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Lunar Cleanse | The Organic Pharmacy

  • Paige
  • March 18, 2018

You may have seen a few weeks ago on my Instagram talking about a visit to The Organic Pharmacy. At the end of January they launched a new cleansing treatment called the Lunar Cleanse. I stopped by one of the stores to experience it and wanted to share how it went. It was an incredible treatment so continue reading to hear more about what it involved.

The Lunar Cleanse

The Lunar Cleanse was a wonderful experience and one I would highly recommend. As I have a chronic illness (Crohn’s Disease) sometimes my body can become a little out of sorts and feel in need of a detox. This treatment is exactly for that, to cleanse the body inside and out with two parts to the treatment. The cleanse is for mind and body renewal and consists of a vitamin and mineral scan and a green coffee body sculpting massage. You will be in the salon for about an hour and a half in total.

Firstly I had the green coffee scrub which was a weird experience but amazing as the same time. You have to undress your lower half including underwear and wear some paper pants (funny)! They work on your tummy, bottom, thighs and lower legs and its incredible. The massage is quite intense, which I like that kind of massage but make sure you’re comfortable with firm technique before going for this.

The scan was incredible and I had no idea something like it existed. A BioEnergetic device literally scans the body in three minutes. It gives profiles on: vitamin and m

My Supplements

A week after my appointment I received my supplements in the post as I had to have some bits ordered in. Because my immune system is low due to my Crohns medication a good daily probiotic was recommended as well as detoxing the gut. I’ve been taking everything now for a few weeks and so far so good. I’m not sure the probiotic is 100% helping my immune system as I have picked up another cold annoyingly but everything else has been amazing. My health is a tricky one to manage anyway but I felt the detox did make me feel much less bloated and uncomfortable in my bowel. In time I think the probiotic will get better, as still early days for that.

The Organic Pharmacy also kindly sent me the travel size skincare set which I have been loving so much. I’ll most certainly be buying full sizes when these run out, especially the facial oil. They feel such incredible quality on the skin and within a short amount of time my skin seems so much better from using them. The oil smells quite intensely of oranges but it’s lush using in the morning to wake up the skin and look radiant.

My outcome

The Lunar Cleanse was amazing and I would recommend it for anyone needing a detox and wants to renew their body, especially after the winter months. You really feel pampered inside and out after this treatment. It’s amazing for when the full moon tampers with our body and mind, if you feel the effects of this.

Overall I loved my experience and will be continuing my treatments as well as the skin care routine. It’s so important to look after ourselves and to do it from the inside out is the best way to pamper ourselves. I really prioritise health and more people really need to do this also. Try out the Lunar Cleanse and get the renewal your body needs! Let me know if you try it for yourself, find their salons and more information here.