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November Instagram Craft Challenge | #CraftemberChallenge

  • Paige
  • October 25, 2019

This November I have decided to host a craft challenge on Instagram. Welcome Craftember Challenge, with 30 days of fun themed posts for anyone to get involved with. Starting on November 1st there will be daily themes to post and each day is a set niche or make. Keep reading to find out more about the #CraftemberChallenge

What is #CraftemberChallenge

The daily themes are based on the things I love to make as well as themes that are popular in the crafting world. The way it works is you simply post something to do with that theme on the day and hashtag #CraftemberChallenge. My hope is to grow a community of crafting lovers who like to make all kinds of things. I don’t have a set niche and love trying out lots of makes so that is why this challenge is quite broad. I will be posting every day for 30 days to host the daily themed challenges. There will be a selection of craft tutorials, blogs, videos, giveaways and sharing of others’ work.


During #CraftemberChallenge I will be collaborating with lots of amazing people and brands. On a few of the days there will be changes to win themed prizes. I have listed some of the amazing collaborations I have so far but am still waiting for a few last-minute surprises. Below is the full list of days and marked next to them any collaborations that will be happening.

Week 1:

1 – Intro: This is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to the comunity. Post a photo of yourself or post one of your makes you are known for. Talk about what you like to make in the caption and any other fun facts. Make sure to hashtag each day with #CraftemberChallenge so that I can see your posts as well as the rest of the community.

2 – Pom-pom craft: This one may seem random but a lot of my crafts feature pom-poms. I thought it would be good fun to start day 2 with pom-poms and stay true to what I love most.

3 – A/W Decoration: It simply means Autumn Winter Decorations. This time of year is great for making things for the home, so it is a fun seasonal topic.

4 – Favourite Make: For day 4 you can post something you have already created and put it in the spotlight again. Time to show off your favourite make!

5 – Most Used Material: Talk about the material you use the most whether it’s wool, fabrics or vinyls. I am going to be talking about Happy Fabric, with a little Christmas Box Giveaway that day!

6 – Sewing: I am really excited about sewing day! I will be sharing my most recent make by Tilly and the Buttons as well as giveaway to win a Tilly and the Buttons pattern bundle.

7 – Who Inspires You: Part of this monthly challenge is about community so I wanted to end week 1 by sharing who inspires you. Share someone’s make or as many people as you like, explain why you love them and tag them. One of my online inspirations is crafter Emma Jewell Crafts who is also offering a lovely giveaway of her crafting items!

Week 2:

8 – Essential Tool: Share your essential tools that get used the most. For me, it’s a trusty glue gun as well as lots of other goodies.

9 – New Skill: The fun of crafts is learning new things and I have a video all on Pyrography in collaboration with Hobbycraft. I’ve made a tutorial on Christmas Eve wooden boxes showing how to use the Pyrography tool.

10 – Decoupage: Next up is Doucoupage which is great on furniture, on jar and more. I can’t wait to see lots of varieties on the day.

11 – Crochet: I’ve not yet got into crochet but I really admire those who do it. I can’t wait to see peoples makes and I will be sharing my favouirte accounts.

12 – Crafts For Kids: Getting your children involved in crafting is a lot of fun. When I was growing up I loved getting messy with paints, salt dough, fimo, and sewing. Crafting as a child was great fun and I have lots of fun memories.

13 – Handmade Gift: Nothing says I love you quite like a handmade gift. In the lead up the Christmas this is a great chance to share your ideas and get inspiration from others. Joy from the Pink Coat Club is kindly offering a £20 voucher as a giveaway prize for my favourite gift idea.

14 – Craft Room: I love being nosey and seeing where people craft! Share your craft room or if you don’t have a room then share your spot where you feel the happiest crafting.

Week 3:

15 – Scraps: Sustainability is a big topic right now and in the craft, world using your scraps is a good way to prevent waste.

16 – Craft Magazine: I’ve been inspired by magazines all my life, my favourite one being Mollie Makes! Share your makes from magazines or talking about publications you buy or collect. Mollie Makes has kindly gifted their newest issues as well as ther Christmas craft magazine.

17 – Cricut: I’d say half of my crafts are currently featuring the amazing brand Cricut. I’ll be sharing a highlights reel of my Cricut crafts and this is a great day to see others Cricut makes. If you haven’t got a Cricut yet then I think you’ll want one after this,

18 – Paper Craft: There’s so much the humble paper can make, so this one will be amazing! Think collage, paper cuttings, paper chains and more.

19 – Colour: For colour it’s anything you want to share, colour can be a really strong part of our makes. For me, my colours are mainly pastels because they make me happy but also colour can have a lot of different meanings.

20 -Hacks: Share your crafty hacks on this day, any tips you have learned along the way.

21 – Scrap-Booking: This is one of my favourite hobbies and something I knew I had to talk about during the challenge. As I take photos on my Intax a love to document them in a scrapbook and decorate the pages to match the feel of them. There are so many versions online and having tangible books filled with memories is why I love making them.

Week 4:

22 – Fashion Accessories: crafting your own accessories is a great way to create something unique. Lots of makers craft accessories and sell them on Etsy and it can become a successful business! I’ll be sharing my latest accessories.

23 – Craft Fail: We have all had them, let’s be honest! I’ll be filming mine as an IGTV to share my makes as most of them have made it into the bin lol.

24 – Christmas Decoration: I added a couple of Christmas themes to this challenge because it’s the perfect time to start making. Decorations are great fun to make and good to do with friends or family to get in the festive mood.

25 – Pattern / Template: Whether it’s sewing, crochet, knitting or more, you can follow a pattern or template to make it. I created this felt flower cushion tutorial with a free template so you can make it, check it out here.

26 – Collage: This may be very art school but I love seeing creative collage techniques! This day is mainly so I can be inspired by others’ work.

27 – Craft Storage: Another day to be nosey but I always see those videos around of people storage and I love them. I’ll be filming my storage so this would be a great time to share your solutions.

28 – Knitting: It’s that time of year again, the knitting needles are out to make all snuggly things for winter. Share your knitted makes and make me very envious that I can’t do anymore than a pearl stitch!

29 – Christmas Crafts: Another Christmas themed day! This can be anything Christmas related, show off your favourite things.

30 – Craft Plans Going Forward: To end the challenge finish the 30 days by talking about your craft plans going forward.


I hope you are as excited as I am to get started with the challenge! There are lots of days and it can look overwhelming but like I said you can dip in and out any time. The days with giveaways will be based on posts that day so to be in for a shot of winning make sure to post. Hashtag #CraftemberChallenge on your posts and feel free to tag my account. I look foward to see your posts!