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DIY Handmade Wedding Bouquet

  • Paige
  • August 17, 2019

It feels like ages ago I decided to make my own Wedding Bouquet. Having a handmade wedding was so much fun. I loved creating our dream day including my wedding bouquet. Not only could I create something I really wanted but I did so on a budget. In this blog post, I talk about how I made it, personal touches and also some tips to keep the costs low.

My Wedding Bouquet

Paige Joanna Wedding Bouquet DIY

Paige Joanna Wedding Bouquet DIY

Paige Joanna Wedding Bouquet DIY

Paige Joanna Wedding Bouquet DIY

Paige Joanna Wedding Bouquet DIY

How I made it

Below you will see I created a video tutorial showing how I made the bouquet.


Making my Wedding Bouquet with faux flowers also meant I can keep it forever. As my wedding included a lot of wool pompoms within the decor, I knew I had to include them in bouquet also. I got a mixture of faux flowers from eBay, Hobby Craft and home bargain shops like Poundland and B&M. I started collecting them for a couple of months before I started making it, so I could get a feel for what I liked. Having blue and pink flowers were the most important colours for me but then I added in soft hints of pastel peach and babies breath. I was also mindful to get not only large statement flowers but also small ones like the babies breath and little blue forget me not’s. I was so pleased with the combination of my faux flowers. It’s a case of trial and error with how they look together.

I found brown twine a really lovely string for tying the stems together, as has a rustic quality to it. If you like the kind of shabby chic feel then go with that as it’s cheap and effective. If not you can also wrap in ribbons that match the colours of the flowers, or white for a classic look. I was careful to conceal the glue and also used sparingly so it didn’t become too heavy.

The actual process of making the bouquet is really easy. start by placing your bundle of flowers together and play around with the placement until you are happy with how it looks. As soon as you get the perfect bundle, tie the stems with string really tight to keep in place. Using a glue gun start wrapping the stems with twine and glue in place every inch or so to secure. I finished it off with long hanging ribbons tied in a bow at the top of the stems and added one of my ‘something blue‘ pin badges.

Tips to make it on a budget

when buying faux flowers make sure to shop around and be patient. If you shop online on Hobbycraft and eBay then you can get some really great prices flowers. Take your statement flowers into home stores with you so you can choose smaller flowers and complimentary green leaves to go with them.

Using twine keeps the costs down and also looks rustic. It is a great material to use on a budget throughout your wedding decor for a shabby chic feel. The beauty of handmaking the bouquet is you can use whatever materials you want. Collect ribbons at car boot sales and fabric shops and you can keep the costs massively down.

Personal Touches

Paige Joanna Wedding Bouquet DIY

In case you didn’t already know, I sell a selection of pin badges on here and Etsy. My ‘something blue’ pin badges are super cute and perfect for brides. For my wedding, I knew I wanted to pop the pin on my bouquet as a personal touch. Not only did it suit the colour palette but also the sentiment of having something blue was really special.

I hope if you make your own bouquet you have so much fun in the process. It’s a magical thing to be able to do and using faux flowers means you can keep it forever.

Paige Joanna Wedding Bouquet DIY

Photos by Chloe Lee Photography