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1 Year Wedding Anniversary! What I Have Learned in Marriage

  • Paige
  • May 10, 2020

I thought I’d write a blog post to celebrate mine and my husbands 1 year Wedding Anniversary. It’s gone so fast but also when I look back on the last year, so much has already changed. Being newlyweds is an incredible feeling but there’s so much I learned even in this first year alone. I wanted to share my experience on how the first year has been for us among the highs and lows of married life. Keep reading to find out more.

1 Year Wedding Anniversary | Post Wedding Blues

Right after our wedding, we were in post-marital bliss for a couple of weeks. We had my birthday and directly afterward went on our honeymoon. Everything seems so dreamy and honestly, I can’t explain it other than being on cloud 9. You get so many messages from friends and family, photos, videos, and all this post wedded bliss and feels from the day.

After getting back from the honeymoon and returning to normal everyday life, it was a shock. I personally found it really hard having all the build-up and love, then feeling like I had nothing to look forward to. The only way I can describe it is the feeling of not having a purpose anymore because the wedding planning was done. I spent 2 years planning this incredible occasion and it was stressful but exciting being a bride to be. On the wedding day, you’re in this crazy place where all your friends and family are in the same place for one day all showing you love and affection. After the big day, everyone goes back to normal it feels like no one cares. Reflecting on it now, I did find it hard to feel normal even though the only thing that had changed was a signed piece of paper.

Paige Joanna Wedding Anniversary

The Post Wedding Ups & Downs

Going through the post-wedding blues is very real and also feels wrong. Everyone expects you to be so happy as newlyweds and a huge part of me was. With this low mood, it impacted my mental health massively and I went through a sort of depression. Now I know its because I always need to have goals and a purpose in my life. Without the wedding day planning, I had to reset and make new plans. I started Mindfulness meditation which helped me understand it’s okay for life to slow down. It took a couple of months to go through the peaks and troths of emotions before I started feeling normal again. Chris was amazing at being there for me and supporting me through the motions. I had to go through it though and we both had to find a new dynamic between us, which is hard to explain it just feels different.

Getting Over Post Wedding Blues

Once I went through my soul searching and came out of the depression life began to make sense. With my new husband, my Mindfulness practices, and dare I say it.. new hair, I felt everything click into place. For anyone else going through this trust me when I say it gets easier. Don’t feel guilty about being down when you’re expected to be on cloud 9. We can’t explain our mental health and actually we shouldn’t have to. Depression is real and so are your emotions and once I let go of feeling guilty I could focus on getting better.

As I started to feel more myself again, I loved spending time with my husband and things felt like before but better. Being a husband and wife is so beautiful because you feel this deep connection and support from this person. I appreciate him every single day and feel so fortunate I share this life with my best friend. I know life is going to be a mixture of highs and lows but somehow we always get through them together. Chris makes me laugh every day and I think if you can get through the tough days it only makes the great ones even greater.

Things I Have Learned From Being Married

I thought this would be fun to write for any bride to be but also anyone who may be interested. Things I have learned this year being married;

  1. After the wedding day, just, because people aren’t messaging you as much, doesn’t mean you aren’t as loved.
  2. Husbands can’t read minds.
  3. Hinting never results in success, just tell them what you want/feel/etc.
  4. when people say marriage is about compromise, they really were 100% accurate!
  5. You will get through the hard days and you’re not a bad person for feeling down, don’t be guilty.
  6. Chris said, “you become an extension of each other, things just flow and you almost become like one person”.
  7. Everyone advises to not go to bed on an argument which I completely agree with. There are times though when you just need space and that’s okay also.
  8. Communication is key!

Happy Wedding Anniversary

So with that being said, I am loving being married. 1 year on and I feel like life has great balance. Even with daily highs and lows I have my best friends and husband by my side and I feel very fortunate. Marriage is never going to be smooth sailing all the time but learning to communicate it makes it a lot easier. I feel like in the years to come we have so much to look forward to and I am thankful. Here’s to 1 year of marriage on our Wedding Anniversary and so many more to come, it’s been a pleasure!

I hope you enjoyed reading this little personal lifestyle post. If you’d like to see more blogs like this then let me know in the comments. Or find me on social media, Instagram, and Twitter.