Paige Joanna

The #SaatchiSelfie Competition Exploring London

Coming soon to the Saatchi Gallery, a collaboration with Huawei to present From Selfie to Self-Expression exhibition. Opening on the 31st of March 2017, it will be the worlds first exhibition exploring the history of the selfie. Saatchi Gallery and Huawei have joined forces on a competition to coincide with the release of the exhibition. It’s to offer artists, photographers and enthusiasts a chance to show their most creative selfies internationally, and have their work exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, as part of the competition #SaatchiSelfie.


Living in London means it’s always great to check out new exhibitions. After seeing the release of the exhibition coming in March, I decided to get involved with my own photos. Exhibitions are great for bringing different people together to celebrate one theme. Selfies being celebrated as art is such a fun concept and I can’t wait to see the final images.

Selfies are an expression of ones self, whether they are edited, sharing a make up look or just for fun. We curate and post what we want others to see. It has become a huge part of modern day living, with mobiles all having amazing cameras to take photos on. Social media is continuing to grow as well as online influencers and bloggers meaning the selfie is even more prominent than ever before.

My Competition Entry:

My selfies are always a showcase of my hair, makeup and style, which shows on my social channels. The overall look is very colourful and bright as I always try to have fun with my pictures. It’s the enjoyment of being creative with photos that makes me enjoy taking them. Most people associate the selfie with people like Kim Kardashian and other celebrities. What I love is anyone can take a picture of themselves and convey whatever they want. Its a medium accessible to everyone meaning the variety is hugely vast. Below are a few of my selfies I enjoy the most so let me know what you think.

SaatchiSelfie taken on the Huawei P9

Photo taken on the Huawei P9SaatchiSelfie glitter eyesSaatchiSelfie competition Paige Joanna

The #SaatchiSelfie competition will be judged by a panel of renowned artists. 10 runners up will be chosen to win the latest Huawei mobile phone and the overall winner will receive a priceless photographic experience. The overall winner of the #SaatchiSelfie Competition will be announced at the show’s launch in London on 30th March 2017. It is definitely not to be missed especially if you live in London. The competition opens for submissions on Monday 23rd January meaning you can submit your own selfies. All details can be found at