Paige Joanna


DIY How To Spring Sprinkles Embroidered Jumper Sweater

  • Paige
  • March 13, 2018

It’s spring which means it’s the perfect time to get crafting. This DIY is to create a Sprinkles Embroidered Jumper which is a great spring piece for anyones wardrobe. It’s a really simple and easy tutorial to add some fun and colourful flare to your spring wardrobe.

What you need:

For this tutorial all you need is a plain sweater jumper, embroidery thread, a large needle and scissors. I brought the jumper in the sale for £6 at Monki and you can pick up embroidery threads from Hobby Craft or get them online. This cost me less than £10 and the finished result is super effective and cute.

How to:

As you can see the process is really simple, it takes a bit of patience to stitch each sprinkle but once finished it looks great. Start with one colour at a time and sew across the neckline. Leave about an inch (2cm) between each sprinkle to allow room for other colours. Gradually fill in with each new colour as you sew across. It takes a while to do but stick with it and it will look great.

I hope you enjoyed this Spring Sprinkles Embroidered Jumper DIY. If you create one make sure to share a photo with my hashtag #PaigeJoannaDIY.