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Twenty Five Before Twenty Five

  • Paige
  • May 26, 2015
25 before 25 paige joanna
This week I was really inspired by Olivia’s post on her blog about 25 things she wanted to do before turning 25. Luckily for her though shes at the ripe age of 22 and has three years!! As you may already know from my social channels it was my birthday last week and I turned 24. So of course reading Liv’s post shocked me into thinking, SHIT I need to sort myself out and actually do some things worth remembering. So I jumped on board and wrote a list that may develop over the next year slightly but these are things I have wanted to do for a while. Would love your lists and comments below, and if you have already hit 25 then why not do a list before you’re 30 and so on!? Lets make the most of our hopes and dreams. 
So here is my list, some big things and some small and only 1 year to go.. So lets see how much I can do.
1. Take weekly Pilates classes.

I joined the gym a couple of months ago now and have taken one Pilates class there. I really enjoyed it but every time I go to book it is full up, so my aim is to keep trying and go weekly!! 
2. Eat my 5 a day.

As I joined the gym i’m trying to start off a healthier lifestyle, so I also want to start making sure I have my 5 a day! I’m enjoying a hipter smoothie in a jam jar right now haha, so hoping to add more greens to food.
3. Get out of my overdraft.
This dreaded minus bank balance that has been haunting me since I graduated has to go!! I have a year budget plan that will work (I hope). This may interrupt many things I have on this list due to being poor but a girl can only hope and dream (and work like a biatch to make more money). 
4. Go to Paris for the first time.
So this kind of contradicts the fact I want to get out of my over draft but i’m hoping to do this for my birthday next year, so will technically be before i’m 25 and a treat right at the end of my to do list!  
5. Buy a new bed.
Chris and I have a list of items we want for our new flat and for the future and we definitely want a new bed. A lot of our things are second hand and broken haha, so this would be great.
6. Buy a sofa.
I’d love love love some grey sleek and slightly retro sofa within the next year.
7. Try a new hair colour.
I’ve been dying to have raspberry pink hair for ages now but i’m too scared to bleece or strip my red hair to do it. It’s still a dream but hoping I am brave enough to do it!
8. Have a ring ‘put on it’.
OKAYY I know this is a bit of a strange one to have on the list but i’m not going to deny it that i’d love this to happen soon. I’m the happiest i’ve ever been and it’s all thanks to my boyfriend Chris and our new life together in London. 
9. Earn 25k by age 25. 
Soooo, again not in my power but I totally would love this to happen, so better up my game and prove my worth. 
10. Make my blog my second job.
I pretty much treat my blog as a second job already in terms of amount of time I put in! However, what i’d love is to earn an income from it (of course so does everyone). This means I want to improve the content and do things to the best of my ability. 
11. Travel the UK.
I only have my 16 – 25 rail card for another year so i’m going to make the most of it!!
12. Make items from my Pinterest craft board.
I always ‘pin’ the most amazing tutorials and DIY’s and my aim to make all my family and friends Christmas presents this year.
13. Buy a new Camera. (The Sony a5000L to be precise)
14. Say ‘yes’ to going out more.
I have a weird relationship with alcohol and to be honest it’s put me off going out. I went out for birthday drinks twice in one week and it’s made me re think it all. I had a great time and know if I drink in moderation and with water in between and lemonade etc I can have fun, be social and not worry all the time.
15. Spend a weekend at the seaside. (preferably in my hometown of Portsmouth or visiting my sister in Brighton).
16. Get another tattoo. (I have seen some amazing London tattooists and it’s just working out where on my body)!
17. Spa day with friends.
I have wanted to do this in FOREVER, it’s just the money but i’m going to keep an eye on group and just go for it!!
18. Sponsored chairty event.
I want to either do a run or a sponsored event all for charity.
19. Save up to go to New Zealand.
Okay so probably not before being 25 but it’s definitely on my list to save up for as my grandparents live out there.

20. Get back into making clothes.

21. Goto Kew Gardens.
I only live 20 minuets away now so I really want to go!! 
22. See a show at the west end. (hint hint I want to see Wiked).

23. Get all my family to visit me in London for a BBQ. 

24. Take my siblings somewhere cool in London! 
I kind of just want to go out with my two sisters and brother just us guys out in London exploring. 
25. Not be afraid to like myself for who I am.
I’m growing to cut the crap people put of my life, comparing myself a lot less to others and just embracing my weirdness!! I’ve become tired of feeling sad and this year before i’m 25 it’s time to enjoy being young and enjoy who I am. 
I hope you like my 25 things, what are yours!?