Paige Joanna


DIY Upcycle Designer Dupe Brooch Jacket

  • Paige
  • January 7, 2018

This is the time of year where everyone is either on a spending ban, having a clear out or shopping the sales. I’m currently on a spending ban and needing ideas for giving my wardrobe a lease of life. After browsing Pinterest I decided to create upcycle posts inspired by my favourite designer looks, but on a budget. This DIY is super easy and shows how to create a designer dupe Brooch Jacket.

What you need:

This DIY doesn’t require many items at all and I managed to complete it spending less than £30. The plaid jacket is from H&M Sale for £15 but isn’t available online, so I have added some similar items below to shop. For the brooches I collected from a few different places. Accessorize had some lovely styles and were 70% off, as well as a sale one of H&M. Keep an eye out in highstreet shops for jewellery sales as they usually always have brooches reduced.

Lastly, as mentioned in my YouTube video I collect a box of broken jewellery, as well as collected pendants from carboots and charity shops. You can embellish jackets with not only brooches but old jewellery as well, so they are worth collecting. If using jewellery you can simply sew them on with a needle and thread.

Once you have collected your brooches and embellishments, lay the jacket flat and start to place them on top. This is when you can plan it out and don’t rush it, have a play with where you want to place them. It’s super easy and if you only have a few stick to the collar. If you have more like I do, then placing them all over the jacket front is great. This look is all about more is more, feeling very luxurious being inspired by designer trends.

Once completed you’ll end up with a jacket that is really unique and expensive looking. It is super easy to do and a fun way to upcycle an existing jacket you own, or to make something pretty on a budget. Wear over thick jumpers in winter or over pretty blouses in spring. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share your creations using my hashtag #PaigeJoannaDIY.