the cushions up so the stuffing is neat again on the cut edge.
9. Put the cushions inside the now dyed cases.

10. Stitch up the hole with the cushions inside.
11. Start to sew the pompom trim around the edge of the cushions. This takes time so be patient and as neat as possible.

AND That’s it!

Watch the full tutorial here:

It is so simple yet extremely effective and a great present idea for quirky hand made lovers like me. If you liked this DIY please share the love with the hashtag #PaigeJoannaDIY. I would love to see your recreations.