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Happy Fabric HQ & Heat Press Vinyl Wifey Trainers DIY

  • Paige
  • March 18, 2019

Happy Fabric is an amazing heat transfer vinyl company also selling heat press machines. I visited their head office for the day to make some fun crafts and take over their Instagram Stories. The day was so much fun and I thought I would share a little bit more about it here. Keep reading if you would like to hear more about Happy Fabrics and how we made some awesome wifey trainers and Mothers Day gift.

Happy Fabric

Happy Fabric is a company that specialises in Heat Transfer Vinyl. The concept is super simple, you cut out shapes and you iron onto fabric, easy peasy. They offer a huge variety of different styles of vinyl from flex, glitter, flock and loads more. Not only do they sell a huge variety of awesome vinyls you can craft with but they also sell heat press machines. They range from perfect home sized to studio professional large sized ones.

I am excited to see what more is to come for Happy Fabric as they already post amazing content on their Instagram account. It was fun to visit HQ and see where all the magic happens. The studio is bright, fun and the team are so lovely. I highly recommend going and seeing them at shows they exhibit at or messaging the team if you have questions.

Wifey for lifey rainbow star trainers

To make the below trainers we needed Happy Glitter sheets in an assortment of colours. I wanted to create a rainbow effect with the stars so picked out the Happy Glitter in green, purple, blue, pink and orange. For the text, I chose a bright yellow gold and we used the Silhouette Cameo to cut them out.

All you need is a pair of trainers, these ones are super cheap from Primark. You need Happy Glitter Vinyl in the shades mentioned above, scissors, weeding tool, Star cutter, cutting mat, Silhouette Cameo, Iron, heatproof paper and a tea towel.

How to make:

Start by measuring the trainer and working out how big you want the letters to be. We used the Sillouette so we could make fancy scroll like letters. Once cut using the machine, weed off any excess vinyl. Cut out lots of little stars using the star cutter and you probably need about 8 per colour. Before cutting them remove the top layer of protective plastic as this can get stuck in the cutter.

Once the vinyl has been prepped, heat up an iron and place a tea towel in the show to protect your hands from heat. Carefully place on the items where you want them and iron on. Hold the iron on for 10-30 seconds. Once you iron the vinyl in place, peel off any protective film from the text.

Happy Fabric Wifey Rainbow Star Print Trainers Sneakers

That’s it! The Happy Fabric Vinyl is so easy to work with and there are endless possibilities to what you can make. We had an amazing day making these trainers and a Mothers Day gift I will share in my YouTube video. Go check that out and make sure to let us know what you think. You can find me and Happy Fabric on Instagram for more crafts.