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DIY Family Frame Gift Idea

  • Paige
  • November 27, 2017

If you are struggling for a gift idea then this DIY Family Frame is perfect for you. It’s a great personal idea for someone who has everything. The materials don’t cost much at all and is easy to make. Using Fuji Instax photos looks best but you can also print some normal photos for the DIY. Overall it’s a special gift that shows care and consideration over any shop brought item.


  • Photo frame – Poundland £1
  • Scrabble Tiles – Ebay
  • Fuji Instax images or Prints
  • Sellotape pads
  • Scissors
  • Brown Paper
  • White Card
  • PitStick

Step 1

Cut your white card to the size of the photo frame measurements. The poundland frames are just slightly smaller than A4. Once cut to size remove the glass panel from the frame as you wont need that due to the scrabble pieces.

Step 2

Once the white paper backing is done you can cut the brown paper to size. Place your instax pictures on it and mark in pen where you need to cut. Leave about a 1cm edge around the images. Once the brown paper is cut to size glue on your instax pictures with pritt glue.

Step 3

To glue on your family scrabble tiles use Sellotape tabs as they stick really well and make them slightly more 3D. I placed them straight at the bottom but you can place them diagonally or at the top, whatever you prefer. Once they are stuck on you can put the finished picture in the frame. To stop the picture slipping inside, put a bit of tape on the corner inside to keep it in place.

Family Frame

It’s a really simple DIY to make yet a lovely example of a personalised gift that someone would love. I made this for my Mum who I know will love adding it to her decor. It would work just as well with printed images but the instax shots are a great size for it. They also suit the shabby chic look to match the scrabble tiles. I hope you like it, would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you make this please share with my hashtag #PaigeJoannaDIY