Paige Joanna

New Year, New Me & Positive Mindset

When this time of year comes around I always use it as a chance to reflect. With a New Year comes the chance for change and a Positive Mindset. I don’t know what it is about a change in number on a calendar that makes it easier to kick start motivation. If the New Year mindset always helps you make changes to better certain aspects of life, then why not! I see it as a really positive thing that we can see this time to reflect, change and better our mental health ready for the year ahead. In this post I want to reflect on this year, about becoming a ‘New Me’ and positive thinking.

Reflecting on what I have learnt this year

This year has been crazy and I feel like a different person to who I was this time 12 months ago. I went freelance in April and took my blog and social media skills further under my own management. I have truly learnt what it is to be a girl boss and earn a wage all by myself. As well as career changes I also stopped the Crohn’s injection I was taking in May and went back on tablet form medication. Although the transition and side effects have been tough I am technically now in remission! With any chronic illness it doesn’t ever go away and I still get bad days. Recently however it’s been so much easier to live with and I count my blessing everyday for this.

In February I got engaged to my amazing fiancé Chris and we started planning our wedding day. It’s definitely taught me even more about the meaning of love. You learn who your true friends are and just how sensitive weddings can make people. Plans are underway for our wedding in May 2019 and next year will mean even more planning and good times. I’m so excited to see what 2018 has to offer for me!

Positive Mindset for the New Year

It’s so important to me to start the new year with a positive mind set. Right now my health and anxiety is really good and I’m hoping to live to the fullest every moment i’m well. Even on bad days it’s important to try keep exciting plans in the forefront of your mind to not feel negative. I’m all about positive energy and trying to maintain that as you may have seen in my post about freelance work. A new year can be a chance to refresh your mindset which I personally think is a great thing. If this idea of a fresh start kicks off motivation, planning and ideas then go for it! For me I want to start by organising my work, my home and my wedding by having complete clarity with it all. Writing lists, having clear outs and making spread sheets are great ways to do this. It may sound boring to some, but it honestly feels so good once getting organised.

Mental Health and the new me!

Compared to this time last year my mental health is a lot better! I spent this year doing so many things to better myself with a career change, counselling and medical changes. 2017 had so many moments of joy and memories i’ll remember forever. It’s definitely shaped me into the women I am today and I feel more confident than ever before. Each day does sometimes come with it’s struggles but I am determined to go into 2018 with this same mindset. I hope to share the journey with you on my blog, YouTube channel and social channels and would love your support in the new year.

Images by Rebecca Carpenter Photography, hair and makeup by Charise at Totocaelo.