Paige Joanna


My Crohns Journey

  • Paige
  • April 5, 2016
You may have seen a few years ago now, my post about having Crohns disease and explaining a lot about it. Since then a lot has changed. With a few flare ups and issues that have meant my day to day life can differ. I wanted to share my experience as I know a lot of people ask me questions and don’t always understand it.

My Crohns Video Update

Day to day I live a pretty regular and normal lifestyle. Meaning I work full time, I travel, I go see friends and I look forward to the weekends. Mostly life is smooth and uncomplicated, but then there are moments when Crohns comes back in full force.

A created a video explaining things in a lot more detail. It helps to say thing out loud and talk you through my journey.

Current Symptoms

The disease is invisible meaning it’s easy to overlook it everyday. For example I currently suffer extreme fatigue, after sleep I still feel un-rested. Each day I wake up with headaches and feel like a zombie. My body aches all day especially my arms and hands and I just feel overall tiredness. It’s been like this since my medication was increased a few months ago, side effects are one of the many luxuries I get the pleasure of dealing with.

The Future

Most days I wish I didn’t have to live with this and worry about the future. I want to have children one day and be strong enough to care for them but I worry I won’t be able to. there are days i’d love to be able to push myself but can’t.
It’s important to know its implications and daily effects for those suffering. It makes it easier for us when we aren’t judged by having it or made to feel guilty or sorry for letting people down or not performing to the highest degree.
It’s an invisible thing that often we are trying to get through and not let it define us.
This is my journey and personal story and it’s important to note that everyone who has Crohns is different and it effects us in many ways individually. You can hear more about the condition and my story in the video above.

Support the Charity

You can also support our charity #getyourbellyout – which is a fantastic group of people bettering the lives of Crohns and IBD sufferers by supporting research. It is also a fantastic community of like minded people I can turn to any time of day to ask questions, rant and support – our Facebook group really helps me.
I hope clears up any questions you may have had. It’s hard for me to structure it with information about every little thing so please let me know if you want to know anything more or specific. The video is quite long and detailed so it explains a lot more.