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DIY Re-Usable Face Pads

  • Paige
  • November 15, 2019

As part of my Craftemeber Craft challenge on Instagram, day 15 is all about scraps. In this blog post, I show you how to turn scraps into Re-Usable Face Pads. They are extremely easy to make & good for the planet. Continue reading to find out more.

Re-Usable Face Pads

Using scrap fabric to reduce waste and create an item that is also helping towards small environmental changes is awesome. It feels good to use your crafting talents to make something for the greater good. Even though it’s just a small thing to do, every small act that prevents waste is a good one. For this tutorial, I am using old t-shirts I was going to throw away and some pieces of microfleece I got on Etsy. You can also use towels as well so if you have one you don’t use anymore then why not create these.

What you need:

Re-Usable Face Pads Re-Usable Face Pads

Use scrap material like old T-shirts, cotton or toweling. I chose a couple of soft T-shirts and cut them up to use. As well as T-shirts I wanted something that would lightly exfoliate so I found some microfleece on Etsy. It isn’t too expensive when I was able to make 6 bags of 8 pads! I ordered X2 45cm pieces in mint and white.

How to make them:

I wanted my pad shapes to be circles so I cut them out using my Cricut Maker. IT was much faster and easier to use the Cricut as I chose a circle shape and duplicated it on design space so it cut 8 at a time. The circles are about 3/4 inches. They can also be hand-cut, which is what I did for the microfleece. I pinned the Cricut cut T-shirt material circles to the microfleece and hand-cut around them. Once they were cut I sewed them together by overlocking the edges. It took a while to sew them all as I made a large batch for Christmas presents but if making for yourself then they are very fast to make.

As a little extra treat, I make drawstring bags with excess cotton fabric scraps I had and cord for the drawstring. I made them big enough to fit 8 pads in which makes them easy to organise and to also take on your travels. To wash them you can hand wash them or pop in lingerie bags in the washing machine.

They make great Christmas gifts and are a lovely way to reduce cotton pad waste. Try them out for yourself and see how you get on. Share your makes with my hashtag #PaigeJoannaDIY