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Yellow Daisy Handmade Wilder Dress

  • Paige
  • July 31, 2020

Oh hello summer, we meet again! I’m loving sewing together my dream wardrobe and in this post, I have a lovely Yellow Daisy Handmade Wilder Dress. The Wilder pattern is from Friday Pattern Company and is one of my favorites to make and wear. Continue reading to find out more.

Yellow Daisy Handmade Wilder Dress

Paige Joanna Yellow Daisy Handmade Wilder Dress

Paige Joanna Yellow Daisy Handmade Wilder Dress yellow daisy print

I had the vision to make a floaty yellow maxi dress this summer. I came across this gorgeous daisy fabric on Sew Me Sunshine a few months ago and snapped it up. It sold out pretty quickly which is not surprising, so it’s so lovely and eye-catching. I’m not 100% sure about the fabric type but I think it is a very lightweight cotton. I purchased 3 meters so I would have enough to make a long dress. The Wilder dress pattern is lovely for several reasons. It’s easy to sew together in a day, the fit is oversized so great for hot days and it’s necktie make it look feminine and pretty. I’m so pleased with the finished dress, it’s exactly what I was hoping for. The fabric is slightly sheer so I need to wear a slip under it, but luckily I had one from another dress I could use. If you are looking for a dress that is easy to sew, doesn’t require any fit adjustments then this is a great choice. I’ve made a few now in various lengths, but the 2 tiers make it look expensive and more on-trend.

Yellow & Daisy Print For Summer

Paige Joanna Yellow handmade dress

Yellow has won my heart this summer, it’s now one of my new goto shades. I used to avoid yellow when I had bright red hair because it wasn’t a great combination. Now I have blonde orange hair, it looks really cute. You can’t go wrong with yellow clothing in summer, it just sums up a sunny day. The best part of wearing such a bright shade is feeling happy, you can’t be unhappy in a dress like this. Swishing around with the 2 tiers, daisy print, and floaty fabric makes it a delightful dress. Let me know on social media if you decide to make the Wilder, I’d love to see your makes. You can find me on Instagram at @paigejoannaa