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5 Fillable DIY Christmas Glitter Bauble Ideas

  • Paige
  • November 12, 2017

Getting into the festive spirit with the first craft post of the Christmas lead up. If like me you enjoy lots of colours on your tree, you’ll love these DIY Christmas Glitter Bauble ideas.


Paige Joanna DIY Christmas Glitter Bauble ideas Poundland pompoms

The beauty of this DIY tutorial is that the items you need are all optional. I have put together a list of things I used in my filled baubles. In the 5 different baubles, a few items overlap but they all have their own individual look.

  • Glitter: This can be left over pots from festival season, or craft glitter as that’s cheaper.
  • Pompoms: Various shapes and sizes are in the tutorial. The large fluffy pink one is from Tiger, mini ones from Hobbycraft and white iridescent are from Poundland. Not all items have to be expensive, Poundland and other cheap home stores have great Christmas craft items.
  • Glue Gun: This mini pink one is from Hobbycraft but you can get the replacement glue for £2 in Tiger. I always recommend using a heat proof mat and having extra glues as they run our quickly.
  • Tinsel Tassel: Paperchase do amazing trims for present wrapping however they are far too pretty just for being ripped open. The tinsel and light trim are both from the wrapping section and make amazing decor for these baubles.
  • Gems and sequins: You can get a selection from all craft shops and they look great for catching the light and sparkling!
  • Scissors

DIY Christmas Glitter Bauble | CRAFTY IDEAS:

Paige Joanna DIY Christmas Glitter Bauble ideas Gems Ebay Paige Joanna DIY Christmas Glitter Bauble ideas Pink Paige Joanna DIY Christmas Glitter Bauble ideas Paper Chase Paige Joanna DIY Christmas Glitter Bauble ideas Tassel pompomPaige Joanna DIY Christmas Glitter Bauble ideas Paige Joanna DIY Christmas Glitter Bauble ideas PompomsPaige Joanna DIY Christmas Glitter Bauble ideas 

Here are some close up details of the combinations inside the fillable baubles where the trims can be put inside or glued outside. My favourite is the glitter and pompom combination as it’s fun but also pretty.


Check out my YouTube channel to see the DIY video or watch below. Let me know what you think in the comments and what one is your favourite? If you make them don’t forget to tag your creations using the hashtag #PaigeJoannaDIY