Paige Joanna

Exploring London Rockalily Hair Salon & Hair Goals

Something that has been on my wish list for so long was to visit the Rocaklily Hair Salon in Hoxton, London. I’ve known the owner Ree online for years now and discovered only last year she had her own salon. As you will see by the photos it certainly isn’t your ordinary and traditional salon.

The Salon

Rockalily is the cutest and the nostalgic decor certainly made me feel at home, as if in my nans living room. I fell in love with the place, for it’s small but cosy feel. Theres an eclectic mixture of artwork and wall pieces that made me smile. It certainly looks incredible and appealed to my inner child and sentimental self.

Before & After

I was greeted and treated by the lovely Zoe, who worked her magic on my hair. As you can see in the before photo it was looking tired and dull. After months of constant upkeep on the bright pink, my hair was looking and feeling tired. As much as I loved experimenting with pinks and purples, the constant touch ups were ruining my hair even more.

After speaking with Ree the owner she suggested a few things that made me decide on coming by the salon. For this visit I wanted to go one ‘solid’ colour again, back to this cherry deep red I have loved for years. The shade is 666 from L’Oreal Professional and I usually just have this as my root colour, but putting it all over means my hair will be less upkeep in the long run.

My Hair!

Now my hair is back to my favourite shade all over and I couldn’t be happier. I feel the most ‘me’ when it’s like this and the cut is so fresh as well. When you find a salon that just get’s you, then that’s pretty bloomin special. Thanks so much to Zoe for my glorious hair and Ree for having me to your salon, I loved it and can’t wait to come back!

Hair Goals

My hair goal for the next year is to keep it healthy, nourished and low maintenance. It is hard when you have colourful and bright hair to maintain also glossy and strong hair. As I get married next year I want to grow it as much as possible, so deciding to stop experimenting with the bright pinks and remain one shade will make it a lot easier. This means I can simply top up my root and brush through the red at the end each time.

The next step is to cut it little and often. Damage wont heal and it just spreads up the hair! If I get a trim every other month or 3 months it will help my hair in the long run to grown and be happy.