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Paige Joanna X Pigeon Wishes Summer Buttons Collaboration

  • Paige
  • May 25, 2022

Back back back again with a brand new product launch, I am super excited to share with you. Introducing the new Paige Joanna X Pigeon Wishes Summer Buttons collaboration. This launch includes larger and smaller size buttons inspired by my favourite things in nature. Continue reading to find out more.

Summer Buttons

I wanted this collection to be inspired by my love of nature but specifically the things that bring me joy. There is a mixture of colours and shapes so I thought I’d break down my thoughts behind each design.

Willow: Staring with the Willow button because this one has the most sentimental meaning to me. First off my baby girl is called Willow, because we named her after my love of the William Morris Willow print (Willow tree leaves) and my favourite character in Buffy The Vampire Slayer! It’s such a pretty name and I knew I always loved the name Willow before we even got pregnant with a baby girl. I really wanted a shirt size sage green tone button and this resin was absolutely perfect. It’s a lovely marbly effect without being too plain or fussy, for those who like something a little more simple than my other designs.

Ophelia: The Ophelia button is a larger jacket and cardigan size button (25mm) in an abstract rounded shape. It has a gorgeous speckled/marbled effect with colours of greens, white, and lilac tones. I instantly thought of one of my favourite paintings; the Ophelia by John Everett because of the colours and wildflowers being all different shades. It’s a gorgeous statement button that would look fabulous on a jacket, shirt, or cardigan, especially against a lilac or green fabric.

Blossom Beauties

Next up are the Blossom Buttons in both the shirt size (15mm) and larger size (25mm)! The blossom is inspired by gorgeous spring summer blooms in shades of bright fuchsia and pastel pinks. I loved this stripe ombre tonal effect to the resin and when sketching up my ideas I knew I had to include a flower shape in this. It’s so exciting to have both sizes available in this style as well. Perfect for a cute quilted jacket or dress blouse.

Buttercup buddies

Last but not least, the Buttercup button which is a gorgeous bright yellow flower shape button also in the larger size (25mm) and shirt size (15mm)! The larger ones were part of my first original collection and sold out in a day, so I knew I had to bring them back again. I can’t wait to make projects using these buttons because they are so cute.

I hope you love the collection as much as I do! You can shop the buttons here on my Etsy store. Make sure to check out Pigeon Wishes for wholesale and follows us both on Instagram to see our makes using the buttons!

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