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Wilderness Festival 2016 with Accessorize

  • Paige
  • August 12, 2016

When I opened an email asking me to go to Wilderness Festival courtesy of Accessorize I couldn’t quite believe my luck. Having always admired and loved the brand it was a dream come true to collaborate with them on something as big as this. I took one of my triplet sisters with me, Robynne who loves festivals just like I do. We got kitted out with gorgeous clothes and Accessorize for the festival and headed into the Wilderness for a few days of music, dancing, food and sunshine!

 photo 14_zps3bmt4n6a.jpg photo 1_zpsvtvwgyua.jpg

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 photo 74_zpsymadcmdj.jpg

The festival itself was a lot more chilled than Secret Garden Party and was also more family orientated and a good mixture of ages. My sister and I had a really relaxing time, wandering around the different areas each day and residing in spots where there was fun music or entertainment. Wilderness is a very beautiful festival, with lots of arts, crafts and an array of meditation, yoga and exercise classes. You could really sense everyone’s attitudes being uplifted, I find festivals always give you such a feeling of freedom and happiness. The photos don’t even justify how serine the place was, I had barely any phone signal as we were literally in the middle of nowhere. The beauty of this festival is being able to get away from everyday life and live this beautiful, calm and fun lifestyle for a long weekend.

For my outfits I of course went all out with Accessorize goodies, with adornments of jewellery and clashing of colours. It was so much fun to go wild with details and make each look really unique.Outfit 1:

For the first evening I went for a really fun, bright and colourful outfit to go with the Kaleidoscope theme. The tropical swimsuit is amazing and fit so well, it was the first time in ages I felt good in swimwear. I clashed the prints with blue shorts and layered over a crochet kimono. For accessory details I clipped in 4 butterflies in my hair, layered up loads of colourful bracelets and wore a matching pink heart choker and earrings. This look was probably my favourite for the bright colours and fun details.

 photo 4_zpshra6ihoq.jpg

 photo 9_zpsbk3ltl7p.jpg

 photo 7_zpsfhsywe62.jpg

 photo 8_zpsh0flr2ih.jpg

 photo 12_zpsw5fpmggh.jpg

 photo 17_zpslaqttjxf.jpg

Outfit 2:
This look was so much fun to wear, with a bright bikini, clashing shorts and shiny black beach Kaftan cover up. It was quite low cut for me so I did the v shape up with a set of 3 brooch badges, matching them to the embellished bag. Finish the look with chokers, fun make up and matching bracelet.

 photo 26_zpdata-srcpvqx3l.jpg

 photo 29_zpsuzlm09a4.jpg

 photo 30_zpsmwgreopv.jpg

 photo 27_zpsb0hqmbtz.jpg

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 photo 37_zpsjdwqm7yx.jpg

 photo 33_zpsoehwzory.jpg

 photo 42_zps2lnvpbe8.jpg

 photo 43_zpslpr23ph7.jpg

Outfit 3:
For this look I went for a Boho feel, with a maxi dress and layered over a crochet kimono. I kept the colours prominently blues and golds, with the sandals details and snake print bag. For accessories I chose an oversized necklace, hair rings and layered up on silver rings.

 photo 51_zpsypmgjo6c.jpg

 photo 55_zpsa6qat63h.jpg

 photo 53_zpsxdshazjx.jpg

 photo 57_zpsopaqc4j3.jpg

 photo 58_zpsfb22qq8g.jpg


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 photo 60_zpsjptslegp.jpg

If you want to see more, here is my video vlog from the weekend:


Thanks so much again to Accessorize! I hope you enjoyed seeing my take over photos and more festival frolicking. Let me know in the comments what your favourite look is.