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4 Ways to Make the Most Of Winter Walks

  • Paige
  • December 1, 2020

One of my biggest loves is being out in nature, but getting out when it’s cold can be challenging. I thought I would pop together some of my favourite ways to make the most of Winter Walks. In this post, I talk about Winter fashion perfect for walks, including my new Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots. Keep reading to find out more.

Paige Joanna Dr. Martens Winter Walks

Winter Style

When heading out for a walk in winter the first thing to do to make the most of getting out is to layer up. I’m a big fan of oversized coats, snuggly cardigans over dresses, and tights with boots. For a while now I have needed a new pair of boots that will keep my feet warm in winter but also look styling and last for years. Dr. Martens are renowned for their boots and for having the reputation for lasting years and years. I really love the Chelsea Boot style, so I went for these dark brown 2976 Alyson DM’s Wintergrip Chelsea Boots. They have a faux fur lining which I have tried and tested and my feet stay super warm even on frosty days!

Wearing my Dr. Martens makes me feel like any outfit looks cool, even on the coldest of days. I can walk comfortably and stay warm meaning I can get out whatever the weather. These boots will last me for years as well so I know I can really make the most of them.

Change up your route

I’m definitely a creature of habit but I have found with all the walks I am doing this year, it’s definitely good to change up the route. Keeping the walk fresh by seeing new places makes it more interesting and fun. Experiencing new places is more rewarding and even in winter, there are always beautiful things to see. Look for signs of winter wildlife like Robins, enjoy the last of the autumn colours and the atmospheric air when foggy or misty outside. Winter may be dark with shorter days but there is also so much beauty in nature if you look closely and explore different places.

Paige Joanna Winter Walks

Paige Joanna Dr. Martens

Paige Joanna Sister Jane Coat

Practise Mindfulness

You may have seen my blog post all about my Mindfulness journey, well walking is great for this as well. There are plenty of free walking meditations online and I love popping my headphones in and experiencing a moment of calm. Walking meditations can really help your mental health but in winter they can also be a distraction for really cold days. Wrap up really snuggly and meditate whilst in nature and you will come to realise how therapeutic it feels. A good beginner’s technique is to go through the senses so the feel of your feet on the floor (especially in the warm snuggly Dr. Martens boots), the feel of the air on your skin, the smells around you etc. Practise that for 5 or 10 minutes of your walk and see how you feel.

Meet a friend

This can be a tricky one if you don’t live near anyone or of course the recent rules of lockdown. However, if you’re reading this during the current rules or later, we can socialise with a friend on one on one basis. Meeting a friend for walks can be a lovely way to socialise even during the winter months. You may not be able to stop for picnics like you would in the summer, but a long walk, stopping for coffee or just simply chatting whilst walking can be really lovely. I think this year has taught us how much we can take for granted the simple act of walking and meeting friends. Finding joy and making the most of these times even in winter is what simple pleasure is all about.

I hope you liked my little insight into making the most of winter walks. I know the cold weather can really hinder the desire to get outside but once you wrap up warm, and get moving you can learn to appreciate nature in all seasons. Showing gratitude for the beauty in nature around us even in the winter months, much like the seasons of our emotions, thinks ebb and flow. Thank you for reading.