Paige Joanna

Glitter Crimping Braid Tutorial | Extreme Hair Wars

Thanks to the most incredible new show Extreme Hair Wars on 5STAR I am feeling super inspired. The show focuses on amazing talented hair stylists to create bold, artistic hair looks that are out of the ordinary. I love to experiment with my hair colour and style especially in spring and summer. It’s the time of year where you want to try new things, go funky for a festival or simply try a new look. I am going to show a cool and easy way to style your hair for spring inspired by Extreme Hair Wars new show and the themes of episode 1.

What you need:

  • Glitter
  • Retro style hair crimpers
  • Invisible bands
  • Hair gel
  • brush/comb

Firstly, I section off my hair and clip it up. Using some retro style hair crimpers I crimp thick pieces of hair for a fun frizzy texture. Crimping the entire head gives the hair a lot of volume and an extreme style thats super fun. Being inspired by the show I decided to add some braids. In the first episode the professional stylists show off their braiding skills and some of the styles are incredible. Mine are more basic but it just shows anyone can be inspired to create awesome hair looks.

Once the hair is braided, adding glitter gives the hairstyle a more extreme and quirky look. Festival and party hair is a big trend every summer, so this look is perfect for that. To add glitter, first paint on hair gel to the roots around the braids with a small brush. Once the gel is on repeat the process with the glitter and paint it on. I went for pink and silver glitter to match my make up and outfit, but you can clash colours or just use one shade. That is my completed look, really simple to do but awesome for festivals and parties. It’s so much fun to create interesting looks

Extreme Hair Wars

In each episode of this fantasy hair dressing competition 4 teams of professional stylists go head to head in a battle to create the most wildly creative and gravity defying hair-dos ever seen. Presented by London Hughes, this series takes you on a journey into the follicle-y impossible, as our competitors use hair and make up to outdo each other in a series of challenges. Their creations are judged by multi award winning stylist Robert Masciave and British hairdressing fellowship veteran Martyn Holmes, who’ll decide which of our four contestants will go through to the Grand Final. Extreme Hair Wars begins Thursday 25th January at 8pm on 5STAR.