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5 Easy Crafts You Can Do From Home

  • Paige
  • October 18, 2020

With everyone spending more time at home, I thought I’d do an introductory blog post on crafts. Arts and Crafts are the perfect hobbies that can be done at home to stay busy and have fun. In this blog post, I talk about 5 Easy Crafts you can get started with to keep you entertained at home.

5 Easy Crafts

5 Easy Crafts

With lots more time at home this year, the crafting industry is on the rise. It’s so great seeing lots of people finding fun hobbies to do at home. For anyone considering picking up a new craft then I wanted to put together a list of my favourites. All of the crafts I enjoy can be achieved by beginners and are accessible by everyone. Finding something to devote your time towards whilst developing a new skill can be extremely rewarding in such uncertain weird times. Below are my suggestions and I have included a few images as inspiration with links to where to get my suggested materials.

Punch Needle Embroidery

Paige Joanna 5 Easy Crafts

Punch Needle is one of my newest crafts this year but one that I’m finding very satisfying. I have a YouTube video for beginners showing how to get started, which you can find here. It is a great craft that once you get the hang of the initial steps is really easy and pretty fast. I’m all about quick satisfaction with crafting so Punch needle is great if you want smaller projects that are easy to finish. You can create lovely textured pieces for wall art, cushions, applique, and lots more.

Things you will need to get started:


Another craft I love for rainy days indoors is scrapbooking. It is something you can really get lost in and find mindful moments in. I save up lots of lovely photos and when I am having a free afternoon I will get my books out, washee tape, papers, and glue and work on lovely pages of memories. You can be as messy or as neat and planned as you like. For me scrapbooking is an expression, almost like a diary! But there are lots of lovely scrapbooking inspiration on Pinterest which is great for ideas. Paperchase has the cutest scrapbooks to get yourself started.


For me, knitting is one of those activities I can only do in Winter. It’s great for the cozy, darker days when curled up on the sofa. It can be a challenging one to get started but there are lots of awesome beginner tutorials online. I mainly only knit in a straight line so I am not great at it, but it’s very therapeutic and I am hoping one day to be able to work a pattern. To get started try looking into the Wool and The Gang kits as it includes everything from the needles to the wool, so is a fuss-free way to learn.

Cricut Crafts

Cricut isn’t the cheapest crafting solution, as the machines come with a chunky price tag but are worth it. If you fancy yourself as a multi-crafter then this is a great option. From paper cutting, iron-on vinyl, fabrics, embossing, pens, and more – these clever machines can do it all pretty much. I love using mine to embellish projects with ease and add iron-on vinyl to t-shirts and other makes. Great for crafting gifts for people, as well as home decor. I have lots of tutorials on my YouTube channel with Cricut crafts, which you will find here.

To get started:

  • Shop the machines here, the Cricut Explore Air 2, Maker, or Joy
  • Cricut Tools
  • Materials – there is a lot of choices!
  • Watch my Cricut tutorials on YouTube for hints and tips.


Last but not least is crafting that is in a league of its own entirely and that is sewing! Sewing can be fairly intimidating as a beginner but you needn’t jump into sewing clothing or quilts. Why not take up some hand stitching like cross-stitch, you can get kits online. Or try sewing small pieces of fabric into little drawstring bags and gifting presents to friends in them. There are lots of things you can sew to keep busy. This year I have really found my groove with sewing and share a lot of weekly vlogs all about this that you can watch here. I love brands like Tilly and The Buttons for beginner-friendly clothing patterns as well as Friday Pattern Company.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 Easy Craft suggestions in this blog post. It’s the perfect time of year to start a new hobby and learn a new skill. It is good for the soul and makes you feel so many positive benefits like mindfulness, self-care, and satisfaction when you finish a make.