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Welcome to the world, Willow

  • Paige
  • February 2, 2022

Hello again my loves, it’s been a while since I posted on my blog! As you can tell by the title of the post and the main image I have recently had a baby girl named, Willow. She was born in December 2021 and we’re adapting to life as new parents and loving every minute of it. I thought I would share part of my birth story and welcome her officially on my blog. This year in 2022 I hope to bring more lifestyle content and craft educational posts here, but until then it felt wrong not to share this news on here. Keep reading to find out more.

Willow Juniper

On December 1st 2021 our darling daughter, Willow Juniper entered the world. After a 2 day of labour, I ended up having to have an unplanned C-Section due to the baby girl’s position. I feel a bit disappointed with how my birth went but now it’s been a couple of months I have fully accepted what happened and have managed to gain closure. I thought I’d share a snippet of our journey, but you can read the full story on ‘Get birth confident‘ blog if you want to.


Willow 2

Willow 4

Willow 5

Willow 6

Birth preferences:

  • Hospital led
  • At home as long as possible for the early stages
  • Water/pool/Tens & breathing for pain relief but open-minded to other pain relief options.

Actual birth:

  • Labour ward Balloon induction on due date due to baby’s size & my Crohn’s Disease Scar Tissue issues.
  • Successful balloon induction
  • Delayed water breaking because of hospital delays/no rooms available
  • Hormone drip to progress contractions
  • Gas & Air throughout
  • Epidural due to back-to-back contractions
  • Pushing stage for an hour
  • Un-planned c-section as baby was back to back & face up & wasn’t progressing during pushing.

How Willow entered the world

Willow 7

Willow 8

Willow 9


This is an extract from my full birth story: “After an hour of this, I did start getting back-to-back contractions again which were so intense I started to lose control of my breathing and calm. The doctor came at about 7pm to examine me and I was 10cm but not progressing even after pushing so we decided to go to the theatre to either turn baby manually via forceps to get her out via c-section. We used ‘BRAIN’ (benefits, risks, alternatives, intervention, nothing), and also baby had a couple of heart rate drops so it was an easier choice to make at this point for her.

I was taken to the theatre at about 7:30pm and prepped for surgery where there were lots of people. I was shaking uncontrollably my body was a mess after being in the hospital from Monday 4pm as well as all the adrenaline. After another examination from the doctor during a contraction, they could see that they were unable to do the forceps delivery because the baby was still high up (& stuck) so we all agreed to the c-section, and very quickly everyone prepped for that. They used the epidural tap to numb my body and it was a blur of checking the effects with cold spray, Chris getting into scrubs, signing consent forms etc. The team also had a handover during all of this so it was hectic but they kept us as calm as possible and one of the team members got me warm towels to lay on me which was lovely.

At 8:14pm willow was whisked out of the sunroof and very quickly we heard her cry, and she was healthy and well. She was pretty exact to what the growth scans said, and measured a very healthy 8lb6!”


Willow new born

Willow 2 months party dress

Willow 10 at 2 months

Becoming a mummy

Willow is now 2 months as I am writing this blog and it’s been the fastest 2 months of my life. It feels so fast yet at the same time like we have weirdly always had her. The first few weeks of adapting to life as a mum was really challenging. With the combination of hormones, emotions, section recovery, and everything that comes with caring for a new born, it was all rather overwhelming. We really have loved every day, although in each day comes new challenges. Now 2 months in I can honestly say becoming a mummy has been the best thing in my life. I didn’t get that instant feeling that is often described, instead, I feel like I connect and love her more each and every day. Seeing her first smiles, seeing her happy, and looking up at me is the best feeling. Something has clicked and I know what I am doing at last, ha! As well as Willow settling into life, her newborn days she was rather grizzly and uncomfortable.

We didn’t have an easy journey to conceiving, which you can read more about in this blog post or watch my story on my channel here. So I know we are so so blessed and I count my lucky stars every day. I look forward to all the milestones and special moments we are going to share together. Willow is our pride and joy