Paige Joanna

Vintage Mint Green Floral Dress

Really late to be posting I know but kept doing silly things and has taken ages to get round to posting my look today! It was my aunty’s birthday and this is what I wore, I was just going to wear the dress with the sandals but to my horror it had shrunk slightly in the wash so I gave it a vintage look with rolled up leggings. I don’t usually wear leggings, jeans or any type of trousers but it was a nice change to do so today. 
I am home now from visiting my boyfriend and I don’t know whether to be happy because I have had a great time or sad because I wont see him again now for 3/4 weeks, long distance relationships suck. Any one else going through the same sort of thing?
Sorry to side track off my outfit!
Hope you like what i am wearing and hopefully I can get back on track with my posts <3