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DIY Adult Christmas Eve Box

  • Paige
  • December 20, 2017

Each year Christmas Eve boxes are becoming more and more popular. Mainly they are marketed for children with books, pyjamas and treats to get them excited. This got me thinking why can’t we have an Adult Christmas Eve Box as well. This DIY is super easy to do and just requires lovely gifts to put in the box, with a simple personal touch here and there.

Adult Christmas Eve Box

This gift box is the perfect pre-Christmas gift to make someones Christmas Eve special. What is great is you can personalise it as much as you want to. The personal touches like names, someones favourite treats or gifting something they love makes it all the more exciting. Below I have listed everything I have use to put it together, so I hope it inspires your boxes.

What you need:

Brown box – Poundland
Hamper shredded paper – Poundland
Irish Cream – Sainsbury’s
Mug – Sainsbury’s
Gold permanent marker
Black sharpie
Hot chocolate
Christmas brooch – Poundland
Joke cards – Sainsbury’s
Greetings card
Fluffy Socks – Primark

To see the full tutorial watch my video below.