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Rainbow Themed Baby Nursery Decor & Life Update

  • Paige
  • November 16, 2021

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I blogged! If you follow me over on Instagram or YouTube then you would already know I am expecting my first baby. I realised I never hit ‘publish’ on my 2021 goals blog post at the start of the year but I just read it back to myself and it’s mad to think so many things have come true for me. In this blog post, I thought I’d write a little life update as well as show you our finished Nursery Decor. Continue reading to find out more about our rather intense year and see our beautiful nursery.

Life update: Trying for a baby

Back in January 2020 my husband and I started officially trying for a baby. I was in remission from my Crohns Disease and it felt like a good time for us both health-wise and in our life stage. There were many things we knew would be needed to be sorted as well, like buying a house and things like that but the biggest priority was my health. I’d had many specialists tell me that it was a good time because of regular Crohns complications. Before embarking on trying I just assumed it would maybe take a few months but I was so wrong.

Flash forward to January this year 2021 and things were still not happening. My health had been amazing all of 2020 despite the pandemic, but it took a blip in December and I was hospitalized for a blockage. It was then I really struggled mentally with the lack of getting pregnant and how long it was taking. I’d had had some blood tests and scans done in September 2020, all of which were coming back as normal. I knew in order to get through this period of my life I needed to seek some therapy and help. I really started to focus on my self-care, mental health, and focusing on other things. It was really hard some days but I powered through it and am so glad I invested in therapy.

Finding out we are pregnant

Then to my surprise, as I was still recovering from the Crohns flare, I fell pregnant in Feb/March. I found out at 4 weeks because I didn’t come on my period so I took a test and it was positive! I always knew that the universe had a path for me, even if at times I felt like things weren’t ever going to happen. Finding out was both surreal and incredible, no one can prepare you for that feeling. From that moment things happened super fast for us. We knew we wanted to buy a house this year but we slowly came to the decision to buy back in Portsmouth where I am from and where my family is. So whilst dealing with early pregnancy, we also started searching for a house in April.

Buying a house

People often say the 3 most stressful things you can do are get married, have a baby, and buy a house and we just so happened to do 2 at the same time. It was never ‘planned’ this way but all happens for a reason. Shortly after the lift in covid restrictions in April, we were able to start our search and found a lovely house in Portsmouth. As first-time buyers, it all happened really quickly, as the sellers also had no chain. We completed the property sale by the end of June and moved in officially in July!

Timing-wise it couldn’t have been better to be honest, because since moving in we have re-decorated all of the bedrooms including the baby room. We had to get them all re-plastered because of textured Artex walls and old carpets etc. Now that we are settled in and the rooms are slowly getting there it feels amazing. It’s finally sinking in just how fortunate we have been this year with everything and I feel very blessed.

Nursery Decor

Our Nursery Decor theme is a mixture of nature and rainbows with some added Winnie The Pooh items as well. I wanted the room to be neutral but also have elements of feminine touches with flowers. I chose to keep most of the walls white for ease of redecorating in the future but painted an accent wall in a blush pink neutral shade. The paint used is from Lick, which is a fabulous brand I used also to create a rainbow mural wall.

The rainbow mural was definitely a labor of love but I am so happy with the final outcomes. I brought in some of the colors into the room as well like mustard yellow and mint green. Below I will list the items and where they are from for ease of finding them if you’re interested.

Nursery Decor

Nursery Decor


Rainbow Wall – Pink 02, Pink 03, Yellow 03, blue 08, blue 09 Lick paints in the shades  

Yellow Arm Chair – The Range

Winnie The Pooh cushion & other Winnie the Pooh decorations, Rainbow half rug  – Primark Home

Furniture set – Silver Cross Finchley set from Direct For Baby

Mustard Basket and a neutral large rug – Kidly

Teal curtains – Amazon

Rainbow blanket, pod, and changing mat – Ickle Bubba

Macrame Mirror – George at Asda

Flourish Print –

Floral print – Daisy Digital

Alphabet print, pastel felt drops bunting, Punch needle plush, sunshine flag – All handmade

Thanks so much for reading this blog post and I hope you enjoyed seeing the outcome of our baby girls’ Nursery Decor.