Paige Joanna


Wedding Photobooth Ideas with Instax

  • Paige
  • October 27, 2018

I can’t believe our wedding day is now only 6 months away. Planning is well underway and most big things are all ticked off. I have started looking at decorations and smaller details to the day. As I love making and crafting things I have decided to put together my own photobooth on the day. Here is a post all about Wedding Photobooth Ideas with Instax. I hope you enjoy it and get inspired for your own big day.

Instax Cameras

Since I was 16 I collected film cameras and got my first Instax on eBay when I was in college. I’m a very sentimental person so would often buy the film and take photos of my family and friends for albums and scrapbooks. I knew even before I got engaged I’d have Instax cameras at our wedding. Capturing memories instantly in that moment is why I love them. With the Instax mini cameras, there is no editing, you snap a photo and out comes a memory.

Having them at a wedding is a fun thing for guests to do, especially with a photobooth backdrop. My plan is to have 2 cameras, lots of film and a scrapbook for guests to write messages and stick in their photos. It’s not a new concept at all but one I’ve enjoyed for most of my life.

Wedding Photobooth Ideas

A photobooth is a fun activity for guests to enjoy. I love when there are props, wigs, funny hats, and others amusing things to take photos with. You can hire photobooth companies now that have an array of wacky variations. I want to create my own backdrop and bring my own props to keep the costs down and make it more personal.

I have saved lots of ideas from Pinterest that I have been inspired by. I’ve put a few of my favourites together below but there really is huge amounts of possibilities to suit your wedding theme. It is super easy with Instax cameras to create a photobooth area at a lower cost than hiring one!

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired for your wedding day. It can easily be achieved on a budget and I’ll be making a lot of my decorations including the photobooth backdrop.