Paige Joanna

My Hair Care Secrets & Keeping Colour Fresh

Often I get asked online how I keep my hair looking bright and healthy at the same time. Being a red head and now turned ‘pinkhairdontcare’ girl it is a challenge to keep hair healthy. Last year I had some bad experiences in the salon that left my hair dry and brittle. Ever since I have been working on finding products, care tips and other things to make it great again. This post talks about my wash routine, the products and tools I use as well as other Hair Care Secrets.

Washing routine

The hair washing process is detrimental to keeping up not only the colour but the health of hair. From the technique to the products used. I wash my hair around twice a week and have found a few key products I know go back to every time.

Kérastase shampoo

As seen above I use the Kerastase shampoo with is incredible and smells amazing. I’ve had great results with my hair, it doesn’t feel fluffy or heavy and I never get tangles when washing.

Skyler London Colour Conditioner

This conditioner is made bespoke in the salon in London, using the same colour they use on my hair. It’s the main reason my hair stays so vibrant through each wash and doesn’t fade. When I wash my hair I ‘pre condition’ using this and leave on for up to 5 minutes for the colour to work it’s magic. I would use this once a week so every other wash and it’s been incredible for keeping my hair looking fresh out of the salon.

Moroccanoil Deep Conditioning Treatment

The past couple of months I have been using the Moroccanoil conditioner and I absolutely love it. I put it on after washing and wrap a towel on my head and leave it on for at least half an hour. It’s recovered my hair so much and my hair now feels so much stronger and softer.

Tools & Drying process

The lovely Debenhams sent me this Remington Retro hair dryer in pink from their incredible hair dryers range. It comes with a diffuser and other accessories and makes the drying process so much easier. Before drying I apply a generous amount of serum and spray on heat protect spray. Not only does it look super cute in this retro style but the heat functions make it a powerful model to use.

I first use a tangle teaser to comb through any knots from washing and then rough dry my hair first. This just means shaking the hair and using the dryer all over. One the hair starts to feel dry, use a brush to finish it off and gently pass the dryer over each piece. I am using the amazing brush set from Debenhams also as I love the smaller paddle brush.

Aftercare tips & Styling

After drying I don’t tend to use heat tools unless I have to. I might curl my hair using a straightener and that usually lasts a few days. When my hair is due a wash sometimes I’ll wear it up and add a nice accessory to delay the washing.

A great tip when keeping hair healthy is to sleep with your hair in plaits to stop it getting knotty in bed. A silk pillow case is also a good idea and a tangle teezer has been the best thing ever for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Hair Care Secrets and tips to maintain colourful and healthy locks. Thanks to Debenhams for sending me the amazing Remington hair dryer for this post.