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Getting Back Into Sewing | Tilly and The Buttons Indigo Dress

  • Paige
  • January 7, 2020

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I started up sewing again last year. In the summer I modeled for the Tilly and the Buttons Indigo dress pattern. It was doing this and meeting the awesome ladies that work for the team that inspired me to take up sewing again, to make clothing. In this blog post, I talk about how I learned to sew, my motivations and my current favorite make; the Indigo Dress! Keep reading to find out more.

Getting back into sewing

I thought I would give my background in sewing as I haven’t blogged about this before. I learned to sew when I was young with the help of my nan and her sewing machine. After realising I had a passion for it I did my job experience in a dressmaker shop at the age of 14, with a family friend. I worked there until I was 17 and I absolutely loved it. Alongside working and learning, I took Fashion & Textiles as a National Btec Diploma in college. This combination of experience taught me everything I know but in recent years I let sewing slip and my machine grew dusty in the cupboard.

Sewing is like therapy for me, the same as painting. When I practice it feels good and I love re-connecting with those skills. Even though I spent years sewing and learning I have definitely got rusty. Sewing again is good fun and I am excited to practice more this year.

Indigo Dress

Indigo Tilly and The button Sewing Pattern

Tilly and the buttons Sewing Pattern

If you haven’t seen the Indigo dress pattern yet you can have a look here. I modeled for it in the summer of 2019 with an amazing team of people. After being inspired I decided to brush off the dust on my machine and sew again. Tilly and the Buttons patterns are super straight forward and I found the instructions really helpful. It wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be to get back into sewing. The style of dress has no buttonholes or zips making it a great choice for beginners. I created a practice toile first to get the fit right and learn the steps. Next, I then created the most amazing version using Ruby Star Society fruity print fabric in a soft cotton lawn.

As I got a little more confident with sewing I decided to make a neck bow and hack the bottom so add another layer. Now that I have started to build my confidence again I am so excited to make more. This year I plan on trying to make 1 new item each month. Stay tuned on my crafts tab to see my makes.Indigo Dress Sewing Pattern

Indigo Tilly and the buttons

Indigo Dress Sewing Pattern