Paige Joanna

How to Get the Perfect Christmas & Winter Presents

As we move from autumn to winter, the time of year when we start thinking about presents has come. Whether you are searching for everyone’s Christmas surprise, or are trying to find the perfect winter birthday gift, knowing where to start can be the hard part. All the shops are in full Christmas display mode, so the variety of gifts on offer is huge.  This can make the whole experience rather stressful. Don’t worry though, no matter if you are buying for 5 or 50, there are plenty of easy ideas for discovering unique gifts without breaking the bank.


Make it Personal

If you want your someone special to gasp in delight when they open their present, stay clear of the generic gifts. Bulk buying scarves or body lotions may seem a simple way to solve your present problems, but things may not end well when half your friends discover they have the same shower gel! Adding a small personal touch is all it takes to produce a beaming smile when the wrapping paper is removed and the gift is unveiled. Try putting presents in a lovely box (like photographed above) or get something personalised with their name.

Online Shopping

Nowadays, personalised shopping online has never been easier. There are so many sites for getting your ultimate personalised gift, none of which has to be ridiculously expensive. No matter who you are buying for, you can find exciting, different and innovative presents on the Internet alone. A photo album of the family to give to the grandparents, some personalised bath salts for Mum or comedy socks for siblings, the possibilities are endless and all available sat on the sofa with a cup of tea or coffee!

Get Crafty


How to make Sewing Jar DIY post.

If you are really tight on money, do not be afraid to get creative. Try your hand at some DIY and make your own presents. Whether you buy some fabric pens and decorate your own T-shirts or make your loved one a scrapbook of memories. It is important to include a little bit of you, so the person who receives the present knows it is coming from the heart and not a multi-pack of bubble bath!

Alternatively, do some research and buy an experience rather than an object. Money towards a day out is always a great option, as these experiences create cherished memories. Your parents would no doubt love to have some time to themselves on a luxurious spa day for two!

Winter Birthday Dilemmas


Blue Topaz Bracelet – Not on the High Street

If you are a winter baby, you will know the pain of having your birthday at this time of year. It gets swept up in all the festivities and Christmas and birthday presents often end up collected into one gift. My Nan has her birthday on Boxing Day so I have seen just how much it can effect her birthday. So, if you know anyone with this dilemma, do not forget that their birthday matters just as much as anyone else’s! How about getting your friend a present adorned with their November birthstone, which is the Topaz. Topaz gemstones come in many colours such as blue, yellow and pink. What’s more, Topaz symbolises true friendship, calm and balance so it couldn’t be a more touching present for your loved ones.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you know where to start this winter when searching for the perfect unique and individual gifts. You don’t want to see a frown on anyone’s face when they open your present! It is important to get something personal and unusual and make your loved ones smile this Christmas!!