Paige Joanna

Boudoir Photo Shoot Experience at Frock & Focus

A couple of months ago I went for a Boudoir Photo Shoot with the amazing Frock & Focus. The brand is a combination experience of professional hair and makeup artist, costume design and photography. The entire experience is designed to make you look and feel amazing. Now that my final images have been sent to me I want to review the experience and give you guys an insight into Boudoir photography.

Hair, Makeup & Costume

The hair and makeup is done by the amazingly talented Charise from Toto Caelo. Her work is incredible and I felt a million dollars. The eye make up was a mixture of rich red and pink tones with a hint of shimmer and highlight. She also added false lashes to make my eyes stand out and look super glam.

I took in my own hair extensions which were incorporated into the hair look then blended with tight retro curls. Having longer hair and wearing it down made me feel really feminine.

The beautiful lace floral bra corset was handmade by Charise herself and her mum Delphine. Their talent is wonderful and really shows in the sets, costume and design of the entire experience. Getting into costume makes it easier to feel the glamour of the overall look. Once all dressed up I felt so wonderful and confident making it easier to pose in front of the camera.

The experience

The modelling and boudoir experience can seem a bit intimidating but once hair and makeup is done you can’t help but feel fantastic. The photographer is a great guy called Kevin who made me feel comfortable and guided me through the shots he was taking. It was a fun set, we laughed a lot and Charise touched up my hair and makeup during takes.

What was really great is the camera was connected to a monitor so I could see the shots as they came through. This meant that with each take I could change my pose and be aware of what I looked like in each one. If you have considered a photo shoot for yourself then i’d highly recommend this because the entire experience was so much fun. I never felt uneasy or insecure, I felt celebrated and pretty. The Frock and Focus team are there to make you feel good and you’ll get photos to treasure.

So many of us women feel unhappy with our bodies and we are always comparing ourselves to this idealistic image of ‘beautiful’. The Frock and Focus images aren’t over edited and they celebrate the realness of women. The team are friendly and are there to help bring out your inner Sasha Fierce. The experience meant I came away feeling more confident then ever before.

Final Images