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DIY Wedding Invite Paper Cut Wrap | Cricut

  • Paige
  • September 3, 2018

Since getting engaged I knew I wanted to create wedding invites that both my fiance and I made. Chris is a graphic designer and created our perfect wedding invitations. I wanted to give them a special handmade quality so decided on a Wedding Invite Paper Cut Wrap to go round them. Using the Cricut Explore Air 2 I found the perfect wrap on Design Space that suited the style perfectly. They are really easy to make and the finished look is just what I wanted.

What you need:


  • A3 Card in your wedding colours, I went for pastel shades to match our theme.
  • Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Search ‘Rustic Save the Date’ on the Cricut Design Space for the wrap design
  • Cricut Weeder Tool
  • Light Grip Mat

Wedding Invite Paper Cut Wrap

On Cricut Design Space search the ‘projects’ tab ‘Rustic Save the Date’. Once you open the project you can edit it to delete the unwanted other layers of the pre-set design. I then resized the wrap to the right measurements to fit around an A5 wedding invite card. Measure the A5 card and then use the inch measurement tool on Design Space to get an accurate size before cutting.

I always cut a test piece now before going in with my more expensive papers, cards and vinyl to make sure the size and the cut setting is right. Make sure for cardstock you use a light grip mat so that the cardstock doesn’t rip off when removing it. Each piece was cut on A3 due to the overall size of the design and I use a longer cutting mat of 28 inches long. The cutting process took roughly 5/10 minutes for each one so depending on how many you need it can be quite time-consuming. The patience is worth it though because the end result looks fantastic. Having an element like the Wedding Invite Paper Cut Wrap creates an expensive, special and personalised look to the finished invite.

The design itself showcases our wedding theme of retro toys. Chris illustrated each retro toy in our wedding pastel shades. I love the earthy leaves he outlined the design by giving it a feminine romantic feel perfect for the wedding. I’m so excited to finish sending them to our friends and family.

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