Paige Joanna

Great Lengths Hair Extensions | Before & After

I am so excited to share this blog post, as I went through a big hair change last week. Thanks to Great Lengths Hair I had a big transformation not only in length but with my colour. It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time so I can’t wait to share the process with you. Keep reading to find out more.

Great Lengths Hair

The lovely Lloyd at Skyler London Salon in Wandsworth spent over 5 hours in the salon doing my hair. The process was a long one but it really was such a huge transformation. We started off by lifting the red from my hair with a colour remover that doesn’t have any bleach in. That had to stay on my head for an hour and it worked amazingly well as most of the red was lifted. After that Lloyd lightened the midsection of my hair where there was slight residue with bleach but only for 15 minutes. Once washed off he added Ola Plex to my hair and began on the colour.

Lloyd is a magician with colour and worked his magic. In order to match the Great Lengths hair, we did a multi-tonal look of rose gold, light pink and ashy blonde. My root shade stayed natural and my hair had a combination of pinks and golds added. Once the colour was added my hair was dried to make sure it was as clean and dry as possible for the hair application.

Adding the hair was a really simple and fast process. Lloyd had another colleague help prep the hair making it a lot faster for us. The type applied is the GL Tapes, they don’t hurt and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Once they were in it was a case of trimming my hair to blend them in and then styling it.

Before & After

As you can see the transformation is incredible. Not only is the colour change fantastic but the length makes me feel amazing. I was so blown away by how 1 sitting I was able to feel so good in myself. For a while now I had been really struggling with my hair and I couldn’t have dreamed of something more beautiful. Great Lengths has reinstalled the confidence in myself I was missing and I can’t recommend them enough. If you are interested in tapes or bonds, please look for a salon that stock Great Lengths.

There is an element of aftercare involved with having Great Lengths hair. I have a special brush to use as well as shampoo, condition, deep conditioner, and ‘anti-tap-water’ styling spray. It’s very simple to follow and if you are into caring for your hair anyway then it feels pretty natural to use these products. I also braid my hair before bed so I can’t get any knots or matting around the tapes. Once you have decided to remove the hair, this can be donated to the Little Princess Trust. They are a charity that provides real hair wigs to children with hair loss.

Thanks so much to Lloyd for having me at Skyler London. I am so blessed and happy to have had this opportunity gifted to me. Great Lengths is 100% cruelty-free hair and trackable from the source. The quality is so incredible! Head over to their Instagram to see more examples. I hope you enjoyed seeing my transformation and hearing more about the process.