Paige Joanna


4 Easy Festival Fashion Up-Cycle Ideas

  • Paige
  • April 22, 2018

It’s finally sunny outside which means Festival season is on its way. This blog post has 4 easy Festival Fashion Up-Cycle Ideas that anyone can create. The 4 items are thrifted from charity shops and can easily be found yourselves. Each idea includes a few items you will need extra which are listed below. Continue reading if you would like to see the ideas with before and afters as well as a DIY video.

DIY 1 – White Jacket

Want something bright and colourful but can’t find the exact thing in mind? Then make it by dying something yourself! I got a white cotton jacket and some Dylon powder colour in ‘Sunflower Yellow’. The video shows how I achieved this look and it’s not as hard as you would think. Make sure the item is made from a natural fabric as man made fabrics don’t absorb the colour dye in the same way.

DIY 2 – Denim Shorts

Everyone owns a pair of denim shorts you can up-cycle or simply cut a pair of old jeans! This technique is so simple I don’t understand why more people don’t do this to make their clothes sparkle all the time. All you need is a selection of gems, I get mine on eBay, some good fabric glue and that’s it!

DIY 3 – Lace Kimono

A kimono is a great item to sling on over any outfit. To make it more fun and colourful for a festival it can be easily done with pompoms, trim and ribbon. For this DIY all you need is a needle and thread, pompom trim, ribbon and pompoms. As you will see in the video it’s really easy to make this kimono have a new lease of life.

DIY 4 – Denim Jacket

The tassel jacket has become a staple for festival season with many brands creating versions. It really is so easy to make with a few easy steps. You need some tassel trim, I got this from eBay if you search Christmas tinsel or party tassel trim. As well as the trim you need scissors and a hot glue gun.

Watch the video tutorial on my YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoyed these easy Festival Fashion Up-Cycle Ideas. All 4 is so simple to create yet so effective. If you create something based on these ideas then make sure to share it with my hashtag #PaigeJoannaDIY as I would love to see.