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A Slogan T-Shirt Love Affair | Thrift Made Fun

  • Paige
  • February 21, 2019

It’s time for a Thrift Made Fun guest post. This is the first post of the series written by a guest editor, welcome Hannah from Paloma in Disguise. If you fancy an easy DIY to snazz up an old or thrifted t-shirt then keep reading. Hannah creates a Slogan T-shirt, feeling the romantic vibes after Valentines day.

My Inspiration

Thrift Made Fun Guest Post - Slogan Tshirt

On Sunday I fell into the trap of watching countless episodes of Friends on Netflix. I’ve found that this is no longer a rare occurrence since they automatically play the next episode until it suddenly cuts out to ask if you’re still there. To check if you’re still there and whether it’s possible that anyone is able to watch 57 episodes of Friends in a row. I can as it turns out. Since I started my Friends binge on Sunday on Episode 1 of Season 1, I was transported back to 1994. This was a time when Monica was wearing braces with a tank top, Phoebe had bungies in her hair and Rachel looked effortlessly cool in everything. From short tartan skirts to Slogan t-shirts, she can pull off all the looks in the world.

Although I fell in love with all of Rachel’s outfits, there was one that inspired me to get myself off the sofa to create my own. She wore a casual Slogan t-shirt with ‘USA’ across it, which got me thinking that I could upcycle more of my plainer t-shirts with slogans. As Valentine’s day is just around the corner I thought I would get a little sentimental. I dug out one of my plain t-shirts, which I bought for 99p in my local charity shop, found some offcuts of fabric I’d picked up on eBay and got ironing. With minimal effort (no sewing), this is such an easy way to upcycle a plain second-hand t-shirt into something a little more exciting

What you need:

  • T-Shirt 
  • Fabric for the Letters
  • Heat n Bond Iron Ultra on Adhesive (Ensure it is the Ultra Heat n Bond in the red packaging as this one does not require sewing. I picked up mine from Hobbycraft)
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Pins
  • Paper
  • Ruler


1. Split your paper into rectangles. The size of the rectangles depends on how large you would like your slogan. I made my rectangles 3cm wide by 4cm in height.

2. Write out the word with a letter in each rectangle. This is going to be the stencil for the slogan. 

3. Cut out the letters. Position and pin your paper letters onto the coloured fabric. Ensure that, if you’re alternating the colours of the letters, that you don’t have two letters which are next to each other in the word together on one of the coloured fabric.

4. Cut out your fabric letters.

5. Lay your fabric letters onto the bumpy side on the Heat n Bond. Iron these letters onto the Heat n Bond. 

6. Cut out around the letters (now stuck to the Heat n Bond).

7. Peel the paperback of the Heat n Bond off. 

8. Mark the center front of your charity shop t-shirt with a pin so you can align the center of the slogan with this. Position where you want the letters and press. And that’s it. A no-sew way to upcycle a charity shop t-shirt into a slogan t-shirt.

I hope you enjoyed my guest post on Paige Joanna today, as part of the Thrift Made Fun series. You can check me out on Instagram here and also stay tuned for more craft posts on Paige’s blog.