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He Proposed in Paris | My Engagement Story

  • Paige
  • February 22, 2017

So you may have already seen all over my social channels that Chris and I got engaged. It was a huge shock and also a relief that he finally popped the question. It’s been something I have wanted for such a long time, and I feel my dreams have finally come true. Many people ask me how it happened so I wanted to document the entire Engagement Story. The wonderful thing about the proposal is that our friend Cheryl was there… and filmed the entire thing! I will explain how below but it was a complete shock! I’m still looking down at my shiny ring and feel so overwhelmed and lucky to have met the love of my life.

Paris Engagement Story - Paige JoannaEngagement StoryEngagement StoryEngagement StoryEngagement Story

The Lead Up

The proposal was so unexpected but of course it was on my mind for over 2 years consistently. The way Chris got me off the topic was by telling me for months he was having money worries. We also had a serious talk over Christmas about how it wasn’t going to happen until we move this summer because of all the financial outgoings coming our way. He did an amazing job of throwing me off the scent. I actually felt a bit down because I knew I had to get over my desires for engagement.

My close friends will know how much I really wanted it. To me it was about the next stage in our relationship as well as the commitment to my best friend and love of my life. Especially as we have been together for 6 years. My brother got married in 2014 and my triplet sister is getting married this summer, so this definitely made it harder for me to forget. I did eventually get myself over it, I just wanted to enjoy life each day as it comes. Our trip to Paris was approaching and part of me hoped for it but I felt almost certain is wouldn’t happen.

Engagement Story

Engagement StoryEngagement StoryEngagement Story

All day we wandered the streets of Paris, exploring like typical tourists. It was my first ever visit to the city and I was so excited I didn’t have time to consider a proposal. After an hour nap back at Cheryls we decided to head out for an evening walk to go on The Big Wheel (La Grande Roue). Me being my typical self was vlogging away, excited to see the sights of Paris by night. Little did I know the whole thing had been set up by Chris and Cheryl.

We started walking across the Pont De La Concorde bridge and Chris asked Cheryl to take a photo of us. I thought it was weird because Chris never likes having his picture taken but went along with it. As you will see in the video, I soon realise Cheryl is filming and go to give Chris a kiss. When I turn around I notice him getting something out of his inside pocket and then the rest is just a blur of emotions.

He didn’t have a speech or anything prepared it was as simple as ‘will you marry me’ and of course I said yes. After much squealing like a pig and hugging it finally happened, we got engaged! I am such a hopeless romantic and so happy he made me wait for the perfect moment.

Paige Joanna Engagement Story Paige Joanna Engagement Story ParisPaige Joanna Engagement StoryEngagement Story

Happily Ever After

Now I am happily in my engagement bubble, it’s so nice to hear everyone congratulations. I already have a Pinterest board (of course) and lots of ideas in mind. I’ll be sharing the planning process on my blog because I love organising, crafting and lifestyle posts. I really hope you guys love seeing what I get up to for our wedding day. It’s been a pleasure to share the story on here and there will be many more happy memories to come.

Thanks again to Cheryl for being Chris’s partner in crime and helping him plan it, I’m lucky to have a friend like you. Chris, I can’t wait to become Paige Joanna Watts, I love you.