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My Vegan Wedding Cake! By Tiny Sarah’s Cakes

  • Paige
  • August 27, 2019

The wedding content continues, this time its all about my wonderful Wedding Cake. I had the pleasure of getting a vegan creation by the talented Tiny Sarah’s Cakes. The cake becomes such a talking point of any wedding day I felt it needed its own post. So continue reading to hear all about the ideas, flavour and dessert table! Ready, Set…CAKE!

The Wedding Cake

The best place to start is with the cake itself. We chose to go with Sarah after I met her at a collaboration photoshoot. Sarah is known for her vegan bakes and quirky style. After I saw her previous creations I was so happy to secure her for our special day. In terms of brief, I sent her a selection of ideas to match our wedding theme of retro toys and pastel colours. I trusted her style so much I decided to have the final cake as a complete surprise! It was scary not knowing but I knew I would be so happy with the result and I was. When I arrived at the venue I had my meeting with the registrars and was able to see the cake table and all the treats she had made to go along with it and I was blown away! All the details were stunning and summed me and Chris up as a couple so well. She had made little Furbys and our toppers were based on Pokemon characters.

The cake itself had 2 flavours; Biscoff and Champaign and Strawberries! On Sarah’s Website, she has a full flavour list and it was so hard to decide because there are so many delicious choices.

Overall I couldn’t fault the cake it not only looked amazing but tasted so delicious. Sarah went above and beyond for us, with her own cakes stands and details to make it perfect for us.

Dessert Table

Not only does Sarah do cakes but she also does cake table styling and lots of treats to go with it. We had matching biscuits and cakes in the wedding theme. The Lego biscuits were one of my favourite things they were so cute but also a gorgeous buttery tasting biscuit (without the butter of course as they are vegan).

The decorations were so lovely and although I supplied the backdrop and some of the jars, Sarah set everything up. Sarah made everything perfect for me and thought about the set up as much as the cake itself. I was so blown away with the attention to detail and it’s these touches that make your cake a show stopper. something people will talk about for years.

Why go with Tiny Sarah’s Cakes

Of course, I am biased but I can’t recommend Tiny Sarah’s Cakes enough! The fact they are vegan was an added bonus. I didn’t tell the guests and no one even noticed. The cakes were moist, delicious and so morish. I have friends who are vegan and lactose intolerant so having a vegan cake was really important to me so that everyone could enjoy it.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with my Wedding Cake and I wish I could have our day all over again so I could eat it again. Make sure you check out Sarah’s website and Instagram where you can see more of her work.

Photos by Chloe Lee Photography