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Wedding Bridesmaid & Occasion Wear Dress Ideas | House of Fraser

It’s nearly time for the big and busy wedding season to start. Every year recently the more weddings I have been invited to either as a guest or bridesmaid. The older I get into my mid-late twenties the more frequent and the more I need outfit inspiration. With this in mind I wanted to review a couple of amazing dresses from House of Fraser. Weddings can be a wonderful but also stressful occasion for anyone attending. To make it stress free in the fashion department this blog post will cover Bridesmaid and Occasion Wear Dress Ideas so you needn’t worry.

Guest Occasion Wear Dress

Attending a wedding as a guest can have all kinds of ‘what ifs’ attached to what you will wear. It all depends on the wedding theme, the location, if it’s indoor or outdoor and what the bridesmaids are wearing. Some brides are super relaxed about guest attire and allow practically anything you feel comfortable in. On the other hand they may be a little more restrictive (i’m this kind of bride) and have a few simple rules. And lastly you may have been set a theme of cocktail dresses, black dresses or some other super restrictive option.

Not to worry because no matter what the theme House of Fraser has so many beautiful dresses to choose from. For the benefit of this post I chose a gorgeous summer occasion dress. This pale blue lace number is ideal for an outdoor or indoor summer wedding. It’s extremely versatile and can be worn relaxed with simple sandals or dressed up with heels and a fascinator depending on the wedding theme. The style is very classic so it’s one to keep and wear to several occasions.

The best thing about this dress is it wont break the bank at the price of only £52. The only thing to bear in mind is bridesmaid colour, in case they are wearing pale blue (like at my wedding). So always check with the bride first or a relative of the bride to make sure it’s okay. It’s common courtesy to always check to avoid any awkwardness on the day.

Bridesmaid Dress

Paige Joanna Occasion Wear Dress Ideas

If you have the honour and luxury of being a bridesmaid then congratulations. This is a lovely experience but can also be a stressful one with dress choice. Thankfully House of Fraser also have a huge selection. Weddings now-a-days are a lot more informal with bridesmaid choice and can be anything from the classic maxi slim dress to skater style tea dress.

For this blog post I chose a beautiful lace skater style dress in a gorgeous dusty pink colour. It would be a lovely summer or even autumn bridesmaid dress style. If you are lucky enough to be able to choose your own bridesmaid dress then I highly recommend it. What is even better is the price again, especially if a few or even several of the dress needs to be purchased. It just goes to show you can have stunning dresses for your bridesmaids and you needn’t break the bank to get them. Make sure to check out all the other wonderful options House of Fraser has to offer.

Wedding do’s & Don’ts

When it comes to Occasion Wear Dress Ideas at weddings, there are always a few do’s and don’ts. Do check the wedding theme to make sure you don’t match the bridesmaids or wear white like the bride. Always do your research before shopping to make it easier, like potential weather or what others have worn to the venue. Don’t wear anything too bridal because you could upset the bride if you have a stand out dress on. Don’t assume something will be okay to wear, always check with the bride or even friends who are also going for peace of mind. Always make sure you check and overall don’t panic. Find something you feel great in that you’ll be able to dance and celebrate in comfortably. Whether you’re a guest or bridesmaid theres plenty to choose from House of Fraser. Let me know what you think of the two style I chose in the comments. Are there any other rules or things you keep in mind when choosing the perfect wedding guest dress? Let me know!