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Living Room Home Decor

  • Paige
  • September 30, 2018

Back again with another home decor blog post. You may have seen my bedroom decor post a few weeks ago, which talked about rental properties and making it feel like our own. This time I am showing my Living Room decor and the details that have gone into it. I am loving our new place it’s starting to come together and feel like a long-term place for us. Keep reading to see more.

Living Room Decor

Our living room is fairly small in size and because of the front door and hallway, we only have a small area to work with. That being said it really feels cozy but still bright and airy at the same time. When we moved in the walls were a kind of blue lilac shade and quite dirty. We literally painted the walls off-white the day we moved in and it’s a vast improvement to how it looked. The main focal point is the fireplace with Alphonse Mucha (my favourite artist) tiles that were already there. The room is more functional over stylish but I like it that way. The decor is white, grey with a hint of blue, mustard and orange. In the near future I would love an armchair in a mustard or duck egg blue shade but that will happen in a few months. The rug gives the room a cozy feel and suits the Victorian style windows and fireplace perfectly.

The details

Everything in our space is sentimental or there because we like it. The Starwars artwork on the wall was a gift from a friend who studied Illustration with us at Uni. Even the little crochet characters my aunty made for us. I love having quirky things dotted around that you wouldn’t notice unless looking closely, like the bear on a bike.. random but cute! The Eiffel Tower ornament is from our stay in Paris when Chris proposed so reminds me of happy memories. We love burning candles all year round and I often buy these to match the decor. Then lastly little faux potted plants dotted around to give the room a sense of vitality.

Chris and I love greenary and house plants so we filled the space with small and larger ones to bring it all together. Although we love and prefer real ones, the large on by the fireplace is actually a faux plant from Matalan Home. Below I have listed any current items available to purchase but most things have been made or thrifted. That is how I love my home decor, it shows off our personality and doesn’t conform to usual decor trends.

Shop the look:

  • Rug – Wayfair
  • Large Faux Plant – Matalan Home
  • Glass Pineapple Tea Light Holder – Debenhams
  • Blue Jug – Wilko
  • Blue Fluffy Cushions – Wilko