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Ice Watch City Sparkling & Favourites

  • Paige
  • December 4, 2017

This year I’ve had the pleasure of working lots with the wonderful brand Ice Watch. As I have a large collection of styles now I wanted to post all about my favourites before Christmas. This includes the new and gorgeous Ice Watch City Sparkling collection amongst my other firm favs.

Ice Watch City Sparkling

Ice Watch City Sparkling Ice Watch City SparklingIce Watch City SparklingIce Watch City SparklingIce Watch City SparklingIce Watch City Sparkling

The Ice Watch City Sparkling collection is all the dazzle you need this time of year. It’s a new style for Ice Watch in their City Tanner style that I have featured before. There are 3 different shades of silver, black and gold so the perfect Christmas gift. I also have a discount code to receive 15% off use my code¬†JPAIGE15 and shop featured before.

Ice watch Gift List

Ice Watch City Sparkling Ice Watch City SparklingIce Watch City Sparkling

Shopping for the perfect watch has never been easier now with Ice Watch. This year has seen the launch of several new styles and below are a few of my favourites in my personal collection. The price point is slightly more than a highstreet fashion brand but still very reasonable and are made to last. With a mix of slick designs and a huge plethora of colours, textures and fabrics there is a watch for everyone.

As you guys already know I am always drawn to bright colours and glitter. Depending on your personal style you can choose a watch to suit whether that be sporty, girly, classic or fun.

Ice Glam in Black & Rose Gold

Above is the black and rose gold watch, similar to the Ice Duo collection I featured here. It’s in the soft silicone fabric which moulds to your wrist and feels like wearing silk. It’s one of the comfiest watches I have ever owned and the reason I keep getting the same style. This style is the perfect every day watch for comfort yet packs a punch with the colours and faces they now have on offer.

Ice Glam in White & Gold

Same style as the black in a lovely white and gold shade. The silicone watches are my favourite because they are so comfortable and as you can see they are super stylish, easy to style and perfect watches for all year round.

Ice Watch City Sparkling Ice Watch City Sparkling

I hope this post helped give you an insight into my favourite styles and you are inspired to gift someone this Christmas. Don’t forget I have a code you can use until 17th December! JPAIGE15 to get 15% off, apply at the ICe Watch basket to claim.