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How to Prevent Travel Anxiety

  • Paige
  • June 4, 2016
Paige Joanna | How To Prevent Travel Anxiety

Whether you are going away for a long weekend, city break or travelling for a few weeks there are times when a lot of us get travel anxiety. It effects me when I feel like I’m not in control or haven’t organised myself, I get nervous something will go wrong. For this reason I have decided to write a few tips on how I prevent my travel anxiety, in the hope it helps you also. 

1. Do your Research.

When booking a trip I find it helps to be knowledgable on the area; around your hotel, what there is to do, rough costs for meals and general things you can do whilst there. Research the best routes to take when getting public transport and just remember that all research is beneficial and it will just add to your trip being more organised and prepared on a location.

2. Pre-Book and Print!

Paige Joanna | How To Prevent Travel Anxiety Plan
With my up-coming trip to Rome I have pre-booked entries into some of the museums and travel cards, for example the Roma Pass. If you have done your research you will find most major cities have travel cards or tourist bookings to make life easier for us newbies. Once you book things like travel insurance and your boarding passes, make sure you print it all off. Put all your documents and prints in a plastic folder to keep them all safe, this can then be in your hand luggage so you can easily get to them when needed. I feel a lot more at ease when everything I need is organised and in on safe place. 
3. Plan an Itinerary.

Adora and I have had loads of fun researching online and looking at blogs, with examples of itineraries and best things to do. We have combined our research and inspiration to create a itinerary plan for the duration of our trip. This means we take full advantage of every day, know our travel routes as well as addresses of the places we are going and can therefore fit more in and do it without any anxiety. Pre-planning is essential when travelling somewhere new and keeping stress at bay.

4. Staying Pick Pocketer Proof.
When abroad (or anywhere for that matter) it may be likely that pick pocketing and thieves are a lot more common, especially on a city break where there are heavy crowded areas. A way to prevent anything getting stolen is to pack a smaller shoulder bag, and wear it around the front of you. Make sure the straps are heavy duty so they can’t be cut off, as well as thick fabric. Only take a budget of money per day depending on what you are doing and keep any other cash in your hotel room safe. Pack light, depending on your itinerary you can swap and change the contents of your bag according to where you are going, lessening your risk, so if anything does get stolen you know you have items back in the hotel to help you out. 

5. Public Transport.

If public transport is the thing that gets your stressed, like crowding, fear of flying or making your connections, best thing to do it give yourself plenty of time and don’t rush. Make sure you plan in advance what time your trains, flights and connections are and look up platform or gate numbers (if possible). Leave really early and take each step with ease, breathe through any anxiousness and calm yourself with the comfort of planning ahead and knowing where you are going. If their are unexpected delays try to remain calm and ask a member of staff for help on other options of travel. 

6. Other Tips!

– Just Breathe through any anxious butterflies
– Drink lots of water
– Carry a stress toy or suck on boiled sweets
– If it’s really bad don’t be afraid to seek help from staff on public transport
– Call a loved one
– Save some funny videos on YouTube to watch later and watch them to distract you

7. Calming Playlist.

Lastly, I have put together a small list of songs you can listen to that may help to calm your nerves if you like calming and happy music like me:

1. Fleet Foxes: Mykonos
2. Laura Marling: Ghosts
3. Bear’s Den: Sophie
4. First Aid Kit: Wolf
5. Sarah Jarosz: Build Me Up From Bones

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