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DIY Present Jars | Sewing Kit

  • Paige
  • November 27, 2015
Paige Joanna DIY Present Jars | Sewing Kit

Christmas is only around the corner now and with the craziness of Black Friday, I have decided staying home making hand made presents is a lot more fun and thoughtful. This DIY today is the first of 3 I will be doing in the style of present jars, they are so easy to re-create and there are so many things you can do with a jar to personalise a gift for someone. 
This DIY jar to to make a little sewing kit, perfect for friends who have just moved out, people who like crafting or family friends! Of course, I found some amazing inspiration on my Pinterest and I hope you can all agree this is a great idea to gift someone to make it mean more. Follow my simple steps and let me know if you decide to make something similar! Use the hashtag #PaigeJoannaDIY

 photo 1 paige joanna diy sewing kit tools_zpshbpan0py.jpg

What you will need:

– Scissors

– Black Pen (Berol Italic or Ink Pens are best)

– Contents of a sewing kit: You can buy one from pound land, or do what I did and make it up from various kits, including putting together a little bag of buttons. This is where you can be creative and personal to who it is for.

– Sequins

– Brown tag (Tiger)

– Gold ribbon (Tiger)

– Gold Stretchy String (Tiger)

– Glue Gun

– Jar (I chose a Kilner Jar from Sainsburies)

– Fabric, pins & stuffing for the pin cushion (not pictured)

 photo 3 paige joanna diy sewing kit sequins 3_zpscyazvu8t.jpg

1. Heat up your glue gun, I always use a projective mat while it’s on (so not to ruin any surfaces) you can use an old dinner table place mat. One heated, glue on your sequins around the jar.

 photo 2 paige joanna diy sewing kit lid_zpswkpldyws.jpg

2. Using the glue gun again, glue the gold ribbon around the lid of the jar.

 photo 4 paige joanna diy sewing kit pin cushion 3_zpsd6as57vb.jpg

3. To make the pin cushion, cut a circle leaving about an inch around the top of the lid. Get some stuffing and shape into a ball. Place the fabric, then stuffing, then the lid like in the photo above.

 photo 5 paige joanna diy sewing kit pin cushion _zpss6xbh3im.jpg

4. Use the glue gun again and carefully wrap the fabric round and glue in place. Be extra careful not to burn yourself or pull the fabric too much on one side, it is fiddly but take your time with this part.

 photo 8 paige joanna diy sewing kit contents 3_zpsbxxaqkqp.jpg

 photo 9 paige joanna diy sewing kit contents_zps7ehsrkxo.jpg

5. Put the sew kit contents into the jar, being aware of placement and what will look good from the outside and looking into the jar.

 photo 6 paige joanna diy sewing kit tag_zpsf1p5hjn0.jpg

6. Write on the tag ‘sewing kit’, you can decorate however you like, or put their name on the tag. I opted for a simple dotted design to look like stitching. 

 photo 7 paige joanna diy sewing kit label_zps4xnr4hbp.jpg

7. Attach the gold string to the tag and glue to the inside top of the jar.

 photo 10 paige joanna diy sewing kit_zpscmnrznre.jpg

And that’s it! It is so simple to do and you can get really creative with your contents and decoration. I hope you enjoyed this DIY and if you decide to make something similar please post a photo and use the hashtag #PaigeJoannaDIY it would be great to see them. Have fun!

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